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March Mamas: The 15th-31st!!!!!

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Since I know so many of us have already given birth and are overdue I thought I would start the next page since I am not either...yet!

When are the March Mamas due???

lisab 3/1- Paul Thomas born 2/12/04
dancinggirl- Ava born 3-02
Boobiemama (Angie)3/3- Jack Stephan Robinson born 2/19/04
mamamorag- Kieran born 2/26/04
bebe luna 03/03 -Taurin Lynx born 3/08/04
MissPiggy -Daneaya born 03-02
Rainbowmoon- Dylan born 03-04
Citizenfong 03/05-Emerson Reid Hayes born 3/26
2girlsmom 03/05
Oak Faerie 3/5
Red Hot 3/5
Penguinlady 03/06
Sahara (Steph) 03/06
Gratefulmum 3/6 -Meredith Arden born 3/12
livelybaby -River born 03-04
Jish (Beth) 03/12- Kellen Matthew born 3/12
fiacre 03/12-Athan born 3/27
Dnr3301 (Rebecca) 03/12 -Jalen Daniel born 3/10
gina 03/13 - LEE born 3/03
willowsmama 03/13- Gavin James born 3/16
jster (Jennifer) 03/14-Suwannee Jane/Alice/Serene born 3/27
DandelionCrown 03/14
Mum2sarah 03/14
coloradomom 03/15-Adin Reece born 3/20
Mamaroni 03/15-Karis Renee Kennedy born 3/21
Spark 03/15- Cicely born 3/8
mamalex 3/17
heythere heather 03/19-Anders Grant born 3/20
Emmama 3/20 -Jack Aidan born 3/8
RacheePoo (Rachel) 3/20
PumpkinSeed 03/21 - born 3/13
Phoebe 03/21
Oceanone 03/22-Julia born 3/24
thyme 03/22
kirstie 03/23-Cali Cole born 3/20
embalene 03/24
BathrobeGoddess 03/25
mamaMAMAma 03/26
Caring Touch 03/27
PinkSunfish 03/28
indigolilybear 03/28- Soleil born 3/12
CherylE 03/25- Megan and Maribeth born 2/2
moom 03/31
lemon 03/31
Rebecca-Evan Nicholas born 3/19
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Well I am still in the waiting Due date by my calculations is today MW's is the 17th. I just feel it is time, I want to meet this baby SOOOO bad and although I am dialated to 3 and effaced almost completely I just don't feel like labor is any where near
Well off to get ready for a walk....a LONG walk to see if this little one might want the 15th as his/her birthday. Peaceful waiting vibes to those still out there!
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Good luck Kelli! I think a walk is in my future today as well.

thanks for starting the new thread and updating with all the babies, BG!
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Anybody else TOTALLY uncomfortable during the homestretch wait? I am so bulky and uncomfortable. It's been hard to sleep because my joints are achy even though I walk regularly. Oh well....guess it won't be like this for long.

What is everybody else doing to be physically comfortable?

Caring Touch
edd 3/27/04
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I'm due on St. Patty's Day, and I swore that I wouldn't get to this impatient stage, but here I am! I keep thinking this cramping is signs that it's going to start, but to no avail. Anyone else feel like they wish they could think or read herself into labor?

due with 1st baby 3/17, planning a homebirth
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I'm not having cramping or any other signs of impending labor that I can tell. I haven't lost my plug, nothing. nada. I'm telling you, this is a Sept. baby all the way.

Dh and I are going to the beach today to walk and walk and walk. Last night I jumped him hoping it would get things going-nope. I've been out of Zofran for the last month or so, not wanting to refill it...but I think I might break down as the nausea seems to be more frequent lately.

WOW there are still a lot of us waiting...and I'm with all of you, uncomfortable, grumpy, can't wait for this to be over. On another board I post to, many are being induced (and willowsmama, I'm not talking about it because they've made informed decisions, because they haven't) several WEEKS early. I don't agree with that but I am sure wavering. My doc will let me go pretty far into the 42nd wk...and for me that's the first wk of April. Mercy, I don't think I can last that long.

