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I really haven't been feeding my baby much solids, but at first it was rice cereal and not very frequently at all, and about 6 1/2 months I tried giving him some pureed pears(but apparently he's allergic to them... so). About 5 weeks ago I let him nom on a carrot just to see what he would do, and tried giving him some steamed cucumber a couple weeks after that. I feel like I'm not letting him explore enough foods while at the same time feel like it's too early. He is always trying to grab things from me and my hub's plate, but I'm not too sure he's all that interested in eating it as much as he is destroying it, and making a mess. He will eat from a spoon though, and gets super excited when when I feed him this way.

I read somewhere that you're not supposed to introduce meats and dairy foods until a year or after a year... but I read a post here where some momma's were giving their babes meats and cheese. With my own now 8 months I am really curious(some of the info I read may have been outdated? or maybe it's different for every baby when to start introducing these foods?).

Should I be trying a little harder now and introducing a wider variety for him? If it is possible to give him meat what is OK, and how exactly would I serve him meat? Sorry if this seems like a really obvious or stupid question... but I'm a new mom, and still trying to learn what is and is not ok.