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Re: The thigns people say...

I'm looking at all these pregnancy sites, and they all say this almost word for word:
"Although you may still be feeling energetic, the weight of your uterus may be starting to take its toll on your lower back now. So try and wear low-heeled shoes and try not to stand or sit for long periods of time."

Um...low heeled shoes? As usual... Try not to sit OR stand for long periods?
Um...so what am I supposed to do, lay down all day?

Great advice, thanks.
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Snowy Owl- I don't get it either. You either do too much or too little. The weight thing is the same. You either gain too much or too little. I just do what makes me comfortable and don't listen to people.

I've gotten pretty big quickly. These kids will be pretty close so I kind of expected it. However, i'm getting those so how far along are you questions. Like it's anyone elses business.

I'm feeling pretty good. I have quite a bit of energy. I'm glad everyone is feeling ok.
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Re: The thigns people say...

Originally posted by Saralynn
Yesterday at work a woman asked me how many weeks I was. I told her almost 26 and that I would be passing into the third trimester next week. Her response, "three more months!? are you having twins?" What do you say to something like that? I've gained 20 pounds but because my fundal height is so high, my belly doesn't really look that big. Jeez, what do you think she'll say when I'm at 36 weeks???

Jeez, I hate that kind of stuff. I got that constantly with ds, people at work constantly telling me he was going to be twelve pounds at birth. Not what you want to hear when your diabetic, too. I never did figure out how to handle it but I had dh call them after ds was born to inform them that he was a pefectly average sized baby at 7 lb 8 oz.

Snowy Owl ~ I got a weekly pregnancy email at 22 weeks that informed me that the comfortable stage of pregnancy was officially over. That's a nice thing to hear, hunh?
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Originally posted by Mamma2Addison

Snowy Owl ~ I got a weekly pregnancy email at 22 weeks that informed me that the comfortable stage of pregnancy was officially over. That's a nice thing to hear, hunh?
But..... it just started!
The comfortable stage of pregnancy only lasts four weeks?
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My midwife hasn't said boo about my weight gain. But her staff sure has. I find it very irritating. "You must have really celebrated this month!" I probably have gained more than I wanted to, and now that it is sunny and warmer walking will be easier. Hopefully that will help.

But I feel SO much better in this pregnancy. I can eat a variety of foods and still feel good!

Anyone else's TAILBONE hurt? Mine just feels bruised. After I've been driving, I can hardly walk! I have a wedge cushion that I use, but it doesn't seem to help. Ouch!!!
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My tailbone is killing me; it feels like I fell down really hard. I dug out the boppy and have been using that which works so-so.
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psht~who cares what those people who aren't pregnant think of my weight gain..they're just jealous !
1~cuz I have a precious little life inside me
2~cuz I have an excuse to be a lil *fluffy*

*proudly wearing my 2 piece swimsuit*
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Tailbone woes

My tailbone has been hurting too! Mainly when I sit on the floor to stretch and it felt really bad after I sat on the floor for a long time to assemble this night stand for our guest bedroom. I was worried maybe it had fractured but after walking around for a bit it felt fine again. I have some Boppys in the basement, maybe I should start dusting them off... Sigh.

The good news is that my back and hips feel great!
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What comfortable stage. I didn't even have one this time. Sick until 5 mo., siatic (sp?) nerve problems and cramps every day....still, and now back pain. ARRGG! The only thing that keeps my sanity is the little kicks (when they're nice) and bumps, and looking at ds #1 to try to picture what ds #2 will look like.
So depressing. Yesterday a woman told me I didn't look 6 mo. yet, and then a clerk at the grocery store last night asked if I was "about to pop". What a jerk. I won't be in my 3 tri. until Sat. I know I'm big, but I didn't think I was that big! Oh well. He's just a man right. What does he know about it. GRRRR! Sorry, had to vent that one. Feel much better now.
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Sorry, I forgot to ask.... My tailbone hurt so badly the other night I couldn't walk or do anything but sit in ONE position for almost 2 hours. Has anyone had it that bad yet? Any ideas to make it go away faster? Stretching didn't help.
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Those people who comment on your size or lack of size could have many "reasons" for doing so... Maybe they've never had kids, maybe they had kids a long time ago, maybe they're just curious and they don't know what to say.. Pregnancy *is* fascinating, IMHO.

like I said before, try going to the chiropractor if you tailbone is hurting you so badly. Your birth might be extra "intense" if you don't get that resolved before the big day.

How are all of your babies positioned??? I'm pretty sure this one is transverse most of the time. I do not want a breech! I'm coming up to 26 weeks on saturday. I read that if the baby is still breech or transverse by 28 weeks, that's when you can start getting worried.
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I'm pretty sure she's still transverse. Ds was breech for a very long time, then flipped just in time.
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Saralynn- Yes, if you are getting hung up on money, then check out more MW....

There's a comfortable stage? Really? Well, I guess My body forgot to sign up!

