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Oh, I had the bad heartburn and achey feet with ds! OUCH. I would have to hold onto the dresser to stand when I got up to pee in the night.

I'm carrying this baby differently. She's mostly out in front - ds was spread all over! I think that's making the difference in tailbone pain this time. I went to my Yoga class this morning, and that definitely helped.

Whenever I THINK to call my chiropractor, it's 7 PM or Saturday or I'm not anywhere near a phone!
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Brian Proposed to me

yay yay yay

sorry this is OT just sharing my HAPPY news
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yay for being engaged!

I went to work today~for the first time in over a month...believe me, I don't plan to make a habit of it..LOL
I got floated up to labor and delivery for a few hours and it was so cool~I love working up there with the tiny babies and new moms!

On a sad note...I spent most of my day in CVICU, where I rarely work and I don't know the nurses too well...when asked, I mentioned I was planning a homebirth and everyone looked at me like I was crazy~and asked things like why would someone want to do that to their baby....like I am putting the baby's life in danger.....*sigh* and how did I think I was gonna cope w/ labor when I had to have an epidural with dd...

I didn't care to preach, just defend my choices..that it was my decision and I don't believe I am putting my baby's life in danger...but who cares what they think....

*goes to find chocolate*
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grrrr... those kind of people make my blood boil, sunfairy. A part of me sees their ignorance, but the other part wants to whack them over the head with a good pro-homebirth book (can't think of one right now)...

My grampa is always bringing up the topics that he knows I don't want to talk about, or that are hard for me to hear. I used to take it with a grain of salt, but NOW he doesn't bring much up anymore... I think he knows that he would not get the kind of response that he wanted. He likes to argue and "debate" things.
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been a long time...

Hey July Mamas!!! How quickly our big dates are approaching! Everywhere I go people ask me when I am due, if this is my first baby, can they touch my belly, do I know the gender, etc. I also have had quite a few strangers say "God bless you" or "good luck" to me and the baby. I know it bugs some people, but I love it I guess its partly because I assume that all of these people are thinking loving thoughts toward my baby and me; as I always do toward prego ladies and their babies.

We found out at the beginning of this month (a long story which I posted on another thread) through 2 u/s that our little boy is very big for his "age" at this point. Guess I need to quit focusing on newborn size diapers and clothes :LOL The specialist I had to see adjusted my dd to the 10th (instead of the 12th) But, I just think "in the beginning half of July."

I love all of your baby names. We had our girl name (Carli Anna) totally decided : But of course not the boy name. At firs we had thought Carson, but then we became undecided. Dh likes more conventional names (No Stone, Sky, River, etc.) So right now we are playing with: Carson, Carter, Jayson, Jamie, Joseph and Kevin. Ideas or opinions anyone?

BTW, when does the third trimester begin?

Sunny happy thoughts to all!
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I have to tell you, when I think of Carson I think of Carson Kressly on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. :LOL He's hilarious, and very swishy, I always get a real kick out of him because he really plays it up, kwim? :LOL

I'm not sure when the third trimester begins for sure and certain, but I think it's 28 weeks. I'll be begining month seven in April, I can't believe it! I've got horrible heartburn but for the most part I feel so much better than I did when I was pregnant with Eli. Having a toddler must make all the difference! :
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I've got a touch of heartburn, too. But not nearly as bad as with ds. I think that girl babies agree with me. I guess I should enjoy that peace now!

I feel much better in general with this pregnancy. I think that losing 62 pounds helped, too. (110 including baby weight - I lost 48 pounds in the two weeks after ds was born.) I was trying to remember when my FEET starting aching with ds. I really can't recall. I hope that pain doesn't reappear.

The pubic bone pain started in the other day, though. It's just the strangest ache. After I've been sitting, it takes a few strides to get adjusted to moving again.

