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Moms in St petersburg/Clearwater

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hi I am offically in St petersburg, looking to meet other like minded mama. Please PM me or email me . I have tryed to join the yahoo and meetup group and there has been no response.
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Anyone ???
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I'm in Palm Harbor! How old are you kids?
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He is two , love to hve playdates for him
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DS just turned to 2 as well. I'm also new to the area and am trying to find some friends.

Do you go to LLL meetings? I go to the one in Dunedin, which may be a drive for you. You can find out about them via FB if you search for La Leche League of Pinellas County.

Have you found the Pinellas Cloth Diaper Chatter FB group? They do monthly meetups/events. I haven't made it to any of them yet though.
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I will pm u
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Are there any other moms from this area
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Hi there! I live between St.Pete and Clearwater. The Pinellas County Cloth Diaper Chatter group on Facebook is great. I have been to some of the meetings. A lot of the moms from the CD group also go to moms circle that is held at 11am every Wednesday at the Unitarian Univeralist Church in Clearwater on Nursery Rd. It's not associated with UUC though. Many of the moms that attend EC, BW, CD, EBF, AP, and NFL. If you look for the Peaceful Birth Project on Facebook you will find more info on the weekly meetings.

There is a Pinellas Babywearing group on Yahoo. They meet once a month or so. I signed up for some of the groups on Meetup and Yahoo and got no response too. I think they are not active anymore.

I haven't been to the LLL meetings in Dunedin/Clearwater, but have been to the LLL meeting at the Pinellas Park Library. They also have a yahoo group.
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You might be interested in this coming to your neck of the woods!
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I there! I'm in St. Pete and also looking for like-minded mama's & kiddos to meet-up with.  There's a group in more of the Clearwater area, but I find it's just further than I'd like to drive.


I have a 2-1/2 yo daughter and we are vegans (my husband is a meat eater but eats vegan at home as that's what I cook!)


I work from home as a wedding & event planner.


Anyways - we'd love to meet up sometime!

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I'm from Clearwater and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I "run" a facebook AP/NFL moms group, we are very strict about meeting moms before they join (nothing formal just at a play date)


We have moms from all over Pinellas and we try to have play dates all over, a lot of us have Mosi passes so we frequently go to Great Explorations.  We're always open to play dates whever moms are interested.


Feel free to add me on FB I am new to mothering and don't knwo how to PM. haha





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Hi! Not sure if this thread is checked anymore, but I wanted to try and post. I just moved to Palm Harbor (near Clearwater) about 2 months ago. I have a 6 month old sweet baby girl, and a 6 year old spunky and amazing big girl :) I don't know anyone here, and I'm trying to connect with some other mamas who are into the holistic parenting. Any ideas?

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