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Hi all. 8 weeks tomorrow for me. Clothes? Well, I don't fit in anything with buttons LOL. I've gained 4-5lbs, have a nice little belly starting, can't fit in anything but drawstring or elastic waisted pants but maternity is still a bit silly looking. Only a couple more weeks for me I'm sure!!

M/S is still here. Blech, I am so sick of feeling sick and having to eat constantly. Only 4 more weeks right????
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My due date is October 4th.

I'm at 11 weeks and 2 days!!! I'm just starting to feel better even without the B6 (though I keep taking them, but sometimes I forget). Except early in the morning and late at night. Sometimes I still feel queasy then. But it doesn't last nearly as long.

My hubby made me a roast last night because I've been craving meat! Usually I barely eat any meat. Not veggy, but just don't have a taste for it, ya know? But I guess I need the protein and eggs give be nasty gas pains (and ironically we live on an egg farm) So I will definately indulge this craving. All I want is meat and green salads. Not too bad.

I don't think I've gained weight though I haven't weighed myself. I haven't been extremely hungry yet and still feel aversions to certain foods. My stomach is getting a little rounder though!

I don't think I will have to worry too much about maternity clothes. Maybe a couple of tank tops or tees for summer. I tend to where drawstring, made in india, hippy dippy skirts which fit no matter what your waist size is, lol! That and tee shirts or tank tops or sweaters. I don't like pants, except for big ole overalls. I wouldn't mind a pair of maternity overalls!

Anyone experiencing the mysterious shrinking bladder? I'm already peeing a million times a day. I'm going to have to live in the bathroom or have a catheter by month 8 or 9, lol!

Have a great day!

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I've been SOOOO hungry lately! I've really noticed the last few days an increase in my food intake. I also wake up very very hungry in the am. I guess that explains why I've gained 2 lbs now, lol.

I can't wait for my maternity pants to get here. One of my last two pairs of "normals" that fit are feeling quite uncomfortable today.

Not much else to report. Hope everybody is doing well!
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me too....I had to get up during service Sunday and go to the nursery where they were serving snack. One of the youth helpers was ready to offer me some popcorn. I stood at the back of the church chompin while Pastor did a demo and then tossed it and ran back up to work the projection system. At the same time I told dh that he had to make a run for me so I could have some food while I waited for him to count the moey. I was ready by the end of church! ag

I was able to stomach my sweetened rice flakes again;but, by midmorning hungry jack is ready for another feeding!

Amy, I was wondering where u were. I dreamed about you. (and ain't even seen you...) You were wearing a side snap cover. :LOL You weren't the only one. I can't remember who else was there......now *that's a weird one....
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Hi there everyone! I'm new here, and due with our first on October 14. I'm really excited about catching up with other October Mamas!

truebluexf, I'm 9 weeks, and m/s is really trying me, too! Some days seem to be much better than others, but usually I'm always just on the verge of throwing up! Yuck! I seem to try everthing, but nothing really helps - I'm just counting down to week 12! My sleep schedule is so messed up - anyone else having trouble sleeping? I guess I have to get up so much at night, and it takes me a while to fall asleep again.

We're not sure if we want to use a Doppler at the next meeting with our midwife - but we'd love to hear the heartbeat! Does anyone know when you pick up a heartbeat with a fetoscope?

kraftykathy - yes, my bladder is so small, it's so deceiving! And I crave meat and salads, too! My husband's vegetarian, and he's been so sweet and cooked me up several steaks!

I guess I've gained 3 pounds - I just bought the next size up in pants. Talk to everyone later!
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Warning! This post may be TMI!

OMG, so I think I said before in last week's thread that I am avoiding sex/orgasm in the first tri....

Last night, I ACCIDENTALLY orgasmed, and I am so freaked out about it!!! Ok, so you're wondering how that happens...I had a sex-dream, and that was all it took! I woke up mid-orgasm like, "Oh no!"

I am really worried now. Please calm me down!!!!!
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Everything is going to be okay Lucysmama.
Unless you are an extreamly high risk pregnancy orgasms do not cause miscarriage. Unlike my unfortunate lack of sex drive during pregnancy, a girlfriend of mine had a very active sex life with her husband through out her first pregnancy. She told me that pregnancy sex was the best sex she ever had actually (lucky her). And the best part was that a week before her due date she gave birth to a very healthy 8 and a half pound boy.
My suggestion is to relax and give yourself a chance to enjoy these little pleasures. This just may be your body's way of releasing some extra sexual tension since you haven't given yourself an outlet for awhile.
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Yeah, everything's okay. That happens to me quite frequently. I often wondered how I would be able to comply w/ a doctor's order of no orgasms during pregnancy if ever that happened since I wake up with them from time to time. I'm sure everythings fine. I've also found that the sleepy kind aren't as intense as the uh, intended for kind.

