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Daniel Aaron is Here!

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I'm a little late, but our son Daniel was born at 7:08am on July 5th via c-section at 16 days overdue and 8lbs 9ozs. Unfortunately, he never descended into the pelvis despite having 2 rounds of Cytotec and my water breaking spontaneously. When they went in and got him, they found my placenta breaking down and meconium so I feel good about the c-section. My OB said that it looks like my pelvic opening is quite small and he probably had spent the last two weeks trying to descend but couldn't get down. She said she actually had to reach UP to get him which is unusual. I honestly believe I might never have actually gone into labor since I don't think he ever would have descended into the pelvis.

He's so adorable, but so much work!
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Congratulations Mama and welcome little Daniel!!!
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It's never too late for a birth announcement!

That's crazy about the placenta and how he didn't descend ... and good to know that modern medicine worked for you in the way it should!
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Congratulations!!! Enjoy the baby moon.

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I bet he is a cutie! I hope your recovery goes well and I look forward to hearing more.
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Congratulations! I'm so happy that you and the little one are doing well...I was worried about you being so overdue. Looking forward to pictures!
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Here's my birth story:

On Saturday night, on July 3rd, I went into the hospital to start a round of Cytotec. I was only 1cm dilated and my cervix was thick and firm, so we were going into the experience knowing that there was a good chance this wouldn't work and I'd need a C-section. About an hour after I got there I started to feel crampy and have some mild contractions so I was feeling positive. Unfortunately, at the end of the 4 hour dosage I was checked and found to have absolutely no change. We decided to give the Cytotec one more shot (you can have days of cervical ripening before they start with Pitocin, but your cervix has to be ripe for Pitocin to work), but we were already getting some pressure to have a c-section. We decided to eat at that point so that if we did have a c-section, I would have eaten something earlier than shalosh seudah the night before. The second dose of Cytotec did nothing again, so at that point we decided to consent to a c-section. Based on the time I had eaten, we scheduled the date at 6:30pm and just waited. Apparently, in that time about 7 women came into L&D and my doctor was the only one on call to deliver all of them. Since I wasn't in active labor, or in any kind of distress, I was pretty much the lowest priority level so I kept getting pushed back farther and farther. At 11:30 pm, my nurse came in and said that three new women had come in and were probably 3-4 hours from delivery, making my c-section time somewhere around 2-3am. My doctor is 7 months pregnant and had been on call since 8am and had delivered 10 babies in that time and was exhausted so she requested that I eat something and she would schedule my surgery for 6am the next morning, the first spot of the day, so she could rest and I could rest. At that point I was so aggitated and anxious that I requested something to help me sleep, so they gave me an Ambien and I slept peacefully until they woke me up at 5:30am to prep me for surgery. As I was walking from the L&D room to the OR I felt quite wet, like I'd peed myself, and started to apologize to the nurses that I'd just peed. Since I'd been a little incontinent my whole pregnancy, I thought this was just from the baby pushing on my bladder or something but they said that it looked like my water had broken and that there was meconium in the water. Since I had the meconium, they arranged to have a NICU specialist there who was trained in meconium asperation just in case he was to be in distress when he came out.

The surgery was to be expected. They gave me a spinal and I laid on the table. My husband was able to be there and I instructed him to make sure the wishes we had for our baby were conveyed (no vax except vitamin k and no eye goop and delayed cord clamping) and if they took the baby away, he was to go with the baby. I was totally awake and not nauseous which was really nice. I got to hear Daniel cry and I saw them wiping him off and weighing him. Afterwards, they wheeled me back to my room for an hour of recovery where the baby was inspected by a NICU nurse for anything bad. This is where it gets a little fuzzy because they gave me a bunch of Dilaudid as the spinal wore off and I was really out of it and in a lot of pain and discomfort. Apparently there was a problem with the baby keeping his temperature up and he was coming in at 97.7 degrees and needed to be at 98.0. They kept talking about taking him up to the NICU to be warmed, but somehow I mumbled out that they should do skin to skin with my husband so Kevin took off his shirt and sat with the baby. Apparently that wasn't satisfactory so they took him up to the NICU for "4 hours." I was too out of it to argue with them so I let them go and Kevin went with him. That "4 hours" turned into 6 hours and I was literally screaming "WHERE IS MY BABY?!" into the phone to the NICU. They didn't have anyone to bring him down to me or something so it took a really exceptionally long time. In the end, I guess it was a good thing because by the time they brought me the baby I was already off the pump of Dilauded, had my catheter taken out, and was starting to sober up and had gotten some sleep. It was still a little traumatic though, because I was in a lot of pain, and in my mind, I really hadn't even looked at my baby!

So that's the story, he's here now, even if it wasn't under the most "crunchy" of circumstances, and he's beautiful and healthy so there's nothing more I could ask for.
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I think it probably all turned out for the best. I am sorry you didn't get the birth you wanted, but so happy you have a wonderful baby!
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Glad he made it here safely. Enjoy your new little boy! Congratulations!
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