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I did not get a chance to read the posts, as i want to make my announcement and run.

I had a baby girl saturday morning (first day of spring) at 6:08 am at home and the entire labor and delivery was just beautiful! my boys got to see the crowning and delivery of their little sister, Cali Cole. She was 7 lbs, 12 oz and 22 inches. She opened her mouth and cried as her shoulders were being born. She was born pink!

I will have to come back to read the posts, but congratulations to all the new baby's born since Friday!!
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Congratulations Heather and Kirstie! love the first day of spring babies!

I also just wanted to pop back in to say that we've decided on a name. . . Karis Renee Kennedy.

birth story still to come. . .

I'm thinking about those of you still waiting, especially you Tracy!

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Congratulations Kirstie :chamapgne and welcome to Cali Cole. How wonderful to have another equinox baby! All the best to you and your family.

Welcome also to Karis Renee Kennedy, I'm looking forward to reading your birth story Mamaroni.

Oh I'm getting so envious now !

to all
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What beautiful pictures Indigolilybear!! Your family looks so peaceful and happy, what a treasure!

Congratulations Kristie! And welcome to the world Cali Cole! Seems like we had a busy weekend for birthing!

Well, yesterday I walked more than six miles, but nothing. Today I'm not going to do anything to try and get labor going, but I'll try and be active. I might spend some mother/daughter time and take Peri to the aquarium then out to lunch, and this afternoon she wants to go to the seabird sanctuary we can walk to from our house (so I'll get good exercise). She wants to buy more baby ducks from the giftshop there

Oh, good funny movie recommendation...the Full Monty! I've seen it before, but it was so funny and cute to see men doing something so outrageous. Anyone else watching funny movies in an attempt to get some good contractions (can you tell I'm getting desperate??) 9 days past EDD and only have till 14 before we have to have a hospital birth, ugghh. And I don't have a backup doctor, so it would be whatever luck we draw...

Good birthing to anyone who's there, and happy baby moon to the rest! Haven't heard from Oceanone in a few days, have we??
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I've fallen behind again. I'm going to post this real quick and then come back, edit and congrat all the new mamas.

Pumpkinseeds(jen), the site is back up and doing great now. These are Pumpkinseed's Pumpkins:

Mamaroni's (Colleen's) little one is here:
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coloradomom -- Congrats! Welcome, Aidin Reece!

Heythereheather -- What a wonderful birth story. So funny about your husband's joy during transition. I bet that did help a lot to hear his enthusiasm!

Indigo -- AMAZING birth story. Just so beautiful! Mamaroni had forwarded me those pics before and I couldn't remember to tell you how gorgeous they are. What sweet pics! Also, do you think the Hypno helped you with "I felt extremely centered and "in the know" this time during the birth--unlike my other two births. I had much more trust that I was where I was during the birth, instead of feeling lost in it. That was really empowering." I tend to think that's hypno, but what do you think? Mamaroni, did you experience a similar feeling with your birth with hypno?

Kirstie! Congrats on your little girl! Glad you had a wonderful homebirth. YAY! And, that's great that your boys got to watch her come into the world! Enjoy your babymoon and triad nursing!
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I'm still waiting! Yesterday, I walked a few miles, and I tried blue cohosh for two days in a row. It didn't feel like it made much difference. Tomorrow I go to my 41 week check up, and they'll do an ultrasound to make sure the fluid is fine and baby looks good. At night, I have these cramping pains that keep me awake for a few hours, but other than that...no signs! Hoping to join the ranks of you amazing mamas very soon. We finally figured out the water heater yesterday, so maybe the waterbirth will work out after all! (It was on a timer, and we couldn't get it disengaged.)

Peace and love,
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I am trying hard to keep the first post updated...please double check for me and make sure it is correct...

Congrats to the spring babies and their mamas! I think there is only 7 of us regulars who are still waiting.

I have been walking! And it isn't doing anything for me either. Plus I can't seem to modivate myself to start working on my papers even though they are due middle of April and this would be a great time to get them done. I think I am just to baby focused.

A former boss of mine who sends her son to the same school as my dd had an add in the school newsletter asking if anyone wanted her used diapers. I called her and she dropped them off at school on monday. HOLY COW!!!!!
It is like 3 dozen natural contours in both the newborn and infant sizes plus 15 Nikky covers! I can't belive she just gave them to me! I am going to send her some flowers today.

Anyways...sending labor vibes to all those in waiting (including myself )

(my dd picked the smiles for this post)
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I'm with you Jster - depending on whose edd you follow, I'm anywhere from 8-12 days past due. ugh. I was walking every day as much as I could, though I missed the last two b/c of it being really cold and my right ankle being so swollen and sore to the touch. Today is milder and if I can get my boots on, I'll go out, if for no other reason that to try and soak up some sunshine and get my seratonin levels up. I had a little meltdown this a.m. and luckily dh was here (he had the a.m. off) and was really supportive. It was a good release.

Bathrobegoddess - I too should be working on some stuff since I have all this time on my hands, but can't find the motivation for anything. I have been reading The Bitch in the House , a collection of essays by contemporary women writers on sex, marriage, divorce, family, etc. It's a riot and comforting to know that though adulthood isn't what I always thought it would be, I'm not alone feeling that way. Anyway, I recommend it to anyone looking for something light and comforting to read that isn't about birth.

