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October Mamas: week of March 15

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Good Morning and Good Monday to you all. Hope you enjoyed a relaxing weekend! I'm 9 weeks today and can't believe the 1st trimester has only 3 weeks left!!


chrissy 09/28 (honorary October mom!)
snugglebutter 10/01
mirthfulmum 10/03
FutureMama 10/04
TracyK 10/04
mhurst 10/04
kraftykathy 10/04
water 10/06
Lucysmama 10/12
bendmom 10/12
momadance 10/13
wannabmommie 10/18
Piglet68 10/18
BeauGeek 10/20
BeansMomma 10/20
CourtneyandLogan 10/21
ScooterMama1 10/21
Stanleymama 10/23
3boyz4us 10/24
aspiring mama 10/25
truebluexf 10/27
ameliabedelia 10/29
flitters 10/30
Soogie 10/31
AnnR33 10/31

I slept a LOT this weekend, which was nice. On Saturday I awoke to a very bloated tummy (gas) which made me feel six months pregnant, lol. Fortunately it went away the next day.

Question of the week: are you still wearing "normal clothes", and if not, what's the weight gain thus far?

I am down to my last two pair of regular pants that fit me, and I've been having to undo them in the afternoon. My Mum is sending my maternity pants (stored in her basement) so I should be wearing them by then end of the week. My weight gain thus far is about 2 pounds, give or take a pound. Does anybody know how much we're supposed to gain in the 1st trimester?
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hi, ladies! thank you so much for all the hugs....sorry i haven't responded since i first posted, i was gone to get my sister from the airport in MN...a 7 hr drive....anyway, just an update...i continued to spot/bleed lightly all weekend...and yes, it was a transvaginal US and i thought about the cervix thing, i just didn't expect it to be so much and for 3 days!...right now the "discharge" is dark brown...the only other thing i could think of...i counted on the calandar and if i weren't preg. i would/could be having a period around when the spotting started...so, i wonder too if that's what it was or just the irritation of my cervix from the US probe.... : my dr won't be in the office till fri...he had the *nerve* to take his fam on vacation skiing, can you believe that..... thanks again for the hugs!

i only had one pair of jeans prior to getting preg...i do the rubberband trick and don't zip them...:LOL...i need to go buy some knit elastic pants....my maternity stuff would just look silly.

i am so torn and sad...i decided when i started spotting that i was going to have to wean ds cold turkey....he isn't doing the best with it...i'm just too nervous to keep nursing him...he's 21 mos old, so i know he has had a great start and we had an awesome nursing relationship...i just wish it didn't have to end harshly like this, but i need to be protective of the little bean too, ya know? i hope is adjusts soon...

hope everyone has a great day!
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Carrie - So sorry you are feeling bad about weaning. That's tough. Hope your spotting stops soon!

Piglet - I am due October 12th, not October 4th. Just so you can update the list!

I don't know how much I have gained, but I suspect it's a couple of pounds. Like I said, I'm not monitoring my weight with this pg. I think you are "supposed" to gain 0-5lbs...but everybody does it differently. With my last pregnancy, I gained 12 in the first tri! I had been on a crash diet when I go pregnant, though - not very healthy - and I think my bod was like, "Food! Yay!!! Let's hold on to this!"
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Carrie - to you and your little guy. My DS also loves to nurse and has been very slow to wean. I understand your stress. I wish you two the best of luck.

Piglet - I guess you missed it last time when I posted my due date. I am due Oct. 3rd.

I don't know how much weight I've gained (I don't own a scale) but I am now wearing maternity clothes. I'm at 11 weeks and it was last weekend that my husband's pants were just getting too tight to wear. So I have one pair of pants from Old Navy that are supposed to last through out the whole pregnancy (although I have a hard time believing that I'll fit into them at nine months, especially if I gain 50 pounds again ) and two pairs of overalls that I now live in. The pants that I have that have belly pannels just look silly right now so it'll be a while before I'm big enough to fit them. Although at the rate I seem to be grow when pregnant who knows :.
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Carrie-just wanted to send you send you some positive thoughts and hope all is well!

