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that's me

Are you a cute little brunette? All excited about starting ttc?
that would be me!

i've never had a problem with feeling like GCM wasn't that active, but i am posting from work (i will work full-time through the month of September), and so i am probably slower than most at posting - b/c i am supposed to be working!!

looking forward to your PM.

blessings letia,
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Ohhhhhhhhhh! Well, Praise the Lord! You've been blessed with your first child! Well, I'm prob supposed to be working (housework) too......

Good to have ya! I need a buddy to sweat out the southern summer with! Is it pretty pleasant there though? My family is at the base of Jack's Mtn, you heard of it? Smith Mt. and Lake? I'm told that my grandmother, who's family was Native, had it taken away from them. We have a family reunion this year. They said they were gonna have it in the Rocky Mount Armoury. I was gonna have to sit inside my aunts house on the couch with my other aunt! I couldn't take it on the lawn of my grandparents house! ag
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I am so confused with my EDD!

My Doc said I'm due the 12th if the last day of my cycle was the 7th.

But when I looked at it according to the 7th, my EDD would be in the beginning of the month

I feel like I have a brain cloud, but it's kinda nice because I can get away with more with dh!

m/s has slowed down alot
I think it helps that at this point I'm only eating fruit, veggies, and tofu
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I totally know what you're talking about water. The other day we went out for veggie burgers and I wanted to get a beer so bad I could taste it! Burgers and fries just don't taste the same with a glass of OJ.
It's funny, before I'd ever been pregnant I never thought anything bad about a woman having a small glass of wine or beer when pregnant. I always believed that as long as it was within moderation there was nothing wrong with it. And honeslty I still feel that way. But for some reason, when it comes to me and my babies, no way! I won't let caffeine, alcohol or chemical laden food past my lips (well when pregnant with DS I did break down and have a few MacDonald chocolate shakes. But I was a week overdue and going out of my mind!). Once I find out I'm pregnant I become super paraniod! Even if I'm just walking down the street and someone walks by smoking a cigarette I hold my breath until I'm well passed :.
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Letia, I used to live in Apex, NC and I had my first in August 01. All I can say is the summer was VERY VERY uncomfortable. I was so swollen, I actually was wearing support stockings to work. What a sight! Then about 1 week after I delivered, I started peeing it off. I lost 30 lbs in less than a week!!!

On another topic....
Does anyone else have gastrointestinal issues??? It seems like 80% of the time I get cramps and diahrrea after eating, no matter what I eat. It really stinks because I still have the hunger thing, but I know that after I eat I'll be in severe pain. And the worst part is that I'm visiting my parents and they make the best food!

I'm no help on the edd issue, I find it so confusing. I also do nfp and know when I conceived and ovulated, but my cycle is so irregular. I figure the baby will get here when it's ready!

Ok, about this orgasm thing..... I haven't looked in my pregnancy books lately, is it a risk for miscarriage to have an orgasm??? Or is it just if you are in a high risk category? I need to know because I'm on the *high* libido list! I can't wait to get back to town where my dh is, this last couple weeks has been torture!

Have a great day everyone!

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Hey everyone-

I didn't mean to freak a bunch of you out with my fear of intercourse and orgasm....

I have never read anything that specifically links having an orgasm with having a m/c. I am just avoiding them because I have had two miscarriages, this past fall. Ok, I'll come out with it - I had some orgasms the day before I lost one of the babies, and it made me very very paranoid. I know that was most likely NOT why I miscarried, but you know how it is if you have experienced a miscarriage before....women tend to rack their branis thinking, "Ok, what did I do wrong? What could have caused this baby to die???"

The rational, intelligent side of me thinks it was just a non-viable embryo that couldn't go further with its development for reasons beyond my control or doing. But I just have this nagging fear I can't ignore.

When I had the second miscarrige, it was after a day of very strenuous excercise....and now it's the same thing. I am not doing any hard excercise until the second trimester. Just normal walking, that's it.

