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Nursing tank recommendation???

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I'm looking for a tank without a shelf bra... does anyone know if this exists???
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I own one and don't love it personally, but these are nursing tanks w/o shelf bras.
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I have those same ones. Also don't love em - they're just ok. They're really thin and the neck stretches far too easily. That being said, if you can get them on sale/with a coupon, they're really nice for layering under a button-down.
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Majamas makes some. They're very comfy, but I only wear them around the house and for sleeping because they don't have enough support for me.
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Moving to Breatsfeeding
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thanks ladies- i now have one on the way... worth trying i guess!!
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Not sure if you mean with no bra or with a bra that isn't a shelf bra? Bravado's tanks are pricey, but have a "real" bra inside and get generally good reviews.
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not a tank but these are fantastic
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That is a really cute shirt- but sadly out of stock. I'm mainly interested in being able to wear my old shirts and use the tank as a layer anyway...
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If the one you ordered doesn't work, I love the ribbed tanks they have at Eddie Bauer right now and I found some great Camis at JC Penney in their ANA brand, really soft and stretchy and so far both have survived lots of me pulling them down to access my breasts without stretching permanently.
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