I didn't see your previous post about this, are you a high-risk? Or are you just trying to be extra careful? Just curious. Don't worry, your body is just doing what it needs to.
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If I pee one more time.... I am sitting somewhere or in bed and I have to get up and pee! :

uhhhhhhhhh...wow, I just wake up and look for dh. Then I remember myself. So, *I'm not getting any in first tri, I read in FP that 2nd tri is the honeymoon tri. Will things pick up? *I'm actually missing it; but, will it hurt... the boobs! :

I saw an old friends and Rachel was going crazy in her 4th month. I was wonderin if that was true. Is there hope for an orgasm (with dh that is), before I give birth.
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HI Mandi

I too have been having some sleep issues. I toss and turn til I get the comfy position and then lay there and try to sleep. Some nights aren't so bad, but some nights I toss and turn a lot and wake up tired. ALso I gotta make sure my pillows are all tucked in the right spot so I don't wake up sore. Does anyone else need pillows yet for support?
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mornin'! sleep issues here too...usually it doesn't wake me up when dh comes to bed or when he gets up in the night, but now i'm like ultrasensitive to it and then i lay there for a long time till i finally fall asleep.

i'm feeling really good....the more i think about my ordeal last weekend, the more i'm convinced that the heavier bleeding was indeed from the US probe on my cervix...it's the only thing that makes sense to me.

weaning is going pretty good...he'll still try and ask and whine a little when i say no, but he isn't throwing the fits like at first...he's more accepting to just rock than at first.

i'm confused about how far along i am...according to my dr's wheel, my edd is 10-24. at the US she used my LMP and it said that i was 7 wks 4 days on fri....on american baby, their pregnancy calandar says i'm starting my 9th week and i used my LMP and they say my edd is 10-24 as well.
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Hi Mandi!!!
I'll add you to the list!

lucysmama: RELAX!! That happens to me alot, especially now that I'm PG again, and it's really no big deal. I'm like mirthfulmum's friend. My libido goes through the roof when I'm PG. Sad thing is, even though it's happening again, I'm always soooooo tired that I usually miss my chance, LOL. I'm either fast asleep when DH comes to bed, or he's up long before me!

On a heavier note...DD went on a nursing marathon this morning. Prob'ly b/c she want to bed at 6:15 last night and so was waking pretty early. Anyways, it was not comfortable. In fact, I started cramping. Not what I would call "painful" but enough that I was wishing she would stop. It's the first time in my life I've really, really wanted her to not nurse. I was able to distract her once with some "Old McDonald" and back rubs, but that was it. I can't imagine the hell of trying to wean her, and I don't want to, but man, I cannot take much more of that sort of nursing! I've had no spotting at all, so I'm confident that everything's okay, but wow...it sorta scared me. Not from the perspective of the pregnancy, but I really don't want to have to do any sort of weaning. I have enough going on in my life right now!
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I'm jealous of you guys with some actual libido! Mine completely disappears, poof! as soon as I get pregnant. It's so sad, my poor dh is really bummed.

Piglet, yeah I'm having nursing issues now too. I really don't *want* to stop, but it really hurts to nurse my ds and I can barely deal with it. Sorry about the cramping though, that would be scary! I get the stretchy cramping every few days and it always freaks me out until I realize what it is again.

Oh yeah, and I pee every fifteen minutes now :

I'm trying to stay hydrated so the huge glasses of water combined with the pregnancy hormones, where's the peeing smiley?
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Originally posted by water
! I get the stretchy cramping every few days and it always freaks me out until I realize what it is again.

Is *that what these cramps are? It feels like af? Its not too long; but, I remember that our uteruses uteri? :LOL are growin. I talked to the PA when I had my appt and she said its common the cramping. I get freak if its .

I'm drinking now.....we *do need a peein smiley! :LOL Until then?
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Yeah it feels like the very beginning of AF, where you are like, oh, yeah, I'm getting my period, THAT's why I have cramps. I have even gone to the bathroom absentmindedly, FORGETTING that I'm pregnant and wiped waiting for hte blood. When there isn't any I'm like, oh yeah, I'm pregnant, I forgot! :LOL

Yeah, I wonder how I can forget too, but I guess this time around I am so much busier (full-time school and a two-year-old) that it slips my mind unless I am peeing, feeling nauseous or exhausted, etc etc etc.

I really want a beer too!!! I was at a restaurant and almost ordered a margarita, because I forgot!!!
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i'm new to this thread.

DH and i are expecting baby numero uno around 10/25/04. (and for the poster who was confused about her EDD, tell me about it! i got my EDD by entering my "O" day into the calculator, which i figure is the most accurate estimate. we do NFP, so i am aware of exactly when I O'd. i don't like to do the estimate based on LMP, because according to my "O" date, my LMP should've been like jan 18th. it was actually jan 22nd, and my cycles are super regular, so to me it all makes sense.....am i making any sense?! :

we are planning for a homebirth, but are having fun trying to set that up. most CNMs in our area won't attend a home birth, and only birth in hospitals. and DEMs are illegal in our state. anyway, we are bound and determined, and trusting that this will help us to accomplish the birth that we are looking for.

i had an effortless first 6-ish weeks. i didn't feel preggo at all, and the only noticable change was some "swelling" of the breasts. once i hit week 7 though, it was sick, sic, sick :Puke

after some severe abdominal pain DH and i opted for an early U/S yesterday. everything is progressing completely normally and according to the OB/GYN i have a very stabile uterine environment

letia, do i know you from GCM?

anyway, glad to be here. hope we can all see each other through this journey!

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lauren. I don't know. Did u talk to me on gcm? I was there. I left some time ago. Seems like your username is familiar.....


water, I was *en-JOYing a Sunkist Sunday and I forgot it had caffeine. : I went back to my water bottle and left dh's drink alone. But, whoa! did I miss that!
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Did u talk to me on gcm? I was there.
not sure that i ever PM'd you or anything, but your sig-line here reminded me of one i remembered from there.

I left some time ago.
any particular reason? just curious. glad to be here too!
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oh, and my username probably does look familiar, as it is the same on i use over there. forgot to say that. although i should probably change it now that i have "graduated" from being an aspiring mama, and have entered the mama-realm!

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T OK, I think I may have seen your thread and your avatar. Are you a cute little brunette? All excited about starting ttc? Seems like I thought I read a thread about that....

GCM wasn't very active, and I am used to a more active group, since I started off at MDC.....pming you...
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