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I'm sure this has been mentioned but sleeping with a toddler and another adult on an air mattress could be very dangerous. Even one adult and a baby is dangerous. I did it for about an hour with DD when I was visiting a friend once and I didn't sleep a wink and ended up grabbing her and sleeping on the firm floor because the air mattress was way to soft.

Blankets work well too. We have an extra large sleeping bag (for 2 people) that we open up all the way and then lay on that under some blankets. We are actually camping next weekend and this will be our setup...We have co-slept from day 1 though, I'm not sure if that would make a difference if you don't normally do that?
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I just came back from camping, my dd started out on her own air mattress in her own sleeping bag, halfway through the night she joined me on my twin sized air mattress and we snuggled together and slept just fine. We shared my sleeping bag ( not mummy like) and I'd throw the bag she was in on top of us if it was cool
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we have a tent large enough for a pack n play so that works for us best, but if we didn't, we would just bring blankets and sleeping bags and set up a regular style bed rather than sleep IN sleeping bags. i dont' like to be in them anyway... freaks me out. I just unzip them all the way and cover up. I'd probably forgoe the airmattress though. They are annoying alone, much less with a little one causing divets and junk. I just would have extra sleeping bags/comforters to make the ground softer
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We had the same issue, our tent holds a queen mattress but 2 adults and a 2 year old who takes up as much room as a full grown adult...it wasn't going to work.

We managed to borrow a larger tent from friends and put the queen air mattress next to a single, it filled the entire tent. DD normally sleeps by herself but wants to cuddle up with me in the tent, so she and I sleep on the queen and DH on the single so that she won't fall in the crack. We live near the mountains but we are only camping in warmer, low lying areas while she is so young, but it's still fuzzy jammies and socks. I zip 2 sleeping bags together so the bed surface is as smooth as possible, but I unzip them about half way so we aren't entombed inside. It works out pretty well.
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