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Thanks Spark. That was a nice pick me up!

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Spark: you made me cry , what a beautiful thing to say.

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Thanks Spark, what a wonderful sentiment to wake up to this morning. It's so good of you to think of us.

Off to see the mw later, so maybe I"ll have something to report.
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Warning: Rant ahead!

I feel like crap today! All my joints hurt, my nose is really dry and painful, my head is killing me, my skin is itchy and I woke up at 5am so I'm tired and cranky. The baby feels like he is now IN the birth canal. I can't really sit down, the ball doesn't help and worst of all...I'm not having any contrax!

Thanks! Rant over.

I really feel for you ladies who are overdue! I am just at term and I feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever.
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Eden I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you can do something special just for yourself today. Maybe a trip to a bookstore or inexpensive pedicure or just an uninterupted bubble bath for an hour or two. Do you have a hottub rental place where you are? Those feel so good late pregnancy -- warm, weightless and romantic if you go with DP.

RacheePoo, PinkSunfish & Fiacre -- You guys are wlecome. Everything I wrote is true! You are doing great work!

Bebeluna, maybe it's time to make a thread on Life With a Babe for our thread. Since we'll all be over there at some point. To answer your question -- we're doing really well, here, too. It's been MUCH easier than the adjustment to my son. She sleeps really well, nurses well and has gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks! I'm physically feeling great. I returned to my one night class a week after she was born (just speeches, so I sat on my butt and graded). My husband takes care of so much here at home that I can just cuddle my kids all day and do somethings that only I can do (like dealing with Insurance to cover our homebirth, grading, nursing, nursing, nursing, etc.). Nighttime is probably the roughest at the moment (especially if I don't get a nap!). My DH isn't around for bedtime, so I try to get them both to sleep. DS has a hard time with me nursing Cicely first or during his time. We're working with him. Adjustments can be a challenge. Patience, Patience, Patience, I tell myself.

Peace & Labor vibes to those who need them!
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Warning - this is a downer:

Well, I'm back from the mw. Instead of being closer to 'ripe', it appears I am farther. Whereas last week she could feel the baby's head, this week she could not as he has floated back up. Tomorrow I will have a biophysical profile and ultrasound to check on the little critter to make sure he's not overcooked or in any jeopardy. Mw says that even practioners who favor medical inductions wouldn't induce with a head this high - if we weren't totally sure of our dates she'd swear we are off by at least two weeks, but this is simply not possible. Since baby is so high, she is not comfortable doing any of her tricks either. Gameplan - if everything checks out tomorrow, she'll wait and see me again on Monday. If no baby by Monday, we'll repeat the biophysical profile, u/s and throw in a nst for fun. Though induction doens't seem like it would be recommended either by my mw or the ob that oversees her work (based on baby's position), she does worry that the ob could start suggesting c/s if my fluid is low or something. It makes no sense to her why this baby is not heading toward the exit, particularly where this is not a first baby and my pelvis is 'proven'. We have ruled out cord constriction or placement of the placenta as possible obstacles. Still, she says labor could come at anytime, even tho there are no tell-tale signs and that maybe some good strong ctx will 'slam' (her word, not mine) baby's head into my pelvis. Dh and I considered having sex last night, but we are both pretty no beuno during pg; he's creeped out and I feel so UGLY and gross that it's hard to put on a mood. Though he said he would if I wanted, I couldn't help thinking it sounded like just another chore. We abstained.

And though I am having my own little pity party here, mw did give me some perspective. Her next due mama is in a same sex pship and her partner has end stage cancer just trying to hold out for the birth of their baby who is due 4/18 and it appears the partner will not make it to birth day. Ok, so I'd rather be me than them. . . .

So, that's our deal. I've got a two week old person in my gut who I'd rather be nursing and slinging and singing to. I'll keep checking in on the rest of you, but will try to keep all my wah, wah, wah to myself. Best wishes to those in labor!
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congrats to Mamaroni, Heather, and Rebecca. still haven't got caught up on the posts, but i get the gist and i think we were all on the same day?

mom's in waiting, hope you'll be holding your new sweet ones soon.
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Spark, thanks so much for the pick me up, it really does help me feel lots better! Trying to keep some perspective here at 10dpedd (hehe).

Fiacre, sorry about the bad mw appt...but keep in mind that if baby was lower before, he/she can get down there again. You DO have a "proven pelvis" and your baby WILL be born!!!

Rebecca, congrats on the birth!! Sounds wonderful!

Tracy, might check that one out if I get another chance at an actual movie theatre. Next on my list is Blues Brothers, we'll see if it's as good as I remember. I need some laughs!!

