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My 4th sons fast unassisted birth

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I've learned a few new things the past little bit.
One of the biggest things...my new baby has the same lack of patience as I do, our newest family member arrived Saturday morning, unassisted birthed into the loving arms of his daddy.

I woke up about 245 having some mild contractions, they didn't seem timeable so I laid in bed for a bit, seeing where they'd lead. After about 30 minutes I rolled over and grabbed my iPod and downloaded a contraction timer. I began timing them, they weren't super strong, only about 35-45 seconds and 3-4 minutes apart. They just didn't seem strong enough so I wasn't thinking it was anything but preterm labor. I got up a few times to go to the bathroom and after seeing some pink tinged paper I began to realize things were starting to happen. Today at 39 weeks gestation, it was going to be the day we'd meet our new little person! I came downstairs about 345 to sit on the birth ball and continue to time the contractions. They stayed the same short and on top of each other kind. I sat on the ball until 5am and decided I'd go up and take a shower and we could call everyone once I got out. While in the shower they got even more intense and between the water hitting my back and the baby kicking to get in position while contracting it was just too much. I got out, found my paperwork with my midwives phone numbers and threw them at Dave to call. I couldn't focus and tried sitting down on the bed but the movement and voices from the rest of the family was making me irritable. I crawled down to the floor onto all fours to see if that could help relieve some pressure and discomfort. Something told me to grab my towel and put it between my legs, and it just happened in the nick of time because my water broke quickly after. I've had my water break with Paul, but I'd been sleeping and just woke up, stood up and it was gushed down my legs, this time was so incredibly different. I heard the pop, felt a big flick and then the gush of water. Suddenly I felt the need to go to the bathroom and yelled to Dave to bring more towels cause I knew I wasn't going to be making it to the toilet. As he came running in he thought the towel I'd already had between my legs was the baby. I told him it wasn't and he stuffed the towels underneath me. My body was beginning to instinctively push and open and I knew I didn't need the toilet because...the baby was coming! I yelled to Dave, "It's coming!" and he grabbed his phone to dial 911. Before I knew it the head was out and with one more push the baby was born into Dave's hands. I spun around and took the cord off the shoulders and began to rubbing the body to get the lungs clear. By this time 911 was on the way, I kept yelling that I wasn't going anywhere, but we had them come just in case either of us need oxygen. A few moments later the paramedics arrived and began checking us out. The baby was crying, had great color and was rooting around to nurse. The guys clamped the cord and Dave cut it. Dave called my midwife back and she instructed him on how to help deliver the placenta. It wasn't coming and finally after a little I reached down and helped it arrive and put it in our container we had to plant under a tree later.

The paramedics stepped out while I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up.
Dave ran the load of dirty towels down to the wash machine to get those started. I got out of the shower, got dressed and jumped into bed. Both Dave's and my mom arrived about this time, it'd be probably 20 minutes since the baby was born. They both rushed in to make sure things were ok, we hadn't told them we'd called 911, so they were freaking out seeing the trucks out front. As were all the neighbors... About 10 minutes later the midwife student arrived and began cleaning up. Then another 20 minutes passed and the midwives arrived together. They were all laughing and joking how they'd gotten dressed to get in the hot tub to help and hadn't even gotten out of their driveway before they'd gotten the call that the baby was here already!
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Wow, what an incredible story! So fast and amazing. Enjoy your babymoon Mama!
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Wow! Were your other labors this quick?
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What a great story! It sounds a lot like mine, except my midwife did make it in time, right as I was fully dilated. Quick labours rock!
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What an amazing birth! Congratulations again. You did great!
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Originally Posted by Stream View Post
Wow! Were your other labors this quick?
No. My longest was 8 hrs so relatively short but not this short.
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Wow! That was an incredibly fast birth! Congrats mama!
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That's amazing! Congrats again and thanks for sharing.
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Awesome! What a great birth experience!

I'm @ your hub thinking the towel was the baby

Congratulations on the birth of your big boy!
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Me too. I wanted to respond do you really think I'd just leave the baby on the ground
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