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Travel to China

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Hi everyone, My DH's brother and wife are moving to China for four years with their three daughters andwe are planning to visit next summer for a few weeks. I am just wondering if anyone knows about vaccinations?
We live in NC and have a religious exemption which we use for our dd who is in public school.
Our kiddos will be 7 and 3 when we go...Any suggestions? Do you think we are safe going without vaxes and do you think they would say anything to us once we are over there?
Thanks for any suggestions and ideas :-)
BTW, I WILL NOT vax for the visit. If it means not going, so be it.
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Hi Mom2Fin. My family has lived here for the past five years. When we moved my husband and I updated all of our vaccinations because we had yet to start questioning them. Fast forward a few years and I got pregnant. We did the research and decided no more vaccinations. My 2yo son is completely un-vaccinated. When you say "they", I'm assuming you mean the government? If so, we have never had an issue. I don't think they really care. My son has gotten rotavirus and a few colds here and there, otherwise he is healthy.
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"They" will not be aware of your children's vaccine status since you are tourists. If you already know you don't want to get any for the trip (which I agree is probably not necessary) then it is a non-issue.
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Thanks guys, I guess in "they" I mean our government or theirs
I just haven't ever traveled overseas and wasn't sure what the guidelines for vaxes were.
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