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Originally posted by sharonal
I have already overbought girl's clothes!
I must be stuck in boy mode; all I see that I like are boy clothes, LOL. I see lots of cute things for older girls, not too much for a newborn. Good thing I've got lots of time. And I figure she'll be wearing lots of blue onesies around the house...have lots of those. I've realized this time that we need a heck of a lot more of the basics than we had last time. That, and I need to keep in mind those diapers. If I motivate, now that we know the sex, maybe I'll order that bodysuit pattern that's supposed to be done with cloth in mind.

Foobar, don't we have the same edd {around July 4}? This little girl is super active. She even woke me up this morning at 5 AM with her twists and kicks. {Please not another early riser }.
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My due date is July3--I too have been feeling so much movement!! Really big flips and kicks, sometimes I'm exhausted by it. The baby also responds to my voice. When I am reading to dd at night the baby is very active and when I start to sing her bed time song the baby gets quiet. SOOOO sweet....

I am very strong feelings about the gender of the baby. I am not sharing with anyone yet though. With dd, I could see her face in my mind before she was born. She looked exactly as I expected her too. I can't remember when this started. With this babe, I could see a face just after I concieved and then could not for awhile. Now, I can see the face clearly again.

I am getting the urge to buy clothes and stuff.... Have to wait though for $$$

With dd and used disposable dipes. With this one, I have been researching cloth. Primarily, the first reason I want to use cloth is to save money. Especially since I can ask for diapers as gifts from friends and family. I spent 2 hours online the other night reading in the mothering diaper board and various diaper sites to get a feel for the different packages available. I found one that looks like it includes what I would need and in enough progressing sizes that I may be able to get by for awhile but not really sure since I haven't done this before. Guess I'll post on the diapering site and see what I get back

well...loong enough for now

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I've been so good, I haven't bought ANY clothes yet and I work in a shopping mall

I don't know how much longer I can hold out!!!!

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Since Moo and Goo will be almost exactly 2 years apart and both girls (if the u/s was right) then I don't need to buy Moo much, although a friend already got her this really cute onsie with hearts on the bum!
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I've been getting all boy clothes, even though I don't have the ultrasound "proof" that it's a boy. I like a lot of the boy clothes. I put almost all boy clothes on my girl, anyways. I don't like the ultra-pink theme that pervades girl clothes. :yuck . I think my daughter suits blue better. I buy most of my baby clothes at the second-hand store.

add me to the july 3-4th due date tribe! I calculated my date as being the 3rd, and the docs said the 4th
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I have not bought any clothes yet! I have no idea who this wee one will be so am waiting. If babe is another girl then I won't need much as I have two girls already, but if this babe is a boy then I will need to do some shopping. I figure babe won't be wearing much more than a diaper and onesies for the first four months, being a July babe and all. I live were we have long hot summers! I am getting more and more excited, spring is here and I am going to plant a flower garden this year. My allergies have already started so that is not much fun, I need to order more tincutres! I am thinking this babe is breech right now, all the kicks I feel are down low, not a whole lot of movement anywhere else. Both my girls were head down from 20 weeks on. I still have lots of time for baby to get situated though. I am 23 weeks this week!
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I have not bought any clothing except for undershirts for NewBean. I wish I knew the gender, or had a feeling one way or the other, but I do not. Eli was born in November and it was *very* cold, but he was a slow grower so I have plenty of 3-6 month clothing for summer but nothing in 0-3 mos. Also, the spring clothing I have is mostly bigger (6-9) because I had to buy it for the length. At any rate, I'm sure I'll need to do some shopping. It's depressing, because I have no money at all, so I'm just going to wait until the summer clothing goes on clearance (around May) and buy a few things then.

If this baby is a slow grower like Eli was, then I'm all set for next winter if the person I lent Eli's baby clothing to gets them back to me. If NewBean is a moose, then we'll probably need a whole new wardrobe, because Eli's winter clothing from last year was 0-3/3-6 months and this year is 6-12months/12-18months. Heck, if NewBean is average sized, they'll need a 6-9 for most of next winter, and I don't have any of those at all. :LOL Watch, they'll be off sizes *and* off season. Just what I needed! :LOL I should really plan these things better in the future. :LOL
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Went to the NP/CNM yesterdya and when she mesaure my uterus, baby decided she wanted to play! She gave her a good kick in the palm and the NP/CNM was surprised she could be felt so strongly and seen (!) at 20 weeks. I just laughed! This little babe definately responds to the world~touches, her brother's voice, singing! It's so fun.
She is up high (and I carried ds very low) and I measured 23 weeks, but since she's so high, the NP/CNm thinks she probably right on target.
Anyone know how many jelly beans equal 50 grams of sugar?
I have to do the GTT (Kaiser. . .) but don't want to drink that icky soda. Jelly beans I can do!

Haven't gotten any clothes yet either. Grandma's coming in tomorrow, so I;'m sure we'll get something soon!
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Dalai mama - Jellybeans

Here's a breakdown of some popular jellybean brands:

Jelly Belly Brand 64 jellybeans= 50.4 grams of sugar

Brachs 25.5 jellybeans= 50.4 grams of sugar

Smuckers 40 jellybeans= 50 grams of sugar

Aren't you glad, there are nerdy mamas out there???