Hope that wasn't a downer, I seem to have lost the melancholia filter on my mouth lately!
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Well, today started out with a bang( nope not labor wise.lol)
Got to argue with nurse about getting induced. Apprently, I was being 'demanding' by asking when to be at the hospital. And here I was under the impression that the party can't start w/o me and the baby.lol After much bruhaha, it was decided that Wed. is the big day unless Giles makes an appearence before then. now to see if I can find anyone to come watch my girls at 530 am so I can be at the hospital by 6. I want soemone to come to my house, dh seems to think I'm asking the world. It's far too early to drag the girls anywhere, and when W is 'off' her schedule that is 1 cranky toddler. If I made them go anywhere, I'd probably return to find my eldest and the sitter duct taped to a chair. While W ran like a little savage.hehehehe

Racheepoo- While drs. are allowing( and encouraging) women to schedule inductions/unnecessary c-sections weeks in advance is beyond me. I think every woman needs to start taking control of her medical care~ in all areas. I believe in trusting your dr. but she that blindly trusts is a fool. So many drs. dont' even try to get up to date info. I can't count the # of x's I was told to wean W for foot surgery.: The dr. told me I'd need painkillers for a couple weeks at least. I ended up taking 4 (yup count 'em 4) tylenol.: He couldn't believe i hadn't weaned my ( st the time)11 month old.

BG- thank you for starting the new thread.
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She's Here!

My Meredith Arden was born via cesarean birth at 2:22 p.m. on Friday March 12. She weighed 8lbs 4oz and was 201/4". What can I say, I'm totally in love. She's gorgeous and my perfect little girl. I just got home from the hospital about 30 minutes ago so I am still getting settled. I'll post my birth story soon though.
Happy end of pregnancy to all the Mom's-in-waiting, and I'm so glad to be joining babymoon time, all you newly made (over) Momma's
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Congratulations Gwendolyn!! Glad to hear all went well and you are home, and IN LOVE!! Isn't it the best? I can't wait to read your story. . .enjoy your baby moon!
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yay! Congrats, Gwendolynn! Enjoy loving your little Meredith!

I'm VERY uncomfortable today--I've been pretty good about not carrying Erik very far (he's 35 lbs), but today I did without thinking, and hurt my back. Ouch! HOpefully it will ease with a little rest.

Other than that...LOTS of pressure, some stronger contractions, but no pattern or anything. I KNOW I'm still before my due date...I'm TRYING so hard to be patient It's a struggle though, isn't it!
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While I have a couple minutes I'll try to get my birth story done.

My water broke at 7:00pm Thursday night. I wasn't happy since my 5 year old had just come down with a fever that day. I had dh call his mom to come down, and against my better judgement I called labor and delivery to let them know. They told me to come in as soon as mil got there. She arrived at about 8:30 and we left for the hospital at about 9:00pm. I was really disappointed because I just assumed that labor would go like my other two and I would have contrax start, but my water wouldn't break until the very end. When we got to the hospital I wasn't having any real contrax, and I knew this was not going to be the type of labor I wanted.

As soon as we got there I told them that my water had broken and the nurse acted like I was an idiot and had no idea what it felt like. They must just assume that we are all so stupid that we would mistake the pop followed by the big gush of fluid as water breaking when it really must just have been our bladder.: Trust me lady, unless my bladder burst, it was my water. She was mad because my leaking had stopped after about an hour and a half (which can happen when the babys head moved down and plugs it up) and I hadn't leaked onto the pad I had put in before we left.

She got the doctor to come and there was still a membrane there that she could feel. I told her that if they didn't think I had broken my water, I would go home. Wishful thinking as she decided to break it further in a huge gush. Gee, thanks. Now I was stuck there.

They moved me to another room and monitored me for a bit then let me get up and walk. After about an hour to hour and a half of walking I had gotten my contrax stronger like early labor contrax and was pretty happy about it. Then at about midnight I asked if I could just sleep for a while, just an hour cause I was beat. They wanted me back on the monitors so I had to rest with them on. Unfortunately, they didn't get the contrax monitor on right and it wasn't picking them up. At 1:00 am the doctor came back in and said that it was time to start pitocin. I told her "no it isn't" and that I would try nipple stimulation to get things going. I said that the vast majority of women will start labor within 24 hours of their bag breaking. She said that once the waters are broken she gives women 4 hours to start making progress before starting pitocin and she had already given me six and that it was time. I told her that I didn't like the fact that every intervention leads to the next and that I didn't want an epidural. She gave me this story about how pitocin has a bad wrap and that it doesn't necessarily always lead to an epidural. Whatever.

