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just did too
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I just requested! My name is Dayna
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I sent a request -- I'm Beverly
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I sent a request. I'm Kris.
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Yay what a great Idea... Thanks for setting it up i will join tonight!
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Just requested - Jacqui.
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I'm official on FB now, so I sent a request to join. Jessica, of course!
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Facebook junky here....just requested, I'm Laci.
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I just requested (finally)... my name is Mandy
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Hi! I just sent a request to join, my name is Wendy
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I'm not active on here, but I love facebook! I sent a request to join, my FB name is Clara Brocken.
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ok i must have missed this the first time around in July ...I just put in my request..my name is shelby
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Sent a request from Molly.
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I've been driveby lurking here but I'm on FB much more often. Request sent from Jessica B
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