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Best Geology Resources/Books/Unit Study?

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My DS's (8&4) love rocks. They'll find them in the yard and fracture them to see what is in the inside. I have rock collections on all of my window sills and they LOVE finding new and interesting ones.

Any suggestinos for a Geology Unit or what were your favorite books?
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We really liked Geology Rocks! It's just a book of activities (some intro and explanation), but they're broken down into groups like type of rock, minerals..lots of fun.
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Originally Posted by LilyGrace View Post
We really liked Geology Rocks!
We did too. Also, Janice Van Cleave's "Rocks and Minerals"

Are there any museums with mineral collections in your area? Mines or quarries that give tours? We spent many hours in the local rock dump searching for treasures and then took them home to look up in a field guide.
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We love going to rocks and fossils trade shows. Lots & lots of rocks, knowledgeable people, reference books, etc. There's always someone with whole geodes you can buy and crack open (!), jewlery, grab bags of rocks, small fossils, etc. Lots of fun! We love our bag of rocks where each rock is individually bagged & labelled with some basic info.
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My older two do as well, which lead me to do REAL Science Odyssey Earth & Space level 1 this year. It's basically all hands-on and yet uses a lot of things around the house (the unit on the earth's crust has you make a pizza to represent the earth if cut in half). Even if you don't want a full curriculum, you can look through the book like for the unit for some more titles on rocks and minerals.
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as a geologist, i would say that my favorite books are janice van cleave's geology books. i would also say to get your kids outside and looking at outcrops as much as possible. i think the most important thing for any budding scientist to understand is the scientific method and you can very easily teach that with geology. just get them to explore as much as possible and get them to really ask lots of questions. also, i would do a long geologic timeline with them. it will porbably not sink in- it often doesn't for lots of adults- but get htem started now and they will eventually understand how stuff in the earth relates to each other through time. and definately get a good children's ID book/guide book about rocks and work on classifying them. that is another very important facet of all science and very helpful for them to learn it like a second nature at a young age. it also helps stimulate questions- which really, that makes the best scientist- not someone who already knows everything, but someone who is willing to ponder and ask questions
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