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July Mamas - Mar 15-31

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I started to post, and thought I might as well get our new thread started.

Has anyone else been feeling not much movement? It seems like it's been going in phases. Last week I felt a lot in the evening, but the past few days not much at all. I'm starting to get a bit worried. This baby has always been more mellow than ds was in utero, but I'm getting pretty unnerved by the lack of kicking going on in there.

I still kind of want to know the sex of the baby this time. I won't get a chance though, because we had our one and only ultrasound and declined finding out. I find myself obsessing about it lately though. I wasn't like this with ds.

Well, I'm just going to count down the hours until I can call my midwife tomorrow and maybe get an appt. to hear the heartbeat to reassure myself.
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LOL. What is it with these inactive babies? Yesterday I even had a Coca Cola to try to get her to move and nothing. DS#1 is also getting anxious to feel her move. I slept fitfully because of yesterdays lack of movement. She seems more active today though.

My OB won't have me start doing a daily kick count until 28 weeks because they don't feel movement is consistent enough until then, so I'm trying to relax.

I'm sure all is fine with your baby too!!!

Drum roll please.........................

Her name is (99% sure anyway )

*~*~*~*~* Kiersten Alda *~*~*~*~*

This is the name we had as a "just in case the u/s was wrong" for both of our boys. Kiersten is a typical Scandinavian name. Alda was my grandmother's name. I've planned to give my first dd her name since I was 15! Since she passed away this past June it is even more fitting. I so wish she was going to be here to meet her namesake. My grandma just loved little girls so much!!!
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Leg cramps

Dalai mama and sunfairy - regarding those leg cramps. It started to happen to me a few weeks ago, those middle of the night charlie horses that wake me up screaming.

I did some research and talked with my naturopath about them. Taking magnesium and light stretching before bedtime makes all the difference! Calcium has deficiency has not been associated with those nasty cramps -at least not yet. For pregnant women they say magnesium is the culprit, for athletic-induced they say potassium. I found the perfect thing for me was to have a small bowl of fortified cereal before bedtime - and to do some quick stretches while brushing my teeth - so far no more leg cramps!

Kiersten is a beautiful name Jennifer. I hope you and oceanbaby feel movements soon - I'm sure you will! In another month we'll all be complaining about the movement - kicks to the lungs, etc
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Jennifer H ~ I'm sure your grandma has already met your new baby, probably even comforts her now. That's a great name.
We were going to name our girl Maya Jade .....but : the u/s came out a boy. We haven't even thought of boy names. Now we're scrambling for a middle name. Dh wants Jaden, but I don't know. I like Jade, but Jaden reminds me of jaded, which I don't want to associate with ds.
Oceanbaby~ Everything's probably fine. Mine does the same thing. I got really freaked out when ds#1 did that to me. I would go a few days with hardly any kicks, and then he would dance up a storm right after I made an appointment with my dr. See if there's a food or drink that triggers movement. Maybe citrus fruits? Lay on your back for a while and see if anything happens then, that's ds#2's least favorite position, and he lets me know it.
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Lying on my belly gets this baby revved up! "Hey!! Get offa me!!" Boom, boom, boom. Orange juice usually does the trick, too. I haven't tried the natural fruit juice popsicles yet with this baby. Those woke ds up every time.

I think ds felt the baby move for the first time yesterday. He JERKED his arm off my belly and wouldn't talk about it. He is NOT into this baby thing at all. I'm hoping for a major developmental shift in the next 4 months.

4 days 'til the ultrasound! I've said for weeks that I think this one is a boy, but now I'm not sure. I hope we'll see. I need some time to figure this name thing out!

I called my insurance today just to make sure that the Level 2 ultrasound is covered. It is. Just as long as I only have one. I had three regular ultrasounds with ds, and getting the insurance to pay was a major ordeal. We've switched companies, and this one is much easier to deal with so far.
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Hello everyone! I am sorry I have not been posting much lately. I had a horrible cold and then as soon as that went away my seasonal allergies started up. I feel miserable. The homeopathic tinctures that have always worked in the past have brought me no relief this time. Considering getting an allergy shot, but not sure if I can have one while pregnant. I wonder if they have thermosil in them? Going to have to look into it.

Pregnancy is going well. Have gained 20 so far. I am 22.5 weeks. I seem to only feel baby move in the evenings. Though, yesterday I felt him/her move all day because I sneezed on the couch all day. Poor babe, I don't think she/he liked all the sneezing! I have been craving fruit and fish. I ate a whole pinapple to myself in two days. Still not wanting to cook much.

Magnesium and stretching is the best for leg cramps. I have been doing both and no cramps yet.
Beautiful names! We have Freya picked out for a girl (no middle name yet) and Thorin William for a boy. I have no idea what I am having. I am putting on weight like I did with the girls (butt and thighs) but that might just be how I gain pregnant weight so I am clueless. Waiting for the baby dreams to start, I have had a few, but they have been pretty vague.