Call me paranoid, but I feel safer this way.
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To get my EDD, I just went to babycenter.com and used their calendar. I put in my ovulation date and date of conception (since I knew them both) and it gave me my EDD. I think that is the same mathematical equation that most doctors use.

Carrie, I am glad the weaning is going better for you.

Nursing is definitely uncomfortable at times, and downright painful at other times. I am glad I am not feeling as though I HAVE to wean, but if dd were to wean, I am ready. I am hoping she will wean during the pregnancy. I am not sure I really want to tandem. She has been going long and longer without nursing recently. She has gone up to 10 hours at a time now (which she NEVER did before, she used to barely be able to go 3-4 hours). The hardest part is she is used to nursing to sleep, so I think that will linger for a long time. I also find that if she nurses infrequently my nipples aren't as sore. It is those marathon nursing sessions in the morning that kill me.
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Lucysmama, thanks for clearing up the orgasm question. I totally understand where you're coming from, and if I were in your shoes I'm sure I'd be doing the exact same thing. I always say, better safe than sorry.

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Katie, which is the reason why *I refused the internal exam and why I stopped kickboxing and cycling. I have managed to get in *one cardio session the first tri, so I'm gonna talk to the mw about just taking it down, because its better than nothing and intentions to do the cardio machines in leiu of the classes.

In other news, my Olive Garden dinner is in an Olive Garden take out bag and in the parking lot, on the way to leave. :Puke: At least it wasn't at the table!
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Lucysmama - It's okay to be paranoid. We all have our fears and anxieties. I too miscarried twice bfore DS so I can relate to your feelings. I think all of us will feel a lot less stressed when we reach our second trimester. I can'r wait for week 13. I will have officially completed my first trimester and I have a midwife appointment to hear the baby's heart beat. I am counting the days, literally.
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Lucy'smama - based on your experiences it's no wonder you worry! you don't have to apologize for that!

water: YES! I totally forgot about those cramps. I did have them, and they did feel like period cramps. Back then they didn't bother me, but for some reason they do now (as in, they make me worry sometimes). Well, I had them again at the end of the work day in a loooong meeting and I hadn't nursed DD in hours and hours so apparently it's not the nursing! At least I don't have to worry about that.

aspiring mama: WELCOME!!

as to how to calculate your EDD. the OB's go by a set standard, so if you want to talk the "lingo" with them, use this method. It's very easy.

get out a calendar. go to the first day of your last period and count 40 weeks from there. That's your EDD.

Of course, if you know when you ovulated and you know if it was longer than 2 weeks after your period then you can be more precise (then it would be 38 weeks from your date of conception). but OB's don't go by that so that it's all standardized (most women don't know when they O'd).

alcohol: I actually enjoyed wine up until I was about 7 months and then all of a sudden it tasted terrible to me. I only drank about a half glass and then only once or twice a month if we went out for dinner (remember those days pre-baby when we went to restaurants? lol). I totally respect mamas who don't partake of any alcohol, but in fine european tradition, I believe a bit of the red stuff is healthy!

i do forgo caffeine though - I'm very gassy too! And caffeine does a number on my gut even when I'm not PG. For some reason, however, it doesn't apply to chocolate!! :LOL
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Yeah, I'm actually not anti-alcohol completely in pregnancy (as Piglet said, the great European tradition) but this time I've had a drink on three maybe four separate occasions and it makes me feel SO SICK, like sick-dog hangover puke sick, so I decided it's not worth it for one beer. Sigh.

I'm going to try again once ALL the nausea and food aversions are gone, maybe another couple of weeks.

mirthful mom - yeah I am counting the days too! I will be 12 weeks on Monday and I have a midwife appt on Tues, so hopefully I will again be reassured by the heartbeat and we'll be on our way!
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This has been a LOOONNNGGG week already!

