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BathrobeGoddess: I have been thinking EXACTLY the same things as you.

I think I will be last though. I think this baby is hanging on to be an April Fool! Don't worry, I promise to keep coming here to check for everyone's news. No-one will be abandoned on this thread I am sure. It's not over until the fat baby (mine ) sings!

Fiacre: to you, I hope that these are signs of things happening.

Racheepoo: whatever happens you are not a failure. Just think of the marvellous job of work you have already done, growing your lovely baby. We are all behind you whatever happens.

My plan for today was to go to yoga this morning and then spend the afternoon stencilling my bellycast. Instead, I have spent the entire afternoon asleep. In fact I dreamt that I was asleep and was woken up about 8pm in a strange place by people I didn't know who all thought I was giving them a lift to a party. Very odd, when you are dreaming that you are asleep!

I am having (false) hope that my body is getting me prepared for lots of action later on this evening. Man, this is worse that the 2WW and I'm not even overdue.

Much "respec" to all the overdue ladies baby out vibes to all of you and much
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That can be our motto for the March Mama board, Bathrobegoddess & Pinksunfish! I assure you, you will have the support and cheers of us all... those who can still type and nurse will be with you!

to those who need them.
to those who need some productive ctx.
to those who need some.
:bf to those babes that want some.
to those that NEED it.
to all of you!
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rachelpoo and bathrobgoddess

citizenfong you are incredibly patient, you must be a great mama!

interesting info from my mw yester when she came to visit postpartum visit (i also got busted, she made it to my house a few minutes faster than me... i should have driven faster), on to the info...

my baby was posterior, so all last week (a full week) i had the predomal labor about every other day during the day (my final labor came at night ironically). she said that posterior baby's are known for the start and go labor because they don't sit on the cervix properly to initiate full blown labor at once. so for the mama's that haven't had any predomal labor, maybe you won't have it at all? and does this hold true to this group?

incidentally my sunny side up baby did not give me back labor at all since i have a rod in my back and so my spine does not bend. Little Cali was born with a nice size bruise on her forhead because her head could not move my spine it forced her forward and she kept hitting the pubic bone. Poor thing! But the bruise is gone now.

the neat thing about pushing slowly and gently is that i could tell at all times where my baby was in regards to my body. that was so neat. i felt like a team with her (baby). the midwives said they were very proud to see me work that baby out because i found all the right positions myself and totally listened to my body (i let the pain be my guide though that does sound corny it did work).

and did i mention that i paced my yard at 2:30 am (going back to the labor). i walked up and down the driveway and every cat we have followed me and so did the dog. i squatted at every contraction and finally on one of the contractions my water broke. i got to see the stars and observe some deer. everyone else (midwives, dh, ds, ds) were sleeping. it was very primal!

Hang in there mama's in waiting!
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Okay, I LOVE that motto! But, girls, don't worry! I started this thread back in June, and I aim to finish it, apparently! I'm telling you, at this point I wonder if this baby intends to share a birthday with big brother and Daddy (april 16).

Rachel, Ha! don't use my situation as a standard. You do whatever you need to do. Plus, you listen to your body. And you know what? It's a LOT easier to stick to a plan when you have specific reasons to do so. You may not have as many reasons as I do to wait it out. That alone would make it harder for you to wait. Anyway, all this is just to encourage you to do what you have to do.

Fiacre: oh how great it will be if you are in labor! Even if you aren't actively in labor at this exact moment, you know you must be close. Suddenly you may not have to make any decisions for you mw or the ob. Yea!
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Just wanted to say I'll be here until the bitter end as well!
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This was my due date today. I'm still reading - but NAK and girls don't nurse well enough for me to really type, no time on computer other than NAK, congrats to all who have had babies.
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Congrats fiacre on such great labor signs! Hope to see a birth announcement soon!!

Racheepoo, hugs for such a challenging situation (though seems as if we all have something going on). And I second everyone who says 1) you are not a failure and 2) you have to do what's right for you and your family. Keep us updated and try to hang in there through this tough decision time!

Bathrobegoddess and Pinksunfish, don't worry, we'll hang around. I know I sure appreciate all the new moms who are still here to offer support, and I think I may actually get *more* computer time once I have a babe who nurses constantly. At least I did have a lot of online time when dd was little.

And Tracy, I may end up beating you out!! I was thinking about the four of us from ttc and nursing, and trying to remember the order we got our bfps...could it have been you, me, Oceanone, then Spark?? If so, we may just be having babies in the opposite order (would be kind of funny, huh?) Time will tell...and not like I feel like babe is coming out anytime soon!!

