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My little guy weaned a couple weeks ago. I was pretty sad, but after finding out I'm pregnant I'm more at peace with it.

Great job to all of you nursing while pregnant!
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I am nursing a 22 month old, and secretly hoping that he will wean in the next few months.
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Hmmm... I wonder if I still have a few extra copies of "Nursing Through Pregnancy and Beyond" by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. If so, I could mail one to you if you're interested.
That's so very generous! Thank you for offering. I would be interested -- could I reimburse you for shipping?

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Breastfeeding causes uterine contractions, but the uterine contractions it causes are much weaker than those caused by an orgasm, so if it's ok for you to have sex while pregnant, it should be ok for you to nurse through a healthy pregnancy.

As for preterm labor - I was told that as well. I have nursed through four pregnancies (this is the fifth pregnancy I've nursed through) and of those four pregnancies, I tandem nursed through three. My second child was 8 days "late", my third was 3-4 days "late", my fourth was one day "late" and my fifth was 9 days "late." I nursed while in labor and it only caused contractions to pick up while the nursling was actively nursing and then the contractions calmed down to where they were before the nursling latched on.

Some doctors will also tell you that pregnant nursing will cause low birthweight babies. The first pregnancy I nursed through produced a 9.5 lb baby (my firstborn was 7lbs 2oz), and the pregnancies I tandem nursed through produce 8lbs 4 oz, 10lbs 14oz, an 9 lbs 14oz babies!

"Adventures in Tandem Nursing" by Hilary Flower
"Mothering Your Nursing Toddler" by Norma Jane Bumgarner
Thank you so much -- this is all very helpful, and those are some fabulous resources. I read "Mothering Your Nursing Toddler" a while back, probably over a year or so ago, but I'm going to borrow it from LLL again to read the nursing while pregnant portion. I know I had just skimmed through that when I originally read it, since it wasn't relevant to where I was at that point in my life. My LLL group also has "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" in their library, so I'll check that out as well.

Originally Posted by mom2threenurslings View Post
I once said to an OB, "Thank you for your concern, but that's not what my research tells me. I'd LOVE to read your sources on the effects of pregnant nursing on the fetus. I wasn't aware that medical schools were now teaching normal human lactation, including pregnant nursing. How long did you spend studying that?"
This is brilliant! I've got to remember this response! I think you may be my new hero!
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I'm still nursing my 3 year old and my 16 month old. I am really hoping the 3 year old weans before the baby comes, I am just not sure about nursing all 3 at once. I have no intention of weaning DD, I figure I can deal with nursing her during pregnancy since I've done it once already.
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I'm still nursing DS (13 months). I have no intention of weaning, but man - I had no idea it would be this uncomfortable. I generally find that I need to distract myself with a book or TV while he nurses - hopefully the tenderness will go away as my pregnancy progresses. I plan to night wean before #2 is born, but not for a couple months. Right now, I'd like to get his night nursings down to 1-2 per night, instead of the current 5-6+.
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I am still nursing my 14 mo DS. I haven't really noticed a huge change, but I'm only 5 weeks. DH and I have been talking for a while about nightweaning him, but it just seems like such a huge task--I'm sure it really wouldn't be, but I'm a bit afraid. He still nurses about 4 times during the day and has been starting to ask for more. I really don't want to tandem nurse and hope to gently decrease the nursing. I like nursing him, but I don't want to nurse two babies!
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I'm super frustrated with nursing right now. My ds2 was totallynight weaned and for the last like5 nights he's woken crying repeatedly wanting to nurse. It's driving me crazy. I've let him earlier than our usual 6am a cole of times but then he's just fussy again in a couple of hours. My milk is drying up and I think it is frustrating him. My little let downs, what they are, are super slow too.

I'm honestly wishing I could just wean him right now. I know we need to go slow for both of us but I'm feeling so icky, sick, sore nipples, touched out. I just don't want to do it anymore. It's only been 2 weeks since I found out I was pregnant and in that time we've finished nit weaning fully, and gone down to 3 times a day. Maybe I'm expecting too much from him? He is almost 2. I just don't want to do this again. Nursing ds1 while pregnant with ds2 was just awful for me. Tandem nursing was no better.

We had wanted to get ds2 weaned before getting pregnant and I'd planned on doing it full time by now anyway. I want him weaned at 2 or shortly after. Now I'm thinking maybe a hair earlier would be ok. I can't let myself get this miserable again.
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