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Chewable Prenatals??

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Anyone know of an over the counter chewable prenatal vitamin? I can't swallow the big pills, have been on prescription chewables, but they are pretty expensive. Any suggestions??
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I've heard of people taking Flintstones but I'm not sure what the concentrations of each vitamin are.
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I compared the content of the Flintstones chewables with an OTC prenatal. Most of the vitamins were 1/2 the amount in the Flintstones. In my mind, one should be able to chew 2 Flintstones vitamins in one day to equal a prenatal. Don't take medical advice from me, though. And the Flintstones tasted way better when I was a kid than they do now.
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Hey there Morgasaur So glad to see you in here! I just saw an ad for some in a pregnancy magazine at the doc (I have a sinus infection, yuck!). I'm not finding a link, but they were a commercially available sort of thing in a mainstream magazine. I did find in searching that there are some that can be prescribed too, so you might want to ask your OB.
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I was told by my midwife chewable flintstones were okay, she didn't say 2, just that I could take them

Also I take Kirkman Perry Prenatal. I started because I was nursing my daughter who had many food allergies while I was taking them, they are small capsules, and you take 2 a day. You can order them online at kirkman and I think they were reasonably priced. I trust Kirkman because I was giving my daughter supplements from them when she was having her food issues and sensory issues, they make a lot of stuff for kids with Autism
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My OB said to take 2 Flinstones chewables to replace your daily prenatal. I had to do it that way for a while. I am horrible at swallowing pills!
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I took and am still taking (PP) Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins. They are delicious!
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I take a drinkable prenatal vitamin called Isotonix Prenatal Multivitamin. It tastes like lemon-lime and goes down great, no gagging on nasty horse pills!

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