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Quiet Waters Park

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My boys are getting their pictures done there and I was REALLY hoping for some beachy/playing in the sand type pictures. I know they have beautiful gardens which is the main reason I chose there. but does anyone know of a place at QW that has something like that?
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There's a dog beach but I doubt that's what you were thinking! If you drive down past the dog park and park in the lot on the right and walk through the trail there, there are areas with some water, but you are in the woods and it's not really beachy. There are also some trails that lead to the park on your right as you enter, but again, not beachy. The dog beach area has changed a lot since I used to go there a few years ago, but there used to be a barrier and beyond that a sandy area that the dogs didn't use. The last time I went to the dog beach, though, it didn't look like it would be possible to get over there. You could go scope it out in advance.
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I don't know anything about Quiet Waters but you might also want to consider Down's Park in Pasadena. DH and I had our engagement pictures done there and it was amazing! They have beachy areas, gardens, nature trails, a really nice peir and lots of places to get some great shots.
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The dog beach is actually now closed indefinitely due to erosion. I know it wasn't what you were looking for anyway, but just wanted to let people know since it was mentioned.
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