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I don't know how much longer I can take it!

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I am soooo tired of being pregnant!! Here in Alabama it has been in the 90's and humid for weeks. I an a SAHM of a 2 year old who is mostly good, but hey she's 2 so she whines about things and throws tantrums a lot. And the biggest problem: I am not getting much in the way of help/support from my husband.

He really hates his job, and it causes him to stress so much that it makes him sick. Last weekend, he didn't feel well with a headache, this past week it was gas and his stomach, and today he went to the Dr. and they took blood for analysis, but before lunch he was carying DD down the hall to her room to change her and he passed out and fell!!! Both were ok physically, but when I went to check on them, and asked what happened, he practically burst into tears and said he couldn't remember!!!! He went to lay down, which he does a LOT, and I changed her and fed her lunch, then went to take a nap also, and he was practically beside himself. And did I mention that today is our wedding anniversary? Guess we won't be going anywhere to celebrate.

I hope it is not serious, but who can tell, when he's always not feeling well? I know that I am a selfish person, that's just kind of who I am, but da**it, I need some support now!!! I have gained 40 pounds and feel like I'm going to burst whenever I move! I don't know what to do!!!! Why can't he help me out here? I just want to be done sooooo much! It is about 2 weeks until I am "due" (I was late with the first). I want to have a natural birth, but at this rate, I feel like telling to OB to just schedule an induction and get her out of me!!!!!! I hate this situation, but the thought of not having much in the way of moral or physical support for 2 more weeks is about to drive me nuts!
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I do hope he is okay... and I hope you get the support you need. I am not much help, but man that's not a fun situation to be in at all. In either of yours shoes, really.
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I can only immagine. The heat here is only in the 80s, occasionally into the 90s, and it's killing me at 7 months along -- but we also have no air conditioning. 2 year olds are a lot of work. Mine is about 6 months older than yours, and still very demanding.

As for your husband, it sounds like he's trying his best but having a hard time physically. Get him to a doctor! I hope you can figure out what the issues are, and that you all stay healthy.

Can you try to do something nice but low-stress for your anniversiary? Maybe order gourmet take-out and get a nice desert, stay home, and put your feet up after the little one is asleep.
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I'm so sorry that you are going through such a hard time. I hope they find out what's wrong with your husband. Even though you are miserable right now just keep in mind it's not always easier once baby comes!! That's what I try to tell myself when I feel done with the is whole pregnancy thing. Being postpartum while taking care of newborn and a toddler with not much support is no easy task either.

Try to get some rest in these coming weeks. You can do it Mama!
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