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Just venting

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Going on 3 hours doing nothing on the computer... Searching for 3 months (really) for a new place to call home, DH on a mid life crisis and is not sure he wants to be married or a parent; although he thinks he is a good dad when he comes home on days off but doesnt want to make the smallest of connections with DD like teeth brushing-by the way- no phone calls to DD during DH working week. feeling bad, tired all the time, mad, angry, iritated. Hating myself for not being able to be the strong woman I know I am. Blah. .
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Join us in a similar thread in parents as partners--there are a handful of us going through the exact same thing. Hang in there--you are NOT alone.
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I had this happen a few times. Instead of sitting around stewing and waiting for things to explode, I simply and calmly told DH "I'm going to my parents for the night", and left. One overnight won't get the point across? Okay I'll be gone for the weekend. Or the week, or month or however long it takes for y'all to get your heads on straight again.
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My husband is doing exactly the same thing to me, only I've told him to get out and he is welcome to a divorce! I'll be looking for the thread mentioned. Hang in there. You are not alone!
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Good to know I am not alone-

Thank you- I guess I honestly felt alone in what is going on in my life now. I wish none of this on anyone else but its good to know that others are facing similar problems and have good advice to offer. I sincerly appriciate it. Thank you for responding. I was in a dark place. Really, your positive energy gives me strength. I love that Mothering.Community is a strong place for anyone.
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