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Our two peas in a pod!

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Our babies are finally here!
Jillian Rose, born at 4:38pm, 5#15oz
Gabrielle Grace, 4:45PM, 7#7oz, on July 2nd

I had my last dr appt on Friday the 2nd in the AM. Dr and I talked about the induction scheduled for that following Monday. He suggested he check my dilation, just to see where things were at. I agreed, and was already 5cm, 75% effaced. I exclaimed, "what's keeping them in there?!" Then he used the ultrasound and checked their position. Baby A was still vertex, B was breech. Went home and basically lounged around. After lunch went and laid down with my 2yo to take a nap. Fell asleep and suddenly woke up to the feeling like I had gotten kicked very stronly, but from the inside. Realized quickly that it was probably my water breaking. Checked my watch and it was 3:30pm. Called for my friend (who had come for a visit) to get me a towel, stood up and gushed. Feeling really foggy and strange, kinda putzed around the house for a few minutes before getting my head clear to decide it was time for me to get a move on. Called the dr to tell him I was going into the hospital. Called DH at work to tell him it was time and to meet me at the hospital. Called a neighbor to drive me there.
By then ctrx started coming regularly about every 4 mins. Got the to hosp. by 4pm, ctrx 2 mins apart. They get me upstairs and as I am getting undressed, tell them it feels like there's a head in between my legs. Dr. comes in and nurses tell him what I said, he checks me and I am at 8 cm. Tells them to get everyone ready as it's almost time. They take me over to the OR. Everyone is scrambling and I realize I am going into transition as I am suddenly sweating. Dr. tells me to push whenever I get the urge. I kinda go into a meditative state and try to get a handle on how I am coping as everything is happening so fast. About 4:20 I start pushing. 4:38pm, out comes our first little girl. I hold her and she's so beautiful and tiny! Dr tells me to relax and take it easy until the ultrasound tech comes with the machine so he can see what position Baby B is in and how to help me deliver. My body has it's own plans and my uterus is just really contracting. I hand baby off to the nurse. I tell dr that I can't stop and he's says, "ok I see a foot!" Next thing I know he's got his hands up there trying to get the other foot down. This really hurts and kinda freaks me out. Then he tells me it's really important I push only when he tells me to. He tells me to push a couple of times, and then stop, gets baby's arms in a better position. Next he tells a nurse to push on my fundus, then he tells me to push. Seven mins after our first girl was born, the 2nd girl came. She was a bit limp, but she came around right away. I held her and noticed she is a bit heavier than her sister.
I can't believe I did this! I thought I would need the epi, but there was no time. And really the pain was not that bad. They are amazing! Nursed right from the get go. Already have these little personalities that are so fun to watch. Sometimes there are completely exhausting. Once a day (or night usually) they have a period where they want to cluster nurse and then won't sleep which lasts for about 3-5 hrs. But that is the worst of it. I have a lot of help from my mom right now. She leaves in less than a week and I wonder how we will all cope. I am recovering really slowly. Right after the birth I couldn't believe how much my body hurt. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Belly binding was a life saver!
Ok, gotta go, the babies are calling!
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your birth story! Congratulations! What beautiful names! Congrats again!!!
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Congrats on a twin vaginal birth! Welcome sweet babies!!
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Wow! You're amazing Mama!!!
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Wow, go mama! Twin vaginal birth--you did awesome! Congratulations on your beautiful girlies!
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congratulations!! a natural twin birth... you rock, mama!!
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Hooray for you! Welcome Gabrielle and Jillian!!!
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Wow, amazing birth story, congrats on your wonderful girls!
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Aw, two little peas in a pod Enjoy the little sweeties while they're so teeny tiny!
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Congratulations Queenofchaos! They sound so precious!

Your body did such an amazing thing. Your OB also sounds like he was skilled

I really hope you find some more support after another week. You're going to need it with twins Mama. Great news that your mom is there to help now though.
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Wow, what a great birth story. Is that the first breech in our group? Congrats mom
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Congrats! What an amazing story!
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congratulations! amazing birth story!
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Wow! What an awesome birth story to wake up to this morning.......got my hormones going. Congratulations on the arrival of your babies and good job mama!
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Congrats! Awesome story!!!
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DDCC - CONGRATS!!!!!! Thats so exciting! I bet they are gorgeous!
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I'm just so happy for you! What a great story, i'm glad you had such a great support team so you were able to deliver your babies like that, good job mama! I love the names you chose, enjoy those babies and take care of yourself!
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Wow! That is amazing! So happy for you and your family. Enjoy!
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Fantastic story! Congratulations!
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awesome birth story! what an inspiration! congratulations and welcome girlies!
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