I'm off to do shots of tobasco, sit on the bball and channel some birthing vibes to my baby.

Congrats to all the equinox babies and mamas.
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Spark thanks for hosting the pictures so we can all see them. What cuties Eric (and Evan of course) and Karis are.

Bathrobe Goddess: That is so cool about the nappies. Mine are washed and folded and ready for my wee one to make an appearence.

My update: I saw the midwife today. Apparently the baby's head is as engaged as it can get before labour starts. "One cough and it'll be out" she said - where is the wry laughter emoticon? :LOL

She also told me that the stiff joints in my fingers are a result of fluid retention and I will spend a lot of time in the loo the first week after the baby is born getting rid of all the water.

My question: how can I possibly spend more time in the loo?

to everyone
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I had my baby!! It's a BOY!


Evan Nicholas was born Friday, March 19th at 6:08 pm after a super-fast labor/delivery (about an hour from first contraction to delivery, with maybe 5-8 pushes).

7 lbs 5 oz, 20 inches long (same measurements as ds1).

I'll post a quickie birth story under that thread later today.

I'm so thrilled with the whole experience! It was intense, and a bit out of control with the contractions happening so hard and fast, but I had NO tearing, bruising, swelling, pain, and at 4 days postpartum, very light bleeding. I feel way better today than I did a week ago (when I was 41 wks, couldn't breathe, pubic bone ached all the time, etc).

And Evan is JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!! Yay for me!
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Kirstie and Rebecca (ds picked the smilies!)

Our numbers are dwindling...

Jster, did you see my post about 50 First Dates? I know you can't rent it yet, but I had several ctx from the laughter when we saw it Sat. The Full Monty IS a funny movie.

I had a really hard day yesterday but I feel much better today. A and I are starting a project today. Every year at Easter I make chocolate peanut butter Easter eggs. I had thought I might have time AFTER the baby was born, but now I see that if I don't do them now they won't get done. Apparently certain people in my life are quite relieved that I am going to go ahead and get them done. :LOL

(this is the rest of Aidan's contributions) BTW, I was explaining to A why we wanted to send a happy message (2 more new babies) and he said, "Mommy, why all these ladies having they babies before you?" I have no answer for that.
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Hooray Rebecca! I have been wondering if your silence since getting your membranes tickled meant that labor had started but I supposed it had started and ended by the time I actually even put it all together! Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing more when you have time!
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Congratulations Rebecca and welcome to Evan .

to everyone waiting, including me but especially to Citizenfong. We need to have stern words with that baby .
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YEAH Rebecca! Welcome to your little one!
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Oh, Rebecca, congratulations on Evan! It sounds like an amazing labor and birthing. How wonderful.

ILB, thank you for the beautiful, beautiful pictures. What an inspiration and what a wonderful family you have there.

Kirsti, congrats and welcome baby Cali. I love the name. She sounds just perfect. enjoy, enjoy!!!

Kelli and Adin, Heather and Anders. Congrats on your new baby joy. Thanks for the beautiful birth story. Reading about all of you wonderful women gives me hope that I actually am going to have a baby anytime now and didn't just imagine the whole thing.

I am still hanging in there, lost heaps of plug, many contractions but nothing regular and I am sick of thinking I am about to go into fully fledged labor. I keep thinking maybe I got the month wrong or something. Why am I having these crazy thoughts.

I am thinking of all of us still in the waiting game. And Tracy, how astute of your little boy. That was too funny! I hope to hear your news especially soon, almost as much as I want some of my own.......
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Oh my, I've missed a lot of babies! Congratulations to all mommies and babies....I will catch up soon if I can.

and-- to all of us still waiting....

(too miserable, bitchy, and wretched to write more today)

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congratulations Kirstie and Rebecca!! how wonderful and joyous you all sound.
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To all the mamas awaiting their babes:

Just wanted to celebrate your great bodies! Just think, you must be the best nourished, the healthiest, the strongest, providing the most comfy place for your babes of all of us! YAY you guys! It's easy to go early, but it takes heart, soul, patience and trust to watch everyone else give birth before you. You day will come, this we all know. And, when you birth to your beautiful healthy babes our board will sing for you!
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wow! Congratulations Mamaroni, Heather, Kirsti, & rebecca!!
A new bunch of babes!!

Not much longer ladies in waiting... your babes are getting ready to be here soon!

So how are all the new mamas faring? How do you feel in the postpartum phase? And how are your babies doing??
I am feeling great. .. so much better, quicker, than I did w/ ds#1...
Taurin has a very hearty appetite. He's been a bit gassy and hads a bit of fussiness each day, but I quit eating dairy, coffee, and wheat, and he has been doing much better..
I feel constantly hungry though, and w/ the diet change and all his nursing, the pg pounds are dropping off so quick!
dh has been a doll~ making me fresh vegi juice every day and cooking healthy meals.
Talin adores his brother/ He has accepted Taurin better than I imagined.
Of course I don't get quite enough sleep... but still i am doing pretty well. Taurin sleeps for 3-4 hrs a stretch, then eats and goes back to sleep, and wakes around 8AM.
Taurin enjoys being in the sling, which really helps, so I can actually do a few things... although w/ as helpful dh has been, I could just sit around and cuddle my kids all day
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