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I love Skye for a boy. I have a list at home I'll post it later. We have our girl's name, choosen by ds!! We all love it, but I'm keeping it quiet for a while. Feeling shy, I guess.
I just got a new sewing machine last month and I've been sewing pants for ds like crazy. I need to get some fabric to start on this little one's quilt! Fun, fun!

Haven't rea dthe other post on this thread yet, sorry! Just wanted to pop off this post before I open the door for the K students this morning.
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Hello . Things are going well here. This baby move a lot more than Eli did, and spins in circles which makes me nervous (I think we've got a really long cord). Eli was transverse until about 15 weeks and was head down from there on out. This one likes to spin, and seems most comfortable in a diagonal position, with feet on the right side of my pelvis and head in the left side of my ribcage. It's a very strange feeling!

Eli's latch has become atrocious recently, making nursing very painful . I feel so guilty every time I try to distract him with something else, and he just cries at me. Argh, I'm losing my mind!
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About the long stretches without feeling movement...I had been experiencing that too...lots of movement and then ages and ages without any, and had some anxiety about that. When I had the ultrasound at nineteen weeks I could see that there was a lot of movement going on that I couldn't feel. Now, at 21 weeks, I'm feeling more of the smaller movements and not just the jabs and flips. Remember, some people don't feel movement at all until 20 weeks or so.
And fetuses sleep a lot too.
I've noticed that the baby responds consistently to the presence of dd's hand or leg or anything on my belly. He gets all riled up.

Also, I'm glad everyone is having fun thinking up names.
Not much to say, except that I've known a few girls named 'Skye' but never any boys. I don't know if it matters.....

And ebethmom....sorry your ds is not very excited about the whole baby thing.
At least if he's not happy about it now he won't be disappointed later when the reality of newborn babyhood sets in!

Hope everyone's healthy and happy....

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Ooooh, I love the names you all are thinking of! Dh and I tend to not really talk names until much closer to the birth (I really like to see "who" the baby is after the birth before I try to put names to him/her), but I love hearing what other folks are thinking of for their little ones .

Movement...my little guy seems active most of the time now (I'm a bit over 22 weeks), but that's just started very recently. As someone else said, I realized while watching my u/s that the baby can be moving quite a bit in there, and I won't be able to feel it! Oceanbaby, I hope you get some reassurance soon, though, either with some good kicks or a listen.

Has anyone else noticed that they can feel little baby parts yet ? I was laying in bed very early this morning, and started feeling my belly while I thought thoughts to the baby. I located a sharp little bump up next to my belly button; I think it may have been a foot or knee. It would retract a bit, then press back out. A while later, I noticed it had moved off into the nether regions again. Too cool !

Anybody read "Our Babies, Ourselves", by Meredith Small? What an interesting read! She takes a look at various cultures around the world and describes the different ways they treat babies and children. Many baby practices are based simply on helping the child grow to achieve certain characteristics that are important within that particular culture. It makes a great deal of sense. It also makes you question whether or not you agree with the characteristics that your own culture tends to consider important, and subsequently foster in babies and young children! I'm about half way through the book, and have just finished reading about some of James McKenna's research. Good stuff.

Joni, due 7-17-ish, and the gang
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Jondee - yes I can feel and see baby parts (Savannah parts) from the outside of my belly now too! It is so cool. This morning she had her butt backed up against the right side of my belly button and my tummy was so lopsided looking until she moved. (Well, okay, in my amusement at what our bodies could do, I poked her butt a few times and she didn't like that and moved.) Sometimes I just watch her movements through my skin - little trembles and kicks. If I lived in another time I might think there were an alien in there.

Your book sounds interesting. I'll have to see if I can find it at the library.
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Wow, lots of posts for a day.

We had our ultrasound today and we're having a girl! I was so expecting a boy that I was stunned then yelled out "Yay!" Everything looks great. She's transverse so it was hard for the tech to see everything. The placenta is a bit close to the cervix so the doctor wants to keep an eye on it but told me not to worry about it since it was likely to move up as the baby {and I} grew. Other than that it's going great. I did rush out and buy something pink so I got my fix, too.

This little one is super active the last few days. And she {that sounds weird} has been up late into the night. I can feel rounded parts that I'm assuming is her head, but who knows?

And thankfully no leg cramps...yet. Gosh those things are painful! I'm in no hurry for those. Actually I was just thinking of that the other day and was surprised I haven't woken up screaming from them so far.
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It seems like I don't notice the movement until I'm actually laying down...then the kicks start like crazy..I've got a little acrobat in there! Chloe was the same way, but as much as I feel the kicks, DH says he can't....

Been on a 'lets see how long I can go without using the dryer kick' so everything is on the line..LOL I really think its those preggy hormones, cuz last time i had that urge was when c was an infant...

DH would never go for Skye....I kinda like Miller, but then I feel like I'm dooming him into a life of drinking problems...LOL

Bohden has been popping up..but DH doesn't like it...ack..back to Nicholas...although DH likes Orion, and I do not. Can't it just be another girl.....?

ooh Jennifer! I love that name!! SO pretty!!

my chest keeps growing like there's no tomorrow...I dread the thought of buying bras AGAIN...I was a 34B/C and now up to a 36D..and climbing...

off to feed the chickens....
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I went to my midwife appt. this morning.

