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Yeah mamaroni! I'm sure you have your babe snuggled up close RIGHT NOW!

Oceanone- I can so relate! I thought yesterday was the day too...I am also hoping things get going today. I got up this morning a cleaned my kitchen...I mean really cleaned my kitchen.

I have to admit I wanted an Aries baby...my ex-husband is a Pices and that has colored me a little black about the sign. Plus my dd and my dh are Aquariuses. Not a great mix with Pices...but a little better with Aries.

I am such a dork!

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At 9:20 Colleen's DH wrote:
no baby yet, serious contractions but not serious enough._ my prediction is about 9:50 she will arrive._ thanks for all of your kind words I will let Colleen you are thinking about her.

Then this just in:
okay, she's out.....10:37a.m._ She is beautiful, happy, healthy, hairy,_and hungry._ that's all I can tell you for now._ no decision on the name yet and we haven't even weighed her yet.__ more details to follow, but for now everyone is doing fine.

Woo-Hoo! Another beautiful babe brought in the world! What a wonderful first day of spring!

Wishing happy labor vibes to all the March Mamas!
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hooray mamaroni! I love that her dh said he'd type 'at' us later.

Oceanone- I am so with you. I feel like I am letting everyone down. My mil, who is essential to our plan since she'll be watching dd, calls just about everyday to ask for details that don't exist. I don't even answer the phone anymore. I cannot handle the inquisition: "no baby yet?", "how long will they let you go?", etc. Meanwhile I have this lousy cold and am so depressed about waiting and waitnig and waiting. I kept projecting new milestones, edd, st. patty's day, equinox. . . all have passed and no real signs of baby. Not sure what to set my sights on now. I am bored but embarrassed to be seen b/c I am so swollen and even strangers ask the annoying questions. "how much longer?" - I feel like saying, "lady, if I knew the answer to that, I'd give up my day job and go into fortune telling." Instead I smile and say 'anytime now'. harumph.

I did take a nice long bath last night and that did adjust my attitude temporarily, so maybe I should take another tonight. water consumption be damned. If I weren't also sick with this cold, I'd tell dh to just do me and hope for something to happen, but my head weighs a ton and I couldn't be less in the mood.

Anyway, time for dd's nap (and mine). Sorry for being such a downer.

I am wondering about Rebecca, she had her membranes stripped on Friday. . . . maybe her silence is labor; we can only hope!
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Congratulations Mamaroni . Best wishes to you and your family and welcome to your new wee girl.

Oceanone and BathrobeGoddess to you, i hope things pick up soon.

To everyone else waiting, I totally sympathise. Another friend from my irl antenatal class has had her baby and I am so pleased but also feeling a bit lonely. It's hard waiting but then I officially hav another week to go. DH and I keep telling the baby we are ready when he/she is so maye the baby will take the hint.

I am soooo TIRED! Anyone else feel sleepy all day?

to everyone
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How funny...I was thinking all morning "I'll bet Mamaroni is next, maybe today!" Mamaroni!

Okay, girls, there just aren't that many of us regulars left. It's going to start getting awfully quiet around here!

My MIL called me yesterday and said, "How are you?"


"That's good. We're very worried!"

She spent all morning with an old friend who was in town. She used to be a nurse. She filled MIL's head with horror stories. Apparently she's not the only one; plenty of people are doing that. "She said the placenta stops working!" : I did get a chance to explain why I don't believe most of the things like that that the docs tell you at this point, since there is NO EVIDENCE THAT IT'S TRUE!

I think she just needed a quick antidote to all that poison, and I think she felt better, a bit anyway. I also assured her that we aren't trying to make a point, we honestly believe that what we are doing is the safest thing we can do right now for me and the baby, and that if we thought for one minute that something was wrong and we needed to go to a doctor, we would.

<sigh> So that was kind of stressful. Though over time it's more stressful to just know they're freaked out and not be able to talk to them about it.

My 34week pg girlfriend and I went to see 50 First Dates yesterday afternoon. I know Adam Sanler movies aren't exactly art, but the romantic comedies are always sweet. We enjoyed it so much. I think our reactions were slightly disproportionate to the movie...we laughes so hard through the first half and just bawled through the second half. We both felt better after releasing so much tension.

I feel so bad for those of you who are just starting to really feel overdue. Is it not so hard to wake up every day and think today could be the day! or it probably won't be today! Either way stinks.
I'm at the point where I am pretty much convinced that the baby will take as long as is really possible, so I've begun to feel like "Oh, my due date isn't even for another 2 week!" I've decided to go with that feeling and just stop looking for it to happen every day. So far so good. It seems to be helping a lot.
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Hi March mamas - only have a quick second.

Just wanted to announce that we had a beautiful healthy baby boy yesterday at 3:09 PM. I guess he was waiting for the 1st day of spring His name is Adin Reece and we are all doing great. Labor was about 6.5 hours and he took right to nursing.

Lots of love and peace to those still waiting, I didn't have time to catch up so I don't know if any more babies have been born but congrats to those mamas if they have!!!
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Congrats to coloradomom! I hope you're feeling well. I'm so happy we got an equinox baby! (I know my dh told claire that we had a first day of spring baby, but he was a day off!)

And thanks for all the well wishes for me. I'll post more details in the next few days, but our baby girl was in fact born this morning. We are still trying to decide on a name. She was 8 lb 12 oz, and 20 1/4 inches. Nursing is going great, and she is sooooo precious!

I was up all night last night laboring, and I'm one tired mama today. Take care everyone, especially those of you still waiting!

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Congratulations Mamaroni & Coloradomom!!!

For those of you still waiting~ get walking!!
I went for a 2 or 3 mile walk the day before my labor and also the day of my labor... I believe it helped kick it in gear!