My update, been taking lots of blue and black cohosh, don't know for sure what it's doing for me. I get rushes on and off, but nothing regular. Now I've had a couple of stronger ones, because I just nursed Peri to sleep...perhaps an indication that I should be doing more nipple stimulation??? As tomorrow is the last weekday before I go 42 weeks, mw and I had some plans/ideas...First I set up a special tour at the hospital, and the woman seemed very nice and sympathetic to my situation (I didn't even tell her the whole story, just that I've moved recently, but if it'll help I'll get all the sympathy I can!!) But she was willing to give me a special private tour, plus she said she'd talk to the hospital midwives and see if we could make a pre-arrangment where they would do my care if I go past 42 weeks, since I don't have a hospital back-up. I asked about waterbirth, but apparently they want you to take a class for that, which I of course haven't. She said she'd check into a special exception and I think I remember my doula saying something about actually teaching that class, so I can ask her about it too and perhaps I could get a quick private class if need be. Also, my mw was going to check with a dr. who might agree to be my backup but who would also be able to "grant" us additional time...aparently Dr.'s orders can go beyond the laws (grr...unless it turns out we can use this to our advantage, it's kind of frustrating). And I did schedule an u/s for tomorrow, which may be necessary to get my mw's maybe dr. to maybe back us up, yikes!! And I may have to have an appt. with her as well (the Dr.) so that would be three things for tomorrow...u/s, hospital tour, and dr. appt. (probably to get poked and prodded, too...grr). I know I sould kind of grumpy about some of these things, but really I'm just going to take it as it comes and see how I feel. I'd like to have some extra time, if baby needs it/wants it, and it sure seems like nothing I'm doing is getting things going. And hey, if we had a few more days, maybe I could wait on the castor oil (something I'm NOT looking forward to!!) I'm thinking baby has just somehow picked up on some vibes from me about going outside the bounds of the normal, and he/she is going to be bigger and later than our families seen in a while. The only thing I regret about all this is that my sister (who is my super supportive person) had spring break this week, so if baby comes after all this then it's just me, Peri and mom to adjust to new baby's needs. Other than that, I'm trying to be fully supportive of my child's right to pick his or her own birthday!

Sorry about the novel, ladies, and hope I'll have some good updates soon. And hey, maybe I'll go into labor tonight!! Stranger things have happened!!
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Well, now dd is sick so I hope I don't go into labor...grrrr...
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Eden, did you do something nice for yourself today? It sounds like you could REALLY use it! Sorry your DD is sick. Hopefully it will pass quickly.

Jster -- It will all work out for the highest good. Your baby will come at just the right time.

Fiacre -- Sending you labor vibes and baby holding vibes!

Rachel -- You are supported with whichever choice you make. You'll make the best choice for you and your family, this I'm confident of!

Kirstie -- Thanks for the birthing details. I love the part about you being all by yourself with deer, darkness and stars.
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I will be here as well till everyone has their babe in arms!

Sorry I've ben MIA lately, I have been lurking but Gavin has trouble nursing on 1 side due to my inverted nipple so NAK is very hard.

Highlights of gavins b-day~

I was set to be induced on 3-17. On 3-16 i started having ctx @ 7a.m. I didn't figure they actually meant anything till about 8.lol I started timing them at 830 a.m. 5 mins apart right from the start. I kept my normal morning routine, made breakfast for my girls, chatted on the phone figuring I'd give it some time in case these fizzled into nothing. At 930a.m., i realized that um, my doula is right, i should call dh cuz chances are this is 'It'.lol Call the hubby, good thing I did, his route was packed with 2 hr. jobs. If I called after he started one, he wouldn't be able to leave till he finished! By 1000 a.m. dh and the doula were on their way.
The ctx were starting to get my attention but I kept cleaning, no way was I coming home to a messy house!lol my older dd wanted me to rest, she was worried the baby would get here before any other adults did, so I spent alot of time talking to her. But i don't think she's ever been so happy to see dh.lol My doula got here a little after 11 a.m. The ctx were really picking up intensity so I called the hospital and my aunt so she could come watch my girls. By the time my aunt got here at 12 I was ready to head out. After last min. grabbing stuff and talking to my girls we got to the hospital at 1. In the car, ctx jumped from 5 mins. apart to less then 2 mins. apart and they were Intense. Poor dh worried I was going to have the baby in the car. At the hospital we found out I was dialated to a 7. I managed to get the nurse p.o.'ed since I wouldn't do things her way, but my dh and doula were awesome! I couldn't have asked for a better support system. I did get a shot of Nubain, it took the edge off and let me get my focus back. At 245 p.m. I was dialated to a 9 and I let the dr break the BOW, the dr. walked out of the room and prolly made it downstairs when I said ' it's baby time' . The nurse was big on vag exams- this time I told her to leave me alone. As the nurses are telling me to NOT push, i'm pushing. According to my doula, the nurse looked down and said' he's crowning' and Gavin's head was out to his jaw! the dr. comes running back in, manages to get 1 glove on grabs Gavin's head and is telling the nurses to help him get the other glove on. Somehow, i managed to birth my lil one without anyone dropping him.lol
At 2 55 p.m. 3-16-04 Gavin James entered this world. We had no tearing, he had minor face bruising. i left the hospital at 7 p.m. that night