My mw update: Got a call last night saying she was at another woman's for a birth, and this morning she stopped by (we had an appt. for 3:30 this afternoon but since she was only 10 mins. away she hoped to do it early and get home to some sleep (the other woman didn't have her baby yet, btw) As I'm now 10 days past edd, we talked about our last ditch approach...she wants me on blue and black cohosh during the day from now till birth, and on Saturday a.m. I'll try castor oil. She wanted to do an exam, but I really didn't want to because 1) if I'm more dialated, doesn't really mean I'm closer to birth 2) if I'm the same or less "ripe" it would put my birthing ability in question (seems like this happened to you, fiacre, so sorry!) 3) I don't really want a "vigorous" exam because it's uncomfortable and more likely to cause problems like PROM. Funny how it is hard to resist medical authority even in your own house, but I feel good that I did. And though I dont' think I really want one, I did agree to schedule an ultrasound for Friday to check fluids/placenta, but I might not go...just buying time to make the decision. If I'm not close to birthing by Sunday at midnight, my mw can't do it...so hospital or UC...

So I've been thinking about Peri's birth...and really wondering how long I would have gone if I'd resisted the pitocin. Would she have been a long gestating babe as well? She was born 6days past edd, but labor started 5 days past...So who really knows?

Well, off to potential labor land...and hope to hear about some more births soon!!
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Hi everyone, just wanted to lend some support to you mamas still in waiting. It's so difficult, I know. Trust yourselves, trust your bodies. . . sending you all a big !

I wonder if Tracy is holding her baby? I think she's been off the boards for a while.

Well, I've got to go for now. I am checking in though and looking forward to more baby announcements!

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I'm still here, checking in every once in a while, but haven't had time or energy to respond to anything.

Congratulations on all the new babies! I mean, we knew this day would come, where everyone was having their babies in a short period of time, but for some reason every birth announcement is a surprise.

Jalen is a fabulous baby. The only problems we are having involve sleep and Athena. Since she sleeps with us and is used to me sleeping next to her, she's not liking it that I have to tend to Jalen first and she doesn't know how to be upset without being vocal about it, so she gets upset, cries,w akes him up and then I have to start all over with him. I've tried telling her that as soon as she's quiet, he'll fall asleep and I can go to her, but she just doesn't get it. And she's not napping at all. So basically, twice a day, I want to bash her over the head with something just to get some sleep.

When do mamas with more than one baby shower? How? I haven't figured this out yet. DH goes back to work in a week and I'm freaking out a little about that.

Does anyone remember when you get to stop changing diapers every couple hours at night? We are using CDs and I can't remember for the life of me.

I have a dr appt with a hand surgeon to look at that thing on my finger. It's constantly bleeding and gross. When I made the appt, the receptionist said, this is only a consult appt, they won't do anything this time. I'm hoping they take one look at it and listen to my whining about having a newborn and dh going back to work and me not being about to use my right hand well and do something about it at the appt. wishful thinkng, right?

take care all.
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DNR -- I hope your wisheful thinking proves true! Tell the Dr. that MDC people want him to help you NOW! Ok, so we're having similar night time challenges. I'm thinking it will get better over time. This too shall pass. Each night seems like we get a little better, then take a step back, and then it gets a little better again. I trust. That's all I can do and make sure I get a nap so I'm not going insane at night. Can you nap for an hour when your DH gets home? (I'll assume he works standard day/home at night) That might be just enough to get you through. Showers -- I get up before my toddler does and I put the baby in bassinet in the bathroom with me. Then, I shower away until little toddler feet pad into the bathroom. Can you shower at night when your DH is home?

fiacre -- Your body knows exactly what it's doing. Your baby and your body are working together to make this a gentle peaceful birth.

Jster -- I'm sending you STRONG birth vibes so you don't have to make a decision about UC or hospital, when you seem most comfortable with your MW choice. No chance you could "suddenly" find your TTC chart in one of your boxes that shows conception date a week or two later???

Mamaroni -- I think everytime Tracy is MIA for even 10 hours, we all think it must be "it" for her! Either way, I send her peace and love vibes whenever I can. She awaits her babe so gracefully. I so admire her!
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Originally posted by Spark
Mamaroni -- I think everytime Tracy is MIA for even 10 hours, we all think it must be "it" for her! Either way, I send her peace and love vibes whenever I can. She awaits her babe so gracefully. I so admire her!
Okay, stop it! I didn't comment on the last wonderful thing you wrote cause I figure people are going to start thinging I'm your groupie if I don't quit slobbering over every sweet thoughtful thing you say!

dnr, I don't remember what happened to your hand? I would be putting on a major sob fest and get them in gear to do something for you!

fiacre, I was thinking about you last night. Then I came and read your post...did you know that is exactly where I am? Dh has checked my cervix a couple of times and, while it seems to be getting softer, I actually went from fingertip dilated at one point to shut back up tight! Baby's head is not engaged. And your mw said exactly what I've been trying to tell my ILs and others...I am not a good candidate for induction. The only things they can do--start ctx and soften the cervix, my body is doing already. But get the baby engaged? No. Dilate my cervix? Not really. Straight to c/s. And, as I told my MIL, no one is going to convince me at this point that my baby is more in danger in my body than by being removed before it's ready by c/s. I am pretty confident about fluid level, etc. I think our babies just need more time. I hope you are not put in the position of having to make any difficult decisions. It's hard enough just waiting!

Jster, good luck to you, too, trying to figure all this out. Seriously, this is one of the things that I AM able to be happy about in this situation--I do not have to make decisions about/for a care provider. I'm so sorry your are in this situation!