Well I hope the new mamas here can share some beautiful baby pictures and birth stories soon!
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COngratulations Mamaroni and Coloradomom! Yay! Can't wait to hear the birthstories and see more pics!
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Congratulations Mamaroni and Coloradomom!! What wonderful news from both of you!

Tracy, Oceanone, Racheepoo, fiacre, Pinksunfish, Bathrobegoddess....I'm dedicating my big bowl of chocolate ice cream to you!!

I've taken some blue and black cohosh today, and walked a couple of miles (plan to do two more before bed). A neighbor treated us to dinner (delicious and sweet!)...so, just need that baby!!

Hopefully there will be more march babies in the world come morning!
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Ooh, Pumpkinseeds, my site is acting funny again! So sorry. I'm trying to fix it so your link will work! Here it was running ok for quite some time! Sorry!

I totally 2nd BebeLuna's walking suggestion. (I walked for 3 straight hours from 3-6pm and then was in labor at midnight)

Good walking, Jster!
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Claire, that's ok, it will come up soon I'm sure. Thank you!

I third Jaze's suggestion for walking. We went grocery shopping (at two different grocery stores) just before going into labor.
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Congrats mamaroni and coloradomom!

Guess I'll start walking tomorrow Check back in on ya'all later.

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Congrats, mamaroni and cloloradomom...

And add me to the list of babies waiting for spring Anders Grant was born at 12:36 am on 3-20. He was 9 lbs, 6 oz, and 21 inches long. He's a great nurser, and he's currently resting contentedly in the sling as I make my first journey to the internet. I'm feeling wonderful, we left the hospital 19 hours after he was born. Erik came home today (he was with Gramma and Grampa), and so far everything is going smoothly, but only because I am not sure he's aware of the fact that Anders is staying. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

My labor (feel free to scan this...I may have taken time to type it out, but I'm not taking time to edit it ) I may have posted that I had bloody show and some contractions starting friday morning. I didn't bother timing them most of the day, and we just kept on going. I took Erik to the park in the afternoon, and around 3 I started noticing the contractions more, but still didn't time them (such a PITA to time ) Around 5 I mentioned to DH that we should ask his parents if they'd rather just get Erik and put him to bed at their house, rather than risk a late-night call from us. They got him at 7, and it turned out to be a wise decision. I labored more intensely at home starting at 6, and finally started timing contractions, with DH's help. They were irregular, though...anywhere from 2.5 min to 9 minutes apart, and 45 sec to 60 sec in length. But they were hurting a lot, so finally at 10 we decided to go to the hospital anyway.

I had wanted to wait as long as possible, because my midwife was off call all day on the 19th, through 3pm on the 20th. By this point, I was resigned to not having her at the birth, but since I was just getting random OB at the hospital, I didn't want to put myself at risk for more intervention than I wanted. When we got to the hospital around 10, I was dilated to 5. I was slightly disappointed, because I felt like it had been a LOT of work so far, but I kept going.

I had a hard time at the hospital getting comfortable anywhere...I felt better between contractions standing up, but then I couldn't relax through them. I could relax really well during a contraction if I were lying on the bed, but then I hurt really bad inbetween. I struggled with that for a few hours before finally getting comfortable lying on the bed on my left side, with DH behind me coaching me through.

The OB cam in to check me at about midnight or so. I was 7 to 8, and I told him he could break my water. DH tried to talk me out of it, but I knew I was in transition right then--right after he checked me, I started shaking uncontrollably. The contractions got VERY hard. The funniest part was that DH was SOOO excited--at one point he said "I'm sorry to be so excited about your pain, but the baby is almost here!!" He's a great coach, and really helped me through that period of self-doubt.

And sure enough, 15 minutes later I said in the middle of a contraction--"I HAVE TO PUSH!!" DH didn't realize I meant...NOW, so He tried to calm me through it. LOL! The nurse came running in, checked me quickly, and said...why yes you do.

Thankfully, I had that classic short break. After that first pushing contraction, there was 5-10 minutes where I just rested as they got all ready for the baby. Then, the return, and an immediate ring of fire. The baby was already crowing! The OB was fantastic, did some perineal massage and helped ease me through it. I think I pushed 4 more times...on the last push, he finally just popped out. the doctor held the baby up so that DH could announce "It's a boy!!"

It was a wonderful, and quick birth. I had a first-degree tear, but I feel wonderful now (and managed to take just one motrin at the hospital). It's great to be home with my 2 boys.

Good luck to the mamas still waiting!!!!
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Congrats mamaroni and coloradomum! How fun....all these new babies.

Here is my (and Soleil's) birth story: (warning: it's a bit long....)


Sending birhting vibes to those who want them....and happy baby moon vibes to those baby-mooning!!
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What lovely birthstories Heather and ILB. Heather, that's cute about your hubby being happy about your pain. He was so excited to see the baby coming!

ILB, I read your birth story to dh who was simply amazed that you had a UC and that your dh was the only one with you.

Amazing stories ladies, can't wait to hear the rest of them.
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Congratulations Coloradomom and Heythere Heather .
Best wishes to all of you and welcome to Anders Grant and Aiden Reece.

How lovely that we got equinox babies.

Absolutely no signs of anything happening for me. My project for this week is to reinforce and decorate my bellycast. I am hoping that plans for my time will tempt fate but it's all up to the baby really.

Sending "come on out" to everyone who is waiting.

to all
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to coloradomom and to HeythereHeather
Welcome to your sweet new babes!
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birth photos

If anyone else is interested, blue violet was nice enough to post these on her site for me!

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How beautiful you all are! And what wonderful, inspiring pictures.
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