I have not gotten on the scale and I'm afraid....I gained about 10 lbs in the first tri with my previous 2 and I'm on track for that I think I just had to dig around for some "fat" pants this last weekend and ain't elastic grand All my button pants are too snug for comfort. So until I get big enough for maternity pants I have about 4 prs of pants I'll be wearing over and over-hate that.
Still having the light spotting here too and have an u/s on Tues to make sure all is well. I never had u/s this early with my first 2 and feel kind of alarmist doing it now but I can't help wanting to see the heartbeat just to aleviate some worry-KWIM?
Talking to the dr on Tues about switching to pills or shots for the progesterone to see if that eliminates the spotting...we'll see.
Take care
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This is so cool, I never knew about this thread! I'm due with #2 Oct. 4th. It's so great to hear from other Oct. mamas as well. I'm still wearing my regular jeans..... well really only 1 pair, the ones that were huge on me and have some stretch to them! As much as I love being pregnant, I hate the weight gain. I don't know how much, but I'm sure I've gained 5 lbs already. I'm a petite person, but when I gain weight I get thick all over, yuk! But that's the body I have, so I guess I have to make the best of it. The good thing is that I lost all the weight (50 lbs, yikes) after the 1st pretty easily, so I'm hoping I'll do the same this time. It takes the pressure off and doesn't make me feel as bad about the fatness!

Ann, I didn't know you were pregnant, congrats! One of these days we'll have to hook up, I've heard great things about you from the other Iowa mamas! Good luck with your u/s, I'll be thinking about you.

Carrie, good luck with the weaning. I'm also trying to wean my 2.5 y/o ds, but I don't have the added pressure you do. You're doing the right thing and I hope it happens smoothly for you two.

Take care mamas!
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thanks everyone!

Tracy, where in Iowa are you? i'm in southwest iowa about 45 mi from Council Bluffs.
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Carrie, I'm in Iowa City. I just moved to Iowa so I'm not too good with the geography yet. I've heard of Council bluffs though. I LOVE Iowa!!! I'm from illinois but lived in north carolina for 7 yrs. and couldn't wait to get back to the midwest (nothing wrong with NC, just missed family and winter!). I met an awesome group of Iowa city/Cedar rapids mamas on MDC before I moved here. If you're ever out that way, let us know!

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I added the EDD's I missed, thanks ladies!

Well, I never bought "panel" maternity clothes. I bought adjustable ones. Mostly from Pea in the Pod and Mimi Maternity (ah, the days pre-child when we had two incomes, lol). They have neat combinations of drawstrings and multiple fastener settings that allow me to wear them quite comfortably through my pregnancy. They are a bit big at this point (I started wearing them at around 9 or 10 weeks last PG) but they aren't ridiculously loose, either.

For some reason I found it really depressing to go out and buy "normal" clothes in larger sizes. Isn't that silly? Like I had to say to myself "I'm not moving up a dress size! I'm just pregnant!".

Carrie: sorry to hear about your weaning woes. that must be so hard for you and your son. I don't know what I would do in your shoes, but I hope it goes well for you both!

And hi! to TracyK. I can't believe you missed the MidWest Winters. I'm in Cleveland right now and HATING the fact that it's mid-March and we're due for a snowstorm this week. In my hometown of Vancouver, spring has already begun!
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Carrie- I know how you feel. I had to quit cold turkey the day ds turned two because he was having an operation on his teeth. At least your son isn't going from bad to worse after being weened(I hate that word). I tried to find something else comforting to take over what he lost, but it's almost like he didn't even consider it after a few weeks.

I still haven't started with maternity clothing yet. They freak me out. Do women really want to wear tent shirts and large panel pants? I went through a depression about clothing w/ my first preg. I ended up with some pretty tacky stuff, but no panels. I will cave this week and get some drawstring shorts and a maternity tank with built in bra. With my chest growing a size a day, I figure I'll go with them built in so I don't have to keep buying bras.
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hi everyone!

this morning, sitting here at work i very suddenly began to experience the copper penny in throat flavor. thankfully, it has faded and since i forced down some breakfast (dh is so sweet - he made me a quesadilla with extra lettuce) i'm feeling pretty good!

i'm just over 7 weeks now and haven't gained anything yet (well, maybe a pound but i don't think so really). i have definitely redistributed a bit though - since my workouts are more gentle i've lost some back muscle and i think it has found its way around to my tummy, which is ever so slightly sticking out a bit. the only way i can really tell is that we've been taking weekly pics and there is a definite but small tummy on week7 whereas week6 was still flat. it'll be another few weeks i think before i start looking for maternity clothes. most of my jeans (i wear jeans every day) are soft denims and don't come up all the way to my waist and they are loose everywhere anyway so i have room to grow into my existing wardrobe.

i did buy some new bras (less stretch, more supportive) and was a bit disillusioned. i was so sure i would be a B cup now, but alas, the A still fits better. at least i fill it up most of the way now!

take care everybody!
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I think that I am probably somewhere around eight or nine weeks now. So, maybe another three or four weeks until the end of the first trimester? I'm still throwing up nearly every day and the nausea is really beginning to wear on me. I'm hoping that all of this MS will magically dissapear when I hit the beginning of the second trimester!

