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Molluscum in 2 year old

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My daughter has mulluscum on her arm and chest. It started as a couple little dots, which I showed to our pediatrician and now there are approximately 25 on her body and they appear to be spreading. We were going to get them cut out but the pediatrician said it would be a torture session and advised us to go to a dermatologist. We have an appointment with one and we believe they will use "Beetlejuice" to treat the molluscum. This causes blistering and eventual healing of the spots. We are very worried about the pain she will go through and that this is not FDA approved. We have been usuing a homeopathic serum available at Walgreens called Zymaderm. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and what you did. There are many products for sale on line and I feel overwhelmed and worried. Any advice/shared experience would be much appreciated!

Best Regards
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The little bit of research I did on molluscum indicates that while it looks kind of alarming, it is essentially harmless. I gather that many people don't do anything to treat it. It goes away on its own in a few months or a few years.

I don't know what Beetlejuice is besides the name of a star, and an awesome movie.

You want to be careful of treatments that require the lesions to be punctured or abraised because that releases the virus and could possibly spread it further.

Wikipedia says some folks have good luck treating it with Australian lemon myrtle.

I'm sorry, Mama. It hurts us when there's something up with our babies.
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My son had it last year and it resolved on its own with no treatment. He kept scratching it which spread it so I had to make sure he stopped. Sorry your little one has it.
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my husband had it for over a year on his stomach. its would get better and come back and get better and return again... finally it disappeared. tea tree oil helped but after a while it started to give him a rash (probably overuse... i think if you use a Q tip and just dab it on individual spots it would be better).

I never got it but certainly had a lot of exposure. our doctor said its not really anything to worry about, despite it looking kind of alarming. and sometimes it takes only months to go away and yes, sometimes years.

good luck.
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