Everything is A-ok.. my baby is tranverse right now too..

I feel lotsa movment when I'm concentrating like when I'm lying down reading or sitting at the computer, but during the day it's hard to feel.

Yay some exciting news!

Our diaper buisness is going so well that my mom decided shes going to buy a 3000 dollar sewing machine that will do embroydery and everything.. like this sewing machine may make it so that I am able to sew LOL But seriously you can download an image to the machine and it will sew it! it is tooo cool!

She is going to embroyder his name on like *everything* (hopefully no more babies in the near furture)

LOL the other night DH said we should have a brother or sister for him within 3 years LOL, I told him we'll see how things are with *just* him (this pregnancy was a suprize and caught us in a bad financial position, but it's gettin better with lots of planning)

Oh the name.. the name will be (drumroll please) Bryce Tyrone Faulds

Tyrone is my DH's dads name, so he really wanted to name our son after him in some way. And we just love the name Bryce, which suprizingly doesn't seem to common, lol, anyone else scanning the isles of personalized pencils just to see if the name you like is on there.. I duno if it's just me!

Good luck everyone,
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Hi everyone!

Nice to hear how everybody is doing. Things with us are great. My nausea has finally disappeared, and I'm feeling wonderful. I have an active baby- my doctor says that the kicking is really strong- and the kicking that she felt was much lighter than what I have been feeling at night...so for those of you who are worried, I think that there's lots of movement going on that we can't even feel. I am thinking this one's a boy, but we aren't doing an u/s so it will remain a surprise. I also started a calcium/magnesium supplement because I was getting some foot and leg cramps. Hopefully it will help.

We haven't really started thinking of names yet. I found that last time, we got too much unwanted input, and when we told people what names we were thinking, they were very opinionated: . LOL Dh and I are saying now that when we are asked, we will tell people the most repulsive names we can think of, and see how they react.

I haven't been nearly as ...I don't know what the word is.... with this pg-- with my first, we took pictures every month, and I read the developmental charts for every month and all that. We have taken a much more "let it happen" attitude with this one. There is less anxiety, more pure excitement. I still want to do some beautiful pg photos though, when my belly gets a little bigger!

Our last hypnobirthing class is tonite, and I am slowly getting the hang of learning to relax myself. I have a long way to go though (I think), so am glad I started early!

Happy, good feeling wishes to you all!

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Hey y'all!

Little Moo is probably moving enough for all of your babies! Today on the ride home, she was playing with the cervix. OUCH OUCH OUCH Last night, she turned twice and then when DH went to feel, she just kept kicking his hand!

Serious serious rib pain and I caught a cold from my DH so I am hacking out my lungs which is pulling the uterus and pisses off Moo so she moves...Sigh.. I am a punching bag for the next 3.5 months.

Good news is that things seem to be measuring just fine and I checked my weight record (that I kept until 29 weeks with Goo) and I am at the exact same weight during my 25th week this time as I was with Goo! Cool or what?

I love the names. Jadon is my cousin's son's name...It fits him perfectly!
We have the name (and the emergency boy backup name), but we are not sharing yet...sorry
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Things are progressing nicely here as well. I have already overbought girl's clothes! I have to keep reminding myself that this little girl has grandmas and aunts who will want to spoil her as well.

She is SOOOO low in my pelvis -- not utilizing the upper uterine regions at all. I feel her from my bladder down.

I need to get going with my hypnobirthing stuff -- I am doing the home study course and need to order my CDs!
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Everyone has something to say... It takes a lot of time to catch up.

I feel little wiggles and vibrations, but not many definate kicks. I sometimes wonder what's going on in there.

I've been reading this amazing book by Sheila Kitzinger, called "Rediscovering Birth". It's a really interesting history of pregnancy, birth, and labour, all through the ages..... I highly recommend it.

Anyways, the baby beckons...
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She is SOOOO low in my pelvis -- not utilizing the upper uterine regions at all. I feel her from my bladder down.
That's exactly what's happening here too. Ds was so much higher.

I called my midwife this morning because I was getting a little paranoid that I hadn't been feeling much movement, and she came right over. Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong on the doppler, and she could hear movements that I couldn't feel. Of course, since then I've been feeling a lot of movements! But you gotta love the great service!
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Originally posted by sharonal
I have already overbought girl's clothes!
This is so easy to do! Especially since you had a boy first. My friend and I traded baby clothes since she's having a girl and had a boy first and me vice-versa. We were marvelling over the amount of closet/drawer space the girl stuff takes up as opposed to the boy stuff. I absoutely LOVE shopping for my DD. And dresses are a dream for a kid in so many ways, easy, no-fuss, cloth diapers fit under them, cool, etc...

However, I like all the little 'guy' clothes like cargo pants and baseball t-shirts. And boys are SO much simpler!
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