I got my teeth cleaned today and they were so nice! No X-rays for pregnant lady. We can wait 6 months the hygenist says as soon as I tell her I am pregnant! I was afraid that I would have to insist on no X-rays.

My rib cage pain has gotten pretty bad. Doc agrees that Moo has already squished every organ I have upwards. I am hoping for an early drop like I had with Goo so I can breath again.

Does anyone else get BH when they stand up? I can be working at the computer and then stand up and WHOA!!!!
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Today is my day off and I've gotten NOTHING done...


Then there was a knock on my door and i see the landlord out there and she hands me a rent increse notice.

It's not much (less than 20 dollars a month) but i have been sorting out bills all morning I just started bawling....

I creid for about 1/2 an hour over that stupid rent increse that happens in July!!!

lol I mean it's less than I spend on bottles of water in a month I guess.. just such bad timing!

Boo... I need to win some lottery money

guess I shouldn't complain, I don't have to pay for my midwife to to have my baby..

I can never believe it when I hear some mommas talk about how much it is to deliver a baby in the states... *sigh*

anyways just thought I'd pop in and say hello

hopefully you all start feeling better

hate to admit it but i'm livin it up in the comforatable stage of pregnancy

Sorry I'd pass some of the comfort around if I could.. I know it wont last MUCH longer though..

oh yeah a question when does third trimester start for first pregnancies?
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Foo, I get B-Hs when I roll over in bed in the morning. I figure it's my time to say good morning to the baby and marvel at how big my uterus feels when it's all tightened up .

Heather, sorry about the timing with your rent increase . With some things, seems like there's no "good" time, but there are certainly moments that are worse than others!

I'd like to say I'm feeling very comfortable at this stage of pregnancy, but every time I have to bend over for something, or reach across something, and my belly gets in the way and makes me say, "Ooomph", I don't feel too comfortable! But, I *love* feeling noticeably pregnant, and I *love* feeling the baby moving around inside me. I feel like a Big Earth Mother, or something. Men really miss out on something special by not be able to grow new little people inside themselves!

Happy day, all...

Joni and the gang; due 7-17-ish
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"Although you may still be feeling energetic, the weight of your uterus may be starting to take its toll on your lower back now. So try and wear low-heeled shoes and try not to stand or sit for long periods of time."
I think the better way to say this would be, "Vary your position throughout the day. Standing in one place or sitting in one place for too long may take a toll on your lower back."

I know that I usually have to get up from the computer about every half hour, but now I'm finding that I am uncomfortable after about 20 minutes. Luckily my job is such that nobody wonders why I am up so often!

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I am not sure why, but I think I was having trouble finding a comfortable spot. Might be time to get out my trusty pregnancy wedge!
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Mamajaza ~ You are SO right! My chiropractor is amazing - I always feel tons better after I see her. I just wish it didn't cost so darned much. Insurance pays for a microscopic portion, and she does give us a clergy discount. But I still have to ration my visits.

If I had an endless supply of cash, I'd go to Yoga every day, see my massage therapist once a week, and see my chiropractor twice a month!

I had an impressive Braxton Hix yesterday. I was visiting with a good friend who has three kids, and she was freaked out by my contraction. She said that she never had Braxton Hix contractions! I didn't feel them with ds, but I thought they were much more common with subsequent pregnancies.

Lila was really active yesterday! I felt like she kicked me all day long. And she really had those little legs pumping at bedtime. Dh was impressed "Look at her go!"

Here comes ds - he likes to sneak up on me at the computer. He forgets that I can hear him slam the door shut on his way to the stairs!

Too funny - he just made his appearance, then told me "I crack you up!"
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IF I had an endless supply of money and time, I would be doing my yoga and getting a massage too!

DH offered a massage for my birthday (early April) and he still wants to buy me a gadget that I've been thinking about.
How wonderful is he?

Goo is napping! Glory be! This child rarely naps any more, but she has a cold...

Moo is kicking the crap out of me. Sigh. I took a nap yesterday and when DH woke me up, I jumped and got a HUGE B-H that left me in tears. He was so upset and just apologized over and over even though I had asked him to wake me at that time
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OK something I really don't suggest to anyone having even slight lower back/tailbone pain is bending, reaching and painting a childs room (inc the cieling) in one day. WOW...my dear friend helped be paint dd room on wed. All night wed, anytime I rolled over in bed, I woke up from back and hip pain. Thurs am when the alarm rudely shook me out of slumber, I was afraid to set my feet on the ground!! Luckily, once I was up and in the hot shower I was better. However, still today I am slightly achy all over. Ugh...two more coats of paint to go....

I can not believe the third trimester is looming...where has the time gone? Hope everyone feels well and gets some rest to their aching backs!!

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Wow, I guess I should feel lucky to just have bad heartburn and aching feet! You know, I was worried about getting pregnant the first time because I have had lower back problems, but I have never had any back pain while pregnant, this time or last. It seems odd to me, because before, any weight gain would cause it to hurt more. You would think 40lbs, part of which is a baby, would make a difference!
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