Giles was our name for the baby in utero. We were having a hell of a time coming up with a name we both agreed on. We liked 'Giles ' but we found out it means ' goat skin shield' and honestly, that sounded way too much like a condom. We tried a couple different names on him, Gavin seemed to fit and it didn't make him cry.lol
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congrats Willowsmama!! and welcome Gavin. I like Gavin, it's probably good that you did not go with goat skin shield. You learn something new every day. Great support team you had with you, good going.

Jster, hang in there
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thanks everyone for all the positive thoughts and vibes. But, it's no real action here. I had those tests yesterday and baby is doing well so that is good. He lying a bit askew, but nothing major. More bloody show this a.m. and some long, strong ctx about 1x/hour all night, but that's it. Going for a walk and taking the phone off the hook. UGH.

Hopefully something will get going, this is getting ridiculous.

to all the mamas in waiting!
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Great birth story Willowsmama. I agree, Gavin is a fine name.

to everyone waiting. I have had no signs of anything happening and the phone calls have started !

I am currently very messy with paint, decorating my belly cast. Once I've finished that I won't have anything left to do except wait. The weather is getting very spring like here so I think lots of walks in the park over the weekend will be called for.

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Thanks Claire! Yeah I got my hair cut and had some coffe with a newspaper. I am going back to get my hair a little more textured this morning.

DD is feeling better this morning. She was throwing up last night but hasn't since then. I am wondering if it is psycosimatic (sp?) and she is just picking up on my stress mode. Also her dad is being a real flake these past few weeks. He went to Vegas with his GF and didn't call her to say goodbye or hello when he came back. She was supossed to see him today after school but he doesn't take her if she is sick (thank god!). I know she is feeling like she isn't very important to him ( which I think is true, she isn't a priority to him) and as much as my dh, her stepdad is making an effort to fill that void, he still isn't her daddy. It is sad to see. I let go that this was anything I could change a long, long time ago. So, we are going to get our nails done today, together!
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Guess what happened at my house...

last night?

: We had a baby! Can you believe it??

Emerson Reid Hayes was born at 3:43am this morning after 5 INTENSE hours of labor. Daddy did a GREAT job encouraging Mom, removing the cord from around Emerson's neck, helping his arm free from where his hand was tucked under his chin, and catching that baby!

We hope to get a weight later today, though it won't be accurate, as he's been nursing almost NON-STOP!

This baby was not overdue (physically). He shows every indication of being right on time. Lots of fat and vernix!

As soon as we get his hair washed we'll take and post some pictures! :LOL
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Yeah Tracy! I know that you were downright ready to have that baby when I saw you yesterday at LLL. How does A like the baby?
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YAY Tracy!! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see the pics and hear more!

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Congratulations to the March babies! I'm still here too...now ten days overdue. This has been so much more difficult than I could have imagined: the waiting game. I tried blue cohosh for a few days in a row and finally gave up when I ran out of tincture. I've tried walking, nipple stimulation, and my husband and I agree we're just not in the mood for sex anymore- whereas a week ago it was fun. I'm on my second 1000 piece puzzle and am going to do some more gardening today.

We had an ultrasound the other day to check the fluid levels (very good) and also had a non-stress test (also fine.) Next appt. with the CNM is on Tuesday. I'm 2 cm and very much effaced- but have been for several days now.

I'm thinking of all you other women waiting. What a mystery all this is (that's about the most positive thing I can think of today.) It is nice to know I'm not alone!

If I don't check in frequently, it's because I have to go to the library to get online- but I'll keep everyone in my thoughts over the next few days.

Peace and love,
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Congratulations and welcome to Emerson

So pleased for you and can't wait to see the piccies.

Mamalex: welcome and sending you lots of labour .
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Congrats, Tracy, and anyone else I've missed!!! I'm still reading, though sporadically, as my time on the internet is limited.

I just had to pop back in and revisit the bonding thread, now that I've had Anders. though I felt VERY connected to him in utero, the bonding process has been very different than with Erik. The intensity with Erik (our firstborn) was immediate and overwhelming. I loved Anders immediately, but the bonding has been slower...a more gradual process. I am so glad we talked about this before, and there were some of you who related similar stories, because it was a nice assurance to me that I wasn't a bad mom.

HUGS to all of you still waiting!!!
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