I don't know whether I've gained any weight. If so, it probably isn't much more than a pound or two, most of which are probably my breasts! I've always been a rather small chested gal, so I'm quite tickled by this new busty me!

I had outgrown all of my old pants so at Christmas time I bought several new pair(before I even knew I was pregnant). I was in between sizes (most 10s were slightly too tight and most 12s were slightly too big) so I erred on the side of comfort and bought the 12s. Since they were all a bit big to begin with, I have some "wiggle room" before these get uncomfortable. I'm hoping to not have to upgrade to anything roomier until summertime when I can go straight to shorts!

My first midwife appointment is a week from today, which is also my DHs birthday. Does anyone know when they can detect a heartbeat using the doppler? It might be a bit early, but I think it'd be a fantastic gift for DH to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat for his birthday!

Glad to hear that everyone else is still hanging in there!

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are we just starting *9 weeks, Pig? I thought we were 10! :LOL I'm *really ready for second tri!

Pants I bought in Jan aren't closing. I need to break down and get some maternity. *Hate the panel look, want some adjustable or low rise. Not sure how much I've gained, also don't own a scale.

Most folks I know who move here to NC the weather. :LOL

I've kept food down for two days!

10wks for hb, I think.

I just ate a Red Baron (single) pizza and salad. Time for a . I didn't eat a penny....but,
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I just found this thread I'm due October 20th

I've lost weight so I can still fit into some of my regular clothes, but maternity are more comfortable.
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Originally posted by wannabmommie
are we just starting *9 weeks, Pig? I thought we were 10!
Actually, we're both right. We have just *completed* our ninth week, and are just beginning our 10th.

This used to always confuse me when looking at a "your baby week by week" reference. Which week am I? lol

Hi BeauGeek!
Adding you to the list...
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beau! 24 hr restaurant....:LOL

I was about to feel *real stupid, and be kinda bummed that I wasn't in the 10th week. Have an appt with the mw friday....not sure after the thread or debate in the case of some, : I started if I want the doppler or not. Pig, I tell ya, over my head. :LOL Reading some of the info you gave in that post was too much for this former music teacher. :

twenty tiny baby teeth are forming in the gums this week....
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well, naptime for ds wasn't too bad...i was able to convince him to just rock with mommy and he was content to do that...i was so relieved...i will rock him 2 hrs at a time if he wanted, just so there is some other way he can have mommy time that isn't nursing, kwim? thanks for the well wishes, they mean a lot.

Tracy -- i'm on the other side of the state... ...but you and Ann are closer together. my aunt lives in Solon which is outside IC.

i haven't stepped on the scale since before conception, so i don't know how much i've gained.
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Hey everyone!
I think I may have gained like a pound so far. Last time I didn't really gain much until 4-5 months. So, I'm still in all my regular clothes and jeans. My jeans are all low-rise so that may help. I can't wait to go in next week to hear the heartbeat. Futuremama- you can hear it at 10 weeks usually, if no one else has answered you yet.

We finally told family and they're all ecstatic. Surprisingly they all think homebirthing will be really cool. My m/s has subsided a lot - mainly due to my constant eating.

Old Navy has the cutest maternity clothes, I can't wait till I'm farther along and can wear some of that stuff.
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Good Evening Everyone

I made a batch of oatmeal and choc. chip cookies today. Now I want to :Puke at just the thought and smell of them. And I didn't even eat one Dh and the boys are enjoying them though.

I don't think I have gained anything yet. I usually don't starting showing till like 4 mos. Around 4-5 mos. I get the maternity clothes out. Who knows though--this time could be different. Old Navy does have really cute maternity clothes.

We have our first ob appt. on thurs. Really excited about that

Have a restful night everyone
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Carrie, sorry to hear about the weaning. I hope it goes smoothly for you.
Ann, good luck with your ultrasound. I can' understand the worry.

As far as weight gain goes, I avoid scales like the plague, so I have NO idea. I can't stand weighing myself, so I don't do it.

I am still wearing all my regular clothes, but I have noticed that they are tighter than before. I am the kinda person who buys all my clothes on the slightly bigger side. I can't stand tight clothes, however my jeans have gotten "slightly tighter" Plus, all my pants are low-rise, so I think that makes them fit longer. I also can't stand having things directly on my waist, I always wear my pants low. I didn't start wearing maternity clothes with dd until I was like 6 months, and I could still "hide" my pregnancy at 7 months if I wanted. I didn't show until really late with dd. I can't remember when I stopped wearing button or zippered clothes and switched completely to elastic, I think it was around 4 months or so with dd.

However, I think I am going to show earlier with this one. I can already feel myself pooching out.
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