Thanks to all who keep sending labor vibes.

Aidan and I have been making our chocolate peanut butter Easter eggs. Yum! Tomorrow we are going to the monthly LLL meeting. The last meeting was scheduled on my birthday and it was cancelled due to 15 inches of snow. And I was hoping to have a baby that day. :LOL And we have made plans to go with friends (she's 35 weeks pg) on Mon or Tues to go swimming, if you can picture it! In other words, I'm done not making plans. Almost all plans are cancelable (well, how would you spell it?), right? Also, can you tell my nausea has been much more manageable this week?

Here's something of a dilemma I'm facing. Aidan had been saying for weeks that for his birthday he wanted to go out to lunch. Now he has seen the light of a party and definitely wants one. No problem, right? However, at this rate, even if I had the baby on Friday, I would have a 3 WEEK OLD BABY by his birthday! I'm not even sure I would want to attend a party at that point, let alone throw one for 5 3-year-olds. As far as planning, I'm thinking I could get all that done in the next week or so, invitations and all, if I'm still waiting. Then again, if I'm still waiting, that means the baby will be even newer when A's birthday comes around. AAGGGGHHH! Any advice would be appreciated.
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Just popped in for a sec -- Tracy what about a Chuck E. Cheese type B-day party. You send out invites & then the kid's restaurant provides food, service and entertainment? Also, :LOL about being my groupie! You are so funny! Gosh, if all anyone had to do to get a good sense of humor was go overdue, I'd tell everyone to wait at least a month after EDD to birth!
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Just popped in to say I think this baby has turned transverse again. I feel his body clearly lying across my tummy. I guess I will ask for an ultrasound on Monday at my d/a.

Tracy has displayed such incredible patience at 42 wks and I feel bad even saying this... but I'm afraid I don't have the patience to wait 2 more weeks in the hopes that he *might* turn again. I can't help but feel that this is meant to be-otherwise why would he have turned back after being LOA? especially with all the exercises I've been doing. But we'll see on Monday.

Sorry for the downer post. I've had a headache for almost 3 days now, coupled with the back pain and the barfing and I'm ready to quit. That makes me feel like a failure. I want a natural c/b!
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Hi all!
I have been reading, just cant post with my arms full! My baby is almost 5 weeks old! Seems like he was born forever ago! LOL Really, seems like it was so lomng ago I was pregnant.... He's doing well now, but we had a very rough start with nursing and himnot gaining weight.

Nightime... Is pretty easy right now. My 2 yo has her own little toddler bed in our room. She sleeps all night there most nights. But if she needs to get in our bed, she just goes between me and dh, and baby is on my other side. She goes right back to sleep with no problems.

Showering... I dont unless my hubby is home. I have barely put this baby down since he was born! I really dont do much of anything right now, figure baby is more important, everything else can wait.
We did go to library and ice cream today. jack was quite happy in the sling the whole time, so I felt good my kids got an extra special treat and attention.

You over due moms are so patient! hugs t you all, it must be so hard!
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RAcheepoo - I thought the same hting all night long (very uncomfortable, odd pressure distinct from the normal), but then this a.m. I had some blood and did an amnicator and found the presense of amniotic fluid!
It appears that I *may* be in early labor and am going to the birth center in about 1.5 hours to be checked for baby's position, etc.
Too soon to tell how this will go, but it sure seems like this kid doesn't do anything until I have to get really, really serious with him. Probably an insight into his future personality.

I'll post more when I can!

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Rachel, hang in there! WHatever happens, you are NOT a failure! you are making a human being! THat's hard work.

fiacre, cool! Let us know.

nice to hear from you Angie!

Sleeping and showering. . .well, ds sleeps in a crib in his own room, so he's not an issue. Dd goes to bed in her own bed/room, but ends up in our bed halfway through the night every night. she just crawls in. I'm not a good co-sleeper with the baby. . .she is sleeping in the car seat on the floor next to me. sometimes I put her in bed with us, though. we have a king size so space isn't an issue, and she doesn't seem to be waking up dd, which is also good. I just can't sleep well! But, this is my 3rd time doing this, and I know it will all work out. As for showering, dh is here off work all week, so it hasn't been an issue so far. I have no idea what I'll do next week! Maybe take them all in the shower with me!
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fiacre- to early labor!

Okay I am going to confess something!

I am so afraid that I will be the last one to give birth and that there won't be anyone really left here to see my news. Then I feel guilty because I know that htere are mamas that have been waiting and waiting long past their due dates and I have just reached mine.

: I am feeling down! Can you tell? I want this baby NOW!

This is really out of character for me...feeling sorry for myself I mean. All the Reality Therapy isn't helping this time.

I am going to do something good for myself asap today!
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BathrobeGoddess, to you....it's tough on all of us still waiting, and I know EXACTLY how you are feeling right now. Just wanted to tell you that you're not alone! Yes, do something to pamper yourself today.

Fiacre, I hope this is it for you!

Mamaroni, thanks for the encouraging words!

to all still waiting, to all who are holding their little ones!

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