Ugh. My morning sickness seems to have reached a peak. Yesterday was rough- by 10am I'd already thrown up three times!

I'm feeling a bit guilty because I haven't been eating very healthy foods nor have I been taking my prenatals. I just can't seem to stomach the foods that I know I ought to be eating, same with the vitamins. I've tried four different kinds of prenatals now, but I can't keep any of them down. I looked for the Rainbow Light prenatals (I've had so many of you reccomend them!) the last time I was at the co-op, but just their smell alone was enough to make me retch!

I also am back to square one as far as finding a midwife/OB. My wonderful, kind, holistically-minded OB/GYN gave up his OB practice, so I found a birthing center that seemed like just the thing I wanted! I've been anxiously looking forward to my first appointment next week. Unfortunately, I just found out that the birthing center is not a preferred provider for my insurance, making the cost prohibitively expensive for us.

I've considered going the homebirth route, but since direct entry midwifery is technically illegal in my state, there's no way insurance will pay for it either. Again, money becomes an issue. My husband is also not too keen on the idea, although in the end I'm sure he'll agree to whatever I want since I'm the one giving birth!

The tough part is that if I went the OB/hospital route, my insurance would cover 90%. Since money is tight, that is terribly appealing. Still, the hospital scares me...

On a lighter note, I have taken to waking up in the middle of the night absolutely STARVING- so hungry that there's no way I'm going back to sleep! I'm talking about 4 am refridgerator raids...anyone else?

Thanks for letting me vent! I think I've almost worn my poor husband's ear off....

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I'm totally raiding the fridge at 4am too! It's like the baby inside is already waking me up every few hours and reminding me to eat. I have to really eat something filling before I go to bed if I want to make it to daylight. Ofcourse I've always been like that, not sure if it's the pregnancy or not. Oh yeah, and the prenatals were making me feel so sick, my midwife suggested just taking folic acid supplements since that was the most important thing (early on). So I got a bottle of just folic acid and take one a day w/ food, and it's much better. I'm also just concious of taking in enough calcium through foods and really trying to be good about veggies and fruit. So that's my way of avoiding vitamins. She said it was the combo of B vitamins that make people sick.

My morning sickness has surprisingly let up a lot sooner than the last pregnancy, which is very nice. I haven't actually thrown up at all this time (way diff. the last time). Oh and I'm craving beer too. I really want a Tecate. I felt so sad not being able to participate in St. Patty's day yesterday, well not that sad.

Take care everyone!
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hi everyone!

i need to be quick (i have a meeting soon) but i wanted to check in and wish you all the best!

sorry to those who are feeling awful with morning sickness... i get uncomfortable queasiness but i'm not sick and i feel good mostly.

lucysmama, i hope you are feeling better. it sounds like you recognize the orgasms were really unlikely to be the cause of the miscarriage. often it just takes the body a few days to recognize it is not pregnant anymore and something like orgasms may actually help this process move along which is very healthy. i hope that made sense. it really sounds like the little one you are carrying now is very happy in there and has no intentions of going anywhere for several more months!

as for night time hunger - last night i woke up at 2 am and couldn't tell if i was nauseated or hungry. by 2:30 it became clear to me that i absolutely needed to eat Bisquick biscuits so i hauled myself out of bed and went to work. by 3:15 they were ready and much to my disappointment i could barely eat one of them. i did feel better afterwards though and was able to go back to bed by 3:30. this is bizarre behavior for me in so many ways. i don't like to cook or eat at night... dh was laughing but he enjoyed the leftovers for breakfast! he was nice though about saying they were good - as he is the main cook in the house he found it very amusing that deek, our dog who eats anything other than lettuce, did not consider my biscuits to be palatable.

oh my...

