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I'm not pregnant anymore!

Just a quick note that my brand new baby daughter arrived on Wed 24th, very early am. She is pink and perfect and we are home now and settling in. Although the birth didn't go exactly as I hoped, starting with my water breaking, it was a powerful and uplifting experience. Baby's name is Julia.

I haven't been able to catch up on everyone but I see just above there that Tracy, you had your baby. That's fantastic. Wishing you joy and beautiful baby bonding. Welcome Emerson!

I will be back later to catch up and fill everyone in on the birth.

Warm, supporting vibes to all those left in the wait. It's hard to wait but you WILL be holding those babies in no time. I;m not going anywhere until I hear about every single one of you with your new little people.
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Congratulations Tracy & Oceanone!! and Emerson & Julia!!

Don't worry Eden, no one here will be left alone!!

Regarding sleeping & showering... my dh is sleeping in a seperate bed until we move & get a bigger bed, and my oldest ds has a toddler bed right by my bed and sleeps there most nights, but still many nights he sleeps w/ me... and Ihave the new one in my bed as well..
for showering~ either dh watches the newborn or I bring him in the bathroom in an infant chair.
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Congrats, oceanone, and enjoy your Julia!!

I shower when DH is still home, playing with Erik, when Anders is sleeping. If I cant' get one in then, or DH has an early meeting, I put Anders in the carseat in the shower, and leave ERik to play (which is what I did before having Anders). He plays with his CDs and CD player. But he's not a "get into things" kind of kid, so that helps.

Sleep...Anders sleeps with DH and I, Erik has his own room.

(I didn't see the question, just going off of bebe luna's response!)
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I'm so happy for you! Looking forward to hearing the whole story when you get a chance! YAY! Woo-hoo!

I just saw your post and posted right away! Now, I have to go read the rest of the thread!
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Welcome little Julia! Enjoy your babymoon, Oceanone! Glad you kept her so safe all these months!
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Oceanone, great news! Congratulations to you and your family. Enjoy your baby girl!
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Umm, remember this morning when I said that my sweet new baby didn't have any physical indication of being overdue? Well, I guess it turns out I'm not very astute at guessing weight. I told people this morning about 7-8 lbs. When we got a scale this afternoon and weighed him with his clothes on, he was exactly 11lbs! Whoops! What do I know? Oh, and no wonder it hurt!
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Congratulations Oceanone and Tracy! Another 11 lb baby? WOW mama!

Happy Birthday Julia and Emerson!

Can't wait to hear the birth stories and see pics! YAY!

Love that new baby smell....
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Wow, congrats citizenfong and oceanone!!!
welcome to the world, Emerson and Julia.
how exciting.....not many left now....
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YAY TRACY and EMERSON!!! Your patience paid off!


Can't wait to see pics and read your stories...can't wait until it's MY TURN! Who else is still waiting? Can we have a rollcall please?

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CONGRATULATIONS Oceanone . best wishes to all of you and welcome to Julia. I can't wait to read your birth story.

Citizenfong - 11lbs - WOW! Kudos to you!

Racheepoo: I am still waiting. Due date is tomorrow (28th). Good luck everyone and
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I'm still waiting...
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My baby is here!

Hi all, just wanted to post that my baby is here, too! Last night I took two doses of castor oil, which really wasn't that bad and certainly did the trick! My labor was still 11 hours long, though, but much better than the 28 with dd...and we got our homebirth!!

Suwannee Jane/Alice/Serene (?) was born at 7:28 am. She was 9lbs (big jump from 7lb11oz dd!) and 21 1/4 inches long. And she is sooo peaceful! I did have a funny tear because her hand came along with her face (I knew that would happen because 1)she has been punching my cervix for months and 2) she was sucking on her hand at the ultrasound yesterday) plus she really, really kicked her way out...

I'll get a full birth story at some point, but wanted to share!

And CONGRATULATIONS to Oceanone/Julia and Tracy/Emerson...blessings and happy babymoons to you all!

Good luck to all mom's still waiting, it will happen before you know it!
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Jster, congratulations and welcome to Suwanee! Enjoy her
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to Oceanone and Jster!

To all who are still waiting...You KNOW I thought my baby was never coming out, but he did. Try to hang on girls! Your time really is coming soon.
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Congratulations Jster

Very best wishes to you and welcome to Suwannee.

Well it's 1.5 hours to my due date. I am not putting too much stock in anything happening tomorrow !
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YAY JSTER AND SUWANNEE!! Many congratulations.

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congratulations Citizenfong!! 11 lbs....wow! Welcome Emerson!!

congratulations Oceanone! and welcome your Julia!!

congratulations Jster!! Welcome Suwannee..9 lbs is still Wow!

these babies are fashionablely late! sounds like they made grand entrances!!

hopefully this will be another busy weekend!

waiting for more babies!!! hang in there moms-in-waiting!
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YAY JSTER! Welcome little Suwanee! I'm so glad you got your homebirth! Congrats and enjoy your babymoon!

Tracy -- 11 lbs! Goodness gracious! Great work! Nice growing and birthing, mama!
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Athan Randall

There must have been something in the air! We had our lovely boy at 12:45 this a.m. after about an hour of hard labor. It was fast and furious but a peaceful water birth just the same. I had a difficult time after delivering and nearly had to go to the hospital, but my mw and her assistant got things under control and we are all now home and doing fine. He does show some minor indications of beng overcooked; his skin is super dry and cracked but otherwise okay.
Athan is 8lb4oz, not sure how long. He is very mellow so far and just a snuggle bug. Apparently he came out so fast (7 mins of pushing?) I got a blister in my cooch; my mw said she's not seen that in 30 odd years of delivering babies!! Here's hoping it doesn't pop:LOL :LOL

Anyway, to Jster, Oceanone and Tracy (11 lbs?!?!?!?)

Dh says A is hungry (he actually says he's hung and hungry:LOL :LOL ) Ciao
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