I'm due the first week of July too - the 5th (there are a lot of 3's and 4's out there!) But chances are since it's my first, I'll be a bit late. We'll have to wait and see what this babe feels like doing and when my body says it's time.
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I'm new here but am due with my third girl July 18th. I can't wait. I think three girls will be great but tell that to DH!! hahaha I feel the baby move all the time it's wonderful although I have had my moments that I don't care to be pregnant maybe because I know almost 100% this is my last. Can't wait to get to know everyone.
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Originally posted by *Mamajaza*

add me to the july 3-4th due date tribe! I calculated my date as being the 3rd, and the docs said the 4th
I think this could be bacause their spinnie wheel calculator thingies didnt account for the extra day at the end of february.. yay for leap years bumping our due date up one day!
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Thanks Saralynn!
Somehow, if I get to choose what I consume, it feels less like an intervention!
I may just drink a natural lemonade soda. I found one with 45 g sugar, so I'd just need to add 5 g . 64 jelly bellies seems like a lot to try to eat all at once (now munching while reading a bookor on MDC, no problem! :LOL )
Welcome 2Prezgirls!

I think the wheels are off for leap year too. My date is July 31, but Kaiser says Aug 1. Since I know I have a short cycle and ovulate around the 10-12 day of my cycle, I'm going with the earlier date. Plus, ds was 6 weeks early after 3 weeks on bedrest for preterm labor, so I'd be thrilled to go late! My NP/CNM keeps telling me this one will be early, so who knows!
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Just wanted to jump in with the July 3-4thers; my edd is July 10, but since ds was a week early, I'm predicting this one will come somewhere around the 3rd.
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I had my ultrasound today and . . .


I was so sure this one was another boy! But this little girl definitely showed her true self. She was not into be poked and prodded, though. It took forever to get a foot measurement. Every time they got close, she would scoot away.

Her name is Lila, after my favorite great-grandmother. I thought that her middle name might be Katherine after the other great-grandmother that I knew well. But she was just mean. I don't think I can give my child her name.

My good friend Kerry died last July. I still dream of her often and I miss her terribly. I think that Lila Kerry has a nice ring to it.
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Ebethmom ~ that's a beautiful name and a wonderful way to remember your friend. Congratulations on having a girl!
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Hi everyone! Just popping in before the weekend. Sounds like everyone is doing great!

Dalai-mama - I'm a Kaiser mommy too! I had both of my boys with Kaiser and was pretty thrilled with the care I received and the lack of "routine" interventions for their births!

Baby has started moving again... she was just slow last weekend. Have my next appt on Monday.

I'm just LOVING being pregnant. Except for needing a bit more rest I feel just wonderful this time around!! I don't know if it's just experience or what. I don't feel fat, just wonderfully round. I am not worried about all the things I've worried about in my other pregnancies. Just loving it!!
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I was pretty happy with Kaiser with my ds too.

And I hear the one I plan to deliver in has seriously upped it's staffing of midwives. YAY! WIth ds they were only on during the weekdays 7am-7pm. Now apparently there are only a few hours here and there where there is OB coverage only. Ds timed it to be caught by a CNM, and I'm confident that this baby will too.
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i haven't posted here yet... but i'm preggo with #3 and the edd is july 10th! we're going for a vbac... the chances are good though because i have already had one vaginal birth, and i have a great group of midwives and a really nice hospital (for once)!

i've been all tired lately because my belly has just BLOWN UP in the past 3 weeks. i was still able to *hide* my preggo belly on my son's birthday (feb 22nd) and already since then i've gained so much weight and a big belly. i feel like i'm going to pop, and i even got worried at one point lol... but then i reassured myself that i have much more to go because my belly button hasn't flattened out totally yet.

anyone else feel *different* after the first pregnancy? i mean i hardly feel pregnant and i feel like no one even notices that i am... i mean, i'm don't want to be the center of attention, but it would be nice if *someone* occasionally asked me how i was feeling. i know this is my third time through a pregnancy, but i don't feel any less in need of attention. :

i also had a dream last night that i was in early labor... i walked and stomped and jumped and everything and i just wasn't progressing! (i have REALLY long labors) sortof freaked me out!

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I feel different.. first off, I'm not in agonizing pain every day. : By this time with Eli, I had been so sick and miserable for so much of the time that I was telling people I was "25 years pregnant" when they asked. It took forever and I was miserable. This time, I feel great most of the time.

I also don't want to talk about it with strangers at all. I don't even want to talk that much with friends about it. I feel like it's a much more personal and private experience this time, kwim? As my belly is big and round now, people ask my due date, and if I don't feel like they have any business asking, I'll say "who's pregnant?" and make them . :LOL I'm so sneaky! :
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When I was pregnant the first time, I knew I was right away. With this one, I didn't know I was pregnant till about 3 weeks after conception. The only thing that alerted me was that my cervix felt hard, and I was peeing a lot more than usual. Then I did a pregnancy test, and I said, YEAH RIGHT! I couldn't believe it.

So I definately feel different this time around. I have to remind myself that I'm pregnant.
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