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Jogging stroller for tall parents?

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I am six feet, he is 6'3". Any experience with strollers tall folks won't hit their feet on with our long stride??
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I'm not going to be a whole lot of help here because our stoller isnt perfect, but its about as good as we could find. We have a jeep jogging stroller, dont recall the model, I could go figure it out if you like.

FWIW, I am also 6', and my DH is 6'4". Being tall makes things so difficult sometimes doesnt it!? YAY for another tall Mama though!
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I'm 5'9 and DH is 6', so not very tall. But we have a BOB Revolution and looooove it. You should try one! If your local baby store doesn't have one to try out, check your running/triathlon stores. They usually have the Ironman version on display, which is a bit different from the Revolution, but the same height, I believe.
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Thanks for the reply!!

Xavismom-I would like to know what model you have. Also what do you like and dislike about it. I was looking at one of the Jeep models, not the Liberty but the one with the fixed front wheel. Looks real sturdy. Does it work well for being tall?? Do you hit your feet on it??

Beauchamp-You are in the BOB cult!! I know so many parents just love theirs. It seems like the storage underneath is so small, and everything little thing is extra. Cup holder, etc. Is it really that great? Do you think it'd be good for taller peeps??

I have heard the Mountain Buggy is good for tall folks, alsoo the City Classic Elite (or something generic sounding like that) but both are like $500!! I definatley want a good jogging stroller, not one with a lot of plastic. Metal frame and fabric.

Do let me know more...thanks you in advance!!!Means so much!!
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Well, the quality of the BOB is awesome. Granted, I haven't really tried out any others (joggers). But compared to other strollers...WOW. It practically pushes itself it's so smooth. The frame and fabric seem to be top notch. Yes, the zippered bottle holders were extra. But that's the only thing I've bought. I am considering the sun shade, but I don't think any strollers come with those.

I guess I am in the cult. I only know one other BOB mama IRL, though. She has the duallie and loves it.

The storage underneath is not huge, correct on that. How big does it need to be? I usually hang the diaper bag from the handles and put the Ergo in the basket. If you want to take it grocery shopping or something, probably not a good idea to use the basket.

I got mine on Amazon for a good deal with free shipping and no tax. Compared to my BOB, every single stroller I push feels like it has so much resistance, won't turn as easily, and is so low. So, for taller parents, I'd say yes, you'd love the BOB. But it's a big purchase, so worth trying to find one in person you can test drive.

good luck!
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Originally Posted by owlgirl View Post
Thanks for the reply!!

Xavismom-I would like to know what model you have. Also what do you like and dislike about it. I was looking at one of the Jeep models, not the Liberty but the one with the fixed front wheel. Looks real sturdy. Does it work well for being tall?? Do you hit your feet on it??
Its the Liberty Limited.


I havent hit my feet on it, and I dont think DH has either, but I do wish the handlebar was up a bit higher. If the handle was adjustable, it would be great. I think if we tried to jog with it, we would hit our feet, but even though it looks like one, its not a jogging stroller, so we havent even tried.

The front wheel on this one can be locked into a fixed position.

Things we like: DH likes that its kind of 'rugged' and sturdy, we like to go up in the mountains a lot, and this goes over hiking trails pretty smoothly. It also turns pretty sharp, and pushes really smooth. DS LOVES LOVES LOVES the little steering wheel toy and horn. I mean he is just obsessed with it. Its pretty funny watching him 'drive' while we push him around. I like that there is a huge amount of storage underneath, so if we go on an all day trip somewhere, I can pack the diaper bag, one of our baby carriers, lunch, a blanket and toys.

Things I dont like: It will not fold up all the way if you have the seat in the all the way upright position. So if you have the seat all the way up, you have to adjust it down before you can close up the stroller. Not too big of a deal, but I have my days where it really annoys me. I didnt like the exposed metal bars on the side of the seat, DS hit his head on them a few times while we were going over rough trails, but I put some do-it-yourself padding on them, and its fine now.

Overall I would recomend it. Its nice for the times DS doesnt want to be worn.
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My DH is 6'5". Strollers were a huge issue for us. He actually hits the BOB with his stride so we ended up getting the Bumbleride Indie Twin (they make a single Indie too) when DD was born and it's great. The handle bar adjusts, my BIG two year old has loads of room to grow in the seat, the under basket is generous and easy to access from front or back. My biggest thing with the BOB was the snack bar/infant adapter bar. It is really hard to put on and off so it's basically a permanent fixture on the stroller. The Bumbleride you just snap the bar in and out - so easy and my son doesn't have to climb over a bar to get in the seat (risking him falling out). That being said, it's not a true jogging stroller but it definitely handles light jogging and is considered an "all terrain" stroller.
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We also love our BOB revolution. DH is 6'2 with looong legs and has run with it fine. Though we didn't want to get the duallie because it's a side by side. So we are actually getting rid of our single which I am very, very sad about.
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We are both 6 feet. We have a City Classic Jogger. It has an adjustable handlebar. We love it. I think it was around 300 on Amazon.

Here's a good website for tall parents and their tall babes!

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I have the Phil and Ted's Dash stroller and love it
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My husband is 6'4, and we have the City Mini which works great for him (though it is not a jogging stroller). But, City strollers are made by Baby Jogger, and I am pretty sure that their jogging strollers have the same basic design.

It is a great stroller...love it. Like the Bob strollers though, it has a smallish basket and all accoutrements need to be bought separately.
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For buying a baby stroller you don't have to worry about the height because as I know the latest models of strollers are usually having the adjustable handle. This handle is suitable for all types of heights.


Baby Jogging Stroller
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I had a Mountain Buggy Urban Double and it has an adjustable handlebar. It was very sturdy! You can find them cheap on craigslist all the time (the Seattle craigslist had several for $300 or so). Oh, nm you need a single, so it would be even cheaper
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Thanks for all the replies. Actually everything I have read states that its NOT just about an adjustable handlebar, although very important, it also has to do with me not kicking the bottom when I jog.

Right now I am leaning toward the BOB sport utility. I don't need to pay $100 for a swivel wheel as I don't live in a city. I would rather buy a cheaper umbrella stroller for city trips. Mostly we jog, go on walks in the country and beaches. Fixed wheel should be fine, plus being tall the leverage is there for making those turns......so Bob??
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Originally Posted by erickalynne View Post
I have the Phil and Ted's Dash stroller and love it
We also have this (as our double), but as far as I know it's not for jogging. Correct me if I am wrong.
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I have an old Baby Jogger.... Back when they were the only thing on the maket... with the Med size wheels, I am 6' and have never had a problem with it and I don't have the complaints I did with the other joggers... lots of storage easy to use brake easy manuerability.... not a fan of the new ones though... Found mine at a mom to mom and have others at resale shops and yard sales.... maybe ebay, they are bare bones and don't look as cool as the newer ones but I couldn't find one of those that I did not have isssues with and ILOVE this one
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