I could see that she was getting annoyed with me, as was the nurse and I felt totally deflated, angry and like crying. I just wanted to go home. Her whole attitude was that I should deliver within 12 hours of my water breaking. If you haven't already figured out, this wasn't my doctor on call. At that point I had to decide whether it was worth it to piss them off. I agreed to pitocin started very slowly. I told her that I wanted it gentle like natural labor. They were like, "yeah, whatever" and hooked me up. Come to find out that the student nurse who was in charge of me (and had been out of the room when the pitocin discussion took place) was told to get my contrax to 2 to 3 minutes apart and strong, quickly. Nice of them to tell me one thing and then do another.

By around 1:30 they had the pit running. I felt totally defeated. I was so angry and depressed that this wasn't what I wanted. I was feeling really guilty because I wasn't even excited about the baby at this point. I started to wonder if we had made a mistake by having another. It was a real low point for me. The anger and the guilt were overwhelming and I was so miserable about everything. It wasn't my labor anymore.

The contrax started off nicely. Then the nurse came in and upped it. Then the got pretty hard and about 2 minutes apart, but I could still deal with them. Then they upped it again (all in the course of one hour) and it was awful. It was worse than my natural transition with my first, and even worse than my kidney stone which was worse than either of my prior labors. All I could do was scream and cry. There was no getting on top of these contrax. There is a huge difference between the contrax the body produces naturally, and those that the awful drug produces. I was so torn because I really didn't want drugs, but I just couldn't take it anymore. It's making me cry just typing this. I felt like such a failure for thinking about the epidural, but I was at the end of my rope. At 3:00 I finally decided that if this wasn't going to be "my" labor anyway, I wasn't going to live in that kind of misery for it and I asked for the "needle man" to come. He got there and did a wonderful epidural. Even the first needle barely hurt. Evidentally, he is really good. I had only one contrax while he was placing it and the relief was so fast.

Although I'm crying as I say this, getting the epidural was the best decision I could have possibly made at the time. Once I got it, I felt like at least I had taken a part of my labor back. Some part of it belonged to me again. I had some part in a decision. I was really surprised that I didn't feel bad about giving in, but just the opposite. It made me feel partially in control again. I was able to look toward delivery with excitement again. I know that sounds crazy, but it was true.

About 45 minutes after I got the epidural I could start feeling some of the contrax again down low. I waited through a few but it was getting stronger and I didn't want to pay for an epidural if I was going to be in pain again. I had Jason tell the nurses and they came in to drain my bladder and see if that helped. They went ahead and checked me while they were there. I was complete. I went from 6 to 10 in the hour since I had gotten the epidural. I really think that it allowed me to relax and feel some control again and to let my body work again without the tension I had been feeling.

They got the doctor and I started pushing. I must admit that pushing is much nicer when you can't feel it as much. After several contrax the doc told me that if she did an episiotomy he would be out with the next contraction. I asked her how long without one and she said 2 or 3. Jeez, I can wait a couple more.
I ended up with a 2nd degree tear and a small tear on my labia.

Have to nurse, more later.
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I want to congratulate all the mamas of recent newborns!! Indigolilybear, gina, gratefulmum, Jish...

Jish, I can relate to a lot of the feelings you wrote of in your birth story. Although the hospital I birthed at was very friendly and supportive and never pushed anything on me, I felt so guilty and disappointed about asking for drugs... but there is a place for them. Sometimes labor can be more than we can handle alone...
for me it was being a petite woman birthing an 11+lb baby. The strain on my body and the pain my babies size produced in me was more than I could take...and after trying baths, birthing balls & tub, every position we could imagine, essential oils, massage, acupressure, meditation, and even yelling, an epidural was my only relief...(actually I believe it helped speed up my labor because I could finally relax)
yet it was by no means my ideal labor. It did not go as planned or wished, but I did what I had to do to get my baby here... I did my best for that situation... and you have to know that you did what you needed to do to get through your labor and to handle the obstacles you were faced with...
and now you are holding your baby, and you can heal and let the regret just pass through you...
be proud mama, you are strong and you did great!!
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Still haven't finished the birth story but here is our picture link of the birth day. The preg. pix were taken about 4 hrs before she was born....just trying to get some last preg. pix....little did I know.

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Congratulations to all the new mama's in the last few days...Indigolilybear, Jish, Pumpkinseeds, & Gratefulmum!!! And welcome to the world your baby's whether they have a name yet or not! Wow!