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Originally posted by flitters
he was nice though about saying they were good - as he is the main cook in the house he found it very amusing that deek, our dog who eats anything other than lettuce, did not consider my biscuits to be palatable.
This is tooo funny!! :LOL

Two nights ago, at around 9 pm, I got this sudden craving for muffins. My DH makes them (he's the cook in the family, too), but he was very tired and I hadn't eaten the nice dinner he'd made b/c for some reason I just couldn't (food aversion, ugh). So...I asked him to show me how. Well, I made them and did eat a bunch while everybody was in bed, lol. But they really weren't all that great. Hot out of the oven they were yummy with butter, but the next morning I realized they were very dry and not very tasty, LOL.
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aw, Jenny...I have Natures Way Prenatal Multi Viatmin & Mineral and its stomach gentle. Its a yellow and white bottle. I just have the goal of taking at least 2, then it would be the minimum amount like the mainstream vits. I also take dha and they are smal gel caps.

Is there a mw who can deliver you at the hospital. Or, well, not sure if your insurance would cover a doula. I'm not sure what you issues are with hospitals; but, maybe those can be ways you can get the birth you want that's covered in the hospital.
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New to the group!

Hi All - I just discovered Mothering magazine and this forum this week. Can't tell you all how relieved I am to find a group of like-minded families and resources that aren't pushing the latest in synthetics.

My name is Susan and we are due on Oct. 20th. We had our first OB visit a week and a half ago and all things are looking good.

I too am a non-stop eating machine. I find that I am hungriest in the mornings. I usually have three small meals all before noon! Of course, that's all spoiled when the nausea hits around 6pm. Dinners have been a bit of a challenge. I'm starting in on week 9, and I feel like the nausea is starting to subside some - could be wishful thinking, of course.

As for maternity clothes - not yet! My waist remains about the same - but of course, I feel like I've got new watermelons for breasts!
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congrtulations and welcome BeansMomma!

So sorry to hear about your week Jenny. It really sucks about your insurance coverage. And did I read your post right? It's illegal in you state to have a home birth? It sounds like you are very, very limited in your options. I had a hospital birth with my son and I would say that it was a very positive experience for me. I had a midwife but because there were complications during delivery (after pushing for 4 and a half hours I just couldn't go on and my son was vacuum extracted, plus DS had inhaled a tiny amount of amniotic fluid and was born blue) I had 1 OB, 2 OB nurses, 2 Pediatricians and 2 Pediatric nurses in the room, as well as my midwife and husband. And still after all that I have great feelings and memories of my son's birth because I was in a very mommy/baby friendly hospital. It is so disapointing and disimpowering to have such a limited choice but maybe you can find a hospital that values the way that you want to give birth and care for your new born.

As for me, my nausea comes and goes. I still have some pretty nasty food aversions. I never really know what's going to set me off. But fortunately, as I can now see the end of the first trimester (11 weeks and four days today!), things seem to be letting up in the tummy department. I actually ate dinner last night for the first time in weeks. It wasn't much but I ate.

This weekend is going to be a bit of a marathon. DH went to Toronto today to go see a Dylan concert in a small 500 person club. So it's just me and my boy for 4 days. It's going to be a lot of fun but I expect I'm going to be pretty exhausted by the time DH gets back. All mommy, all the time!
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Who was it who mentioned getting bad "morning sickness" around 6 pm?

Well, I hadn't really put it together until I read that, but the last 3 days I've been hungry and eating pretty well all day, then I get home and see dinner and just.....can't eat it. And my DH is a great cook and making all my faves (poor dear, i feel so bad!!) and I end uphaving rice and cereal for dinner, lol.

Well, last night I made a very simple pasta dish and ate a lot of that. Still, I woke up SOOOOO hungry in the middle of the night! Thing is, I'm SO lazy I just can't drag my butt out of bed. So my body has this fight all night long...

Stomach: gawd, I can't take this, I'm hollow, growling, NEED FOOD!!!

Head: I'm not getting up for anything short of an earthquake. I'm so tired I can hardly move. If we fall asleep right away we won't feel hungry anymore...


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