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Hand pump recommendations

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I have this total fear of my pump dying on me one day. And since it's necessary for my every day life, I think I want to buy a hand pump to keep in my car as a back up.

So, tell me your recommendation! Also, I have the opposite problem of most people, and have smallish nipples. I had to buy the reducing inserts for my Lansinoh pump. So that's a consideration.

And since it's a back up, I'd like for it to not be tooo expensive.

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I have a lanisoh hand pump, it is only about $30, doesn't have many parts, and seems to work fine. there is a silicone massaging insert in the flange, and that may help with your smallishness.

I also looked at the medela one, but the lanisoh got more consistently high reviews.

Avent Isis always gets raves, but it uses a large mouth bottle, and it seemed silly to totally change bottles or have a separate supply on hand. ( I use dr. brown's)
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I use an Avent Isis.
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Originally Posted by Xavismom View Post
I use an Avent Isis.

took me a while to figure out the vacuum level (ouch!) but now I love it.
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i just got my Avent Isis in the mail today....Gonna Wash it and can't wait to try it out in Sept when i need it.
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I have the Medela one, and it's the only one I've ever had/used. The only issue I have with it is the flange/part that goes on your breast. Mine is pretty warped but still functional, needs to be replaced eventually but it keeps slipping my mind. So not a huge deal
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Originally Posted by Mommie020307 View Post
i just got my Avent Isis in the mail today....Gonna Wash it and can't wait to try it out in Sept when i need it.
Just be careful not to get too excited with the vacuum level at first
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I have the Avent Isis as my back up hand pump for my double electric and it work great. I've used it a few times in the early morning when she slept for extra long and I needed relief from engorgement, but my electrical pump was sitting at work. Bonus for you, the let-down assist rubber shield should help out with your smaller nipples too as it also acts like a reducing shield too.
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I love the medela hand pump. I can get 4 oz per side and it is so easy from a lot of different agles because the handle on the pump swivels.
I do it with one hand in the morning while I walk around the house and start to get the kids ready. I get just as much just as fast with this than I do with the electric pump and it hurts less.
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So I went to the huge consignment sale in our area yesterday.

I walked out with THREE breastpumps. I think DH thought I was crazy.

But... they had an Avent Isis for 5 dollars with all it's parts except bottles (and I have a ton of Avent bottles).

But then they had an Avent Isis in a very nice looking carrying case for 3 dollars, but it looked like maybe it wasn't in as good shape. But I figured 3 dollars for some spare parts and the nice case was worth it.

Then they had an Ameda Purely Yours for 20 dollars, which is exactly the same as my Lansinoh double electric pump. So I figured that would be good because then I could keep a base at work and one at home, and have extra parts, as well, and it would all be interchangeable.

Total score.
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