I've been having lots of contractions the last few days, but nothing dramatic or regular. So i figure sometime this week i will actually labor. I've been trying to keep a good feel for them. My midwife lives so far away, i'd hate to make a mistake and actually be in labor, yet i'd hate for her to drive out to my house for naught. She is scheduling a home visit this week. I'm just trying to keep vigilant.

Fiacre and Citizenfong, hang in there!! Mamaroni, i bet you are next! Maybe all three of ya will go at the same time...and have a labor party!

This is an exciting time!
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Jish, sounds to me like you did an amazing job against the odds. Congratulations on your wonderful Kellen and enjoy.

ILB, I couldn't get into your file, it said "inaccessible". Bet she is just as cute as a bug though.

Gratefulmom, warm congrats on your Meredith and have fun settling in. It's such a wonderful time. I just can't wait....:

caring touch, I am uncomfortable most of the time. I am not getting enough sleep and then falling asleep during the day in little catnaps. All I can do to alleviate hip pain, heartburn, saw joints, bladder issues, congested feelings etc is keep moving and changing position and try to keep busy. Warm baths and foot rubs, walks in the sunshine. Good books. Ho hum... Home stretch, home stretch! I couldn't do this for another month, that's for sure. My due date is the 20th and I always thought baby would come in the week before that. That's now. So come on out of there, baby!

BRGoddess, thanks so much for starting the new thread.

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gratefulmum, Welcome home and welcome sweet baby!

Jish, you're story made me want to cry! I am so sorry you were treated that way. I sense that you feel like you should have done more to stand up for what you wanted, but it sounds to me like you did the very best you could with a situation that was bad. Oooohhhh, I just want to doctors like that! You take it easy, Mama, and pamper yourself. You've been through a long 9 months. Enjoy this babymoon!

Alright, off to have yet more ctx. I've seen this movie before...maybe this time it'll have a different ending. :LOL
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I'm due 3/28/04!!

(I'm predicting April 4th though, I tend to go overdue)
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sending "hang in there" vibes to anyone who needs them!!!

BTW, I can't figure out how to let you guys access our yahoo pix w/o making it public, which I don't want to do, so if you want to see pix, PM me and i'll send you access to it. Sorry fo the bad link.

We also officially decided that our baby is a Soleil. She was going to be a Paloma, but we saw her, and well, she's *not*. :LOL No middle name yet, but DH likes to chose Korean ones for the kids. (I'm half-Korean and we both lived there shortly after we were married for a bit...)

blessings mamas!
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CONGRATULATIONS Gratefulmum and welcome to Meredith Arden.

Jish: Thanks for sharing your birth story. I agree with the others, you did a marvellous job under very difficult circumstances, give yourself time to deal with your feelings about the labour but enjoy your babymoon with your new son too.

I am also getting uncomfortable and tired now. I can't belive how wiped out I am (I know that this is nothing compared to when the baby is here ). I am trying to make sure I get some naps in the daytime.

I had some pain last night but couldn't determine whether it was contractions or pubic pain. It seemed to start low down and move upwards which is not what I have read contractions should feel like. Apart from that there are no signs that anything is about to happen anytime soon.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

I have my hospital appointment tomorrow to discuss my "huge" (hah) baby. Fingers crossed that it goes well and they don't try to scare me out of the birthing centre.

to everyone
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Hi all! Still waiting here as well, 2 days overdue and thinking babe is holding out for Aries. I occassionally have contractions but nothing regular, so I really am just preparing to wait. And the dad is coming to town sometime today, at least that's what we're guessing because he left on Sunday a.m. but he hasn't called yet. I'm getting lots of last minute baby stuff done and sewing up some baby outfits, not sure what I'll work on next but it has been lots of fun.

Hugs to all those waiting with me, especially Tracy...let us know how you're doing!!

And, CONGRATULATIONS to all the new babies! Definitely had a baby rush last weekend, Pumpkinseeds and baby, Jish and Kellen (neat name, btw!), and anyone who hasn't reported in yet...(Oceanone?? Perhaps you have more to tell??)

I'm also experiencing some of the strains of late pregnancy, but in the morning it's easier to deal with. The biggest problems are when dd still treats me like a jungle gym (yikes!) or I get stuck in an uncomfortable position for a while. I'm huge, though, and keep surprising myself when I see me in the mirror. I've got some neat late pregnancy belly shots, but probably won't post them until I have baby pictures as well!
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