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OB, doula recs in Worcester - UMass?

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Hi all -

pregnant with #2 and am looking for a new OB/gyn - someone who can deliver at UMass and who is supportive of VBACs. Also, any doula recs would be greatly appreciated! I have a couple names from Mothers & Co but thought I'd ask here as well.

many thanks!
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At UMASS all babies are caught, 95% of the time, by the residents. It’s a teaching hospital. A good one, a kind one, but still a teaching hospital. Some nice OBs who supervise the residents that catch babies are Dr. David Klein in Shrewsbury, Dr. Kerri Osterhaus, Dr. Dena Deldon, Dr. Paul Dunn, as well as Family Practice Docs who catch babies and tend to catch 80% of their clients babies – Dr. Katharine Barnard, Dr. Tracy Kedian, Dr. Sara Shields.
I am also a doula and live in Worcester. I am very friendly with MOCO and have facilitated classes there in the past. If you would like help finding a doula let me know.
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Dr. Paul Dunn is great as a GYN. I see him for well women care due to his sub specialty in infertility (got a helping hand from him with that) but had our ds up here closer to home in New Hampshire. I wouldn't hesitate to use him as an OB if I lived closer- can't vouch for anyone else in his practice though, since I never met them. He seems to truly love helping women and enjoys his work. A good friend of mine delivered with him and had a good experience (her first baby, vaginal delivery.)

FWIW, I would always want a doula on hand at a hospy birth no matter how good the OB is.
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I don't know about OBGYN's but Joyce Kimball was my homebirth midwife, and I believe she's a doula as well, and I LOVED her. She was so so supportive, I felt totally comfortable with her and totally trusted her. Good luck!
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Hey Kara! Yes Joyce does do doula work also. We often work together and also do backup for each other as doulas.
P.S. You were amazing!
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Originally Posted by beaches1098 View Post
Hey Kara! Yes Joyce does do doula work also. We often work together and also do backup for each other as doulas.
P.S. You were amazing!
Hey Carol!! Small world!

Carol was at my homebirth as well, and was also great!
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I can't say enough good things about St Vincents....have you considered it there? Had both my babies there and loved the hospital. I had a VBAC with the midwives through Fallon Clinic.

Avoid Dr. Farricy and Dr. Leiman. They missed a breech position with my first until I was 7 centimeters and I ended up with an emergency c-section.
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So glad I saw this - I've only just started connecting w/Joyce Kimball so the confirmation/that she seems great was nice to hear - have heard LOTS of good things about her!

pjsmom30 - That's EXACTLY what happened w/my first birth - missed breech until pushing/emergency cesarean Just wondering if you mean that happened to you/those Dr.s are @ UMASS or St. Vincents? I hear that's VERY rare (maybe that's just what they say) - SO SORRY it happened to you too ♥
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I also would like to recommend Joyce Kimball. She was our homebirth midwife and I ended up being transported for a C-section and she was AMAZING! She would make an excellent doula.
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I have met Joyce Kimball and I really loved her!! As for another recommendation, my doula was Dina Fraize... who now is a midwife AND doula. She is amazing!!! I loved her and she truly helped me through an amazing birth. If you want her contact info PM me.
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Joyce, Dina and Carol were at my HBAC turned transfer. They were wonderful and I would highly recommend any of them.
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Such good information - and good to hear that planned homebirth turned transfers still had you feeling "supported" and satisfied with your care. If anyone's inclined I'd be interested to know the reasons/necessity for transfer - though I am thinking I'll be trying to meet w/Joyce so can als ask her
**Also - if ANYONE knows/can confirm the St. Vincents question - whether it's true that Midwives only catch M-F 8-5 or so /otherwise you'd have an OB for delivery - that would be GREAT!
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St. V's midwives really only do catch M-F 9-5. Sometimes if you have been there all day with the midwife and you are close to delivery they will stay a bit. However if you labor at night or on the weekend you will get the OB on call. I have been a doula for 7 years and now attend homebirths and this has always been the case. I have heard however that if after hours you insist on a midwife you can get the one on call to do triage but not necessarily the delivery.
Reasons for transport can vary. Transports happen because mom is totally wiped out from a long labor and wants to go in for pain relief and some rest before having to push her baby out. This can work well if the other option is that she is too exhausted and can't push and then has a surgical delivery.
If the baby has late decels and is showing signs of stress then a transport would happen.
If the water broke and there was very thick meconium and birth was not happening at that moment.
Sometimes babies try to come out in a funky position like ear first, tilted head, or they have a short cord etc and as strong as mom is and comitted to homebirth it is just not working. It is nothing mom has done wrong and we sometimes don't have answers but we go in while mom and baby are healthy before it comes to the point that the baby is not happy or mom has such a tired uterus that she bleeds too much.
Hope some of that helps.
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Carol - THANK YOU - ALL of that information truly did help me You confirmed that St. V's isn't a "healthy birth" option for me as I'm not okay with a random OB catching "just because" - had that the first time and it didn't work in my favor. REALLY glad for the "transfer" reasons as well - I know I can cover that w/Midwife interview, but really found it comforting.
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months later....thanks everyone for the replies!! I found what I hope/think is a great practice and OB (Kerri Osterhaus at Women's Health of Central MA, who came highly recommended and encourages VBACs). I should have mentioned in my original post that I'm delivering at UMass primarily b/c that's where my husband is a resident (so I'm also fine - and supportive - of residents attending my delivery )

I'm starting to meet with doulas today and appreciate all the names! I'll let you know who I end up with!
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I'm trying to find a doula who can assist me with a VBAC at Umass. Can someone PM me the info of these recommended doulas please?


Also does Umass have water tubs that you can use during labor?


Thanks for your help.

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I can attest to how amazing Joyce is also!


I'd also recommend Stephanie Lee Butler. She's a birth doula, a midwifery student and a birth photographer. She's also an awesome person heartbeat.gif

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NO birth tubs at UMass but the nurses do encourage showers for warm water therapy, you can sit on a chair or ball in the shower.  (Bring your own ball b/c they can't keep track of theirs)  IF I really wanted a tub for relaxation... think about setting up one at home to help with early labor.  As long as you are low risk and your membranes are not ruptures staying home where you can be comfortable is better.  As for Joyce, Carol and Alexis Topham I would recommend to anyone for doula support or as midwives.  I do like Dr. Osterhaus and Dr.Klein for VBACs .

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