I like the names Carson and Carter. We met an Elijah at the bookstore tonight. Ds had a great time yelling his name! His L's still come out as W's, so it was "Ewijah!!"
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butterflyma - 3rd trimester begins after the end of clinical week 26 (or 23.5 to 24 weeks after the day of conception) I am so excited because my third trimester begins tomorrow! I feel like someone should take me out to dinner or throw me a party for this passing - but alas, DH is away for another 2 weeks...sigh.
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ooh I found us!

ok I have stuff to share!! DH finally!!!!! agreed to an ultrasound!!!!! YAY!! YIPPIE!!!

and i don't know if you saw my last post about homebirth:
I mentioned I was planning a homebirth and everyone looked at me like I was crazy~and asked things like why would someone want to do that to their baby....like I am putting the baby's life in danger
it was crossposted in my livejournal and my sister responded with this:
Screw em all... they just think like that because they are nurses and they ONLY see the worst of everything. Millions upon millions of babies have been born the way you're gonna do it and, judging by overpopulation in less developed countries... it's f*king working. So tell 'em to pike off and get your placenta bowl ready!
placeta bowl!! I was ROFLOL!! I thought you guys would get a kick out of it!!!
well~i thought it was funny.
I woke up at 3 am to see an outstretched leg where my belly button *used* to be....
i really think the pregnancy moves along quicker when you have another one to look after....I remember *waiting* for that streching milestone with pg #1...and now it has come so fast, before I even thought of waiting for it...
hugs to all!
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Sunfairy and other homebirth mamas-

How are you planning on paying for your homebirth? DH and I really want to have a homebirth but I can't believe how much money we would be spending out of pocket (2600 base fee plus extras on top of that versus 100% hospital coverage). I can't imagine myself giving birth in a hospital but I also can't imagine paying that much money for a homebirth! : Especially when we don't know whether I will be able to return to work part-time afterwards to contribute to our family income. I guess I really have some financial issues....
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aww mama! did I tell you before that chloe was born in colorado? Grand junction..with an OB who worked along side a midwife. It was a great birth..he let DH *catch* the baby and tried to induce me with caster oil and cohosh when I was almost 2 wks overdue. It was a hospital birth, his name is Dr. Robbins and the midwife he worked with is Anita. I had a friend who used him with state medicaid too...

our midwife charges $1700 cash start to finish...and because I had my 1st 3 prenatals elsewhere, she is deducting $50 per visit..(so $150 off her total) My isurance is covering 70% after a $500 deductable...she's charging my insurance like $3200 in hopes of me not paying to much..and my insurance tells me if i save receipts for birthing classes, homebirth supplies and lab fees..all that will go towards my $500 deductable...once I meet it~ everything is 100% paid!


OHHH we picked a name for a girl~~~***insert drumroll***
Avery Elizabeth Cunningham

whatcha think?
we'll see what the ultrasound says....if its a boy..I'm in trouble..I haven't a clue what to name him....
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Hmmm. I like the name, but I had to double check. I've only heard Avery for a boy...

This week, I will pass into the third trimester (I am using the end of 27 weeks as my marker)

I popped! Sometime yesterday morning I popped! It's funny!

Sigh. I am getting nervous now. At 33 weeks with Goo, she dropped and I was put on bedrest. I was 90%effaced and starting to dilate, she was at 0 station! Now, I KNOW she stayed in until 40w0d, but I am still getting nervous about this one. That's only 6 weeks away and I want Moo to be healthy too. How do I get over this nerve case?

And to all of those who get crap for chosing to homebirth, Screw those people! It's YOUR choice...Sigh.. Why can't people get that through their heads... (Of course I still deal with my mom who complains about EBF to stragners! And I don't even BF!)
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ITS A BOY!!!!!!

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Yay, Sunfairy. Now you'll have a boy and a girl. Perfect, some would say. I think I'm having a boy, but havent done an ultrasound. Then I will have a boy and girl too.~~
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YEAH Sunfairy!!!

Congrats! I take all was well at the u/s!!!

Very happy for you!
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I'm off to NYC for a week - pregnant and with a toddler, but oh well, here we go anyway.

Have a great week!
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Isn't it exciting?
I was on a cloud for days after my ultrasound/gender revelation.
Oh and about coping without an epidural, nonsense! Labour truly is one of those cases where the fear is worse than the reality. And people always telling you to be afraid has such a negative psychological effect. Poo-poo on them.

And yesterday...OMG...there was this little newborn with a shock of dark hair and tiny little blue eyes at the playgroup, waking up in his carseat and kind of trying to suck on his hand and mewing in that newborn way. I had this overwhelming urge to just NURSE him...I wanted to 'eat him all up'....babies are always dear but now I feel like I have serious maternal hormone syndrome or something.

And I keep having dreams that i'm trying to nurse but something keeps getting in the way...like teeth....
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