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New Mom Introduction

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Heather and I am pregnant for the first time!!

I live in Del Rio, TX (definitely not by choice , husband is a pilot for the Air Force). I am about 14 weeks pregnant and due around January 12. We just had our second appointment yesterday and we were happy to see that our baby is looking more like a baby now! We will hopefully be finding out the sex at our appointment next month!

I am going to be a SAHM, use cloth diapers, start breastfeeding immediately, and try for a natural birth. I am up for any advice on getting through a natural birth and being a SAHM. I have been reading my Bradley books and am hoping those will help out.

Can't wait to start "meeting" everyone and sharing stories!
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Welcome!! And make sure to look at the top of this group for the stickied EDD Roster Thread and come add yourself with the info requested there, I'll then add you to our master list!!!! You can also sign up for a date on the spotlight thread, we are doing that to give each momma to be a chance for the rest of us to get to know her more.

We are a chatty and fun group jump in whenever!!
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congrats and
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My father was in the Air Force and he and my mom were briefly at Del Rio... they both hated it!
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Thanks for the warm welcome!!

I did go and add all my info on the EDD Roster Thread!

Annablue--Del Rio is not the most exciting place. I definitely understand your parents hatred for this city. My husband finished pilot training here last year and now he is an Instructor Pilot here for the next 3 years. :/
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Congrats and welcome!
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