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Congrats GratefulMum!

Indigo-love your dd's name! It means "sun", right?

Jish-thank you so much for sharing your birth story. I must admit that's one of my worst fears-not getting the birth I want because of where I'm giving birth (hospital). But you handled it so well and I really admire you for it.

Citizenfong-are you having that baby or are your contrax more practice ones?

Pink-I'm totally wiped out too. I will do one simple task around the house and have to lie down afterwards. What would I do if I was chasing around a toddler as well? I can't even go there :LOL

I've decided that edd's are the devil's tool to make us get anxious and grumpy...why oh why am I obsessing about this arbitrary date? I SO want this to be over with...I'm grasping at anything now.

Tonight is our last Bradley class, so I feel good that we made it through the whole thing-I was a little worried when we signed up because it was so close to my "edd"- my instructor is also my doula so now she can totally focus on me when/IF I ever go into labor.

Enough about me! Hope everyone is doing well in waiting land....

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Hi Jster, we were posting at the same time-hope you are not on the West Coast cuz it's obscenely early out here!

I think my babe is holding out for Aries too...scares the pants off a Pisces like me.
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congrats again to the newest mamas and babes.

ILB--I absolutely love the name soleil. . . my babe would also be a soleil if dh would go for it. I'm still holding out hope. he didn't agree to dd #1's name (Jade) until after she was born either. I'd love to see your pics. . . I'll PM ya.

It's a lot of fun hearing all the new names, too.

Well, I suppose I am officially over due now too, although I still think the LMP date of March 20 was probably more accurate. So, by the weekend. RacheePoo. . .I agree that edd's are evil and arbitrary! (at least that's what I keep telling myself!).

I too am absolutely wiped out. Yesterday I had a sitter come but instead of leaving the house, I snuck upstairs and napped! It was nice. I'm also in a lot of physical discomfort wtih my pubic bone and pulled abdominal muscle. Turning over in bed is not fun, so I wake up every time. Today, but dd is at school, and ds and I will run a few errands this morning. I wish it were warmer here so we could get outside, but it's in the mid-30s!! brrrrrr.

I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow. IF I make it until then!! :LOL
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Well, I've had so many "practice" ctx at this point, I'm considering upgrading my amature status to professional. I started having regular ctx Sunday night at about 7pm and they finally petered out around 10-10:30 last night. That's over 24 hours. My step-father asked me the other day if I was sure I was really pregnant.:

I read about a woman who was in a Chinese concentration camp and was pg. She had her baby once she was released...she had carried him 12 mos. Supposedly this is a confirmed true story. So I have to have my baby by June, right?
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Congrats to all the new babies!

Jish-I'm sorry you were treated so horid by the hospital! I must admit that is my greatest fear as well! Sounds like you did a pretty darn good job of making choices that you can now own as your own!

I am still pg...my daughter is on spring break this week and we are doing her science project exsperiments. That is really fun. Also, in her school newletter, a family was *giving* away 2-3 dozen contour diapers. It turned out to be a former boss of mine...which was wierd but free diapers...heck yeah!

I have also been putting off my two big assigments until after baby is born...but now I a thinking I should at least have an outline doen for both before I meet him. Both are short...only 10-15 pages. One is on developmentally appropriate practice in the classroom and on is on modivation to learn. I have the documented research (ie the observations within my classroom) done but not the reading. One is due April14 and one is due april 21....

That was sort of a ramble, eh?

anyway...off to my every week girlfriend breakfast meeting!

to all the overdue mamas!

**Edited to say: I see all the spelling errors...I just don't want to fix them right now ***
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Thanks for thinking of me jster, but I am still here and quite, quite pregnant.

Hang in there Tracy. You are next batter up, and you will be holding your sweet baby SOON!

ILB, I love the name Soleil. It's just beautiful!

I thought we had names but in these last days I keep wavering back and forth. Still don't know the gender and I think I am just going to relax about it and name that baby when I see their face. Which will happen. Eventually.
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Jish - WOW. I have been fuming since reading your story. I am so sorry you and your choices were so disrespected and ignored. I think it's gross that the medical establishment is so presumptuous and condenscending/patronizing. I see parallels to my own profession in that I almost expect men to treat women disrespectfully but when other women buy into it, it almost seems like a double insult. I think there is an important lesson for all of us here too, that even armed with our information and strong wills, we are not always able to predict outcomes. I think you did the best you could with what you had and no one can ask anymore of you. Now at least the long pg is over and you have moved on to the next chapter, blissful babymoon. And good for you for already processing your experience and finding in it the moments when you took some control back.

Gratefulmum - congrats. I'm glad all went well; I think Arden is a beautiful name, particularly paired with Meredith.

I'm still hanging in here, waiting. We are supposed to get about a foot of snow today, starting at about noon so I guess my water should break about supper time:LOL . My dh is about an hour away at work and the birthing center is another 40 mins from home, so this could get interesting. That is IF I actually go into labor,w hich at this point is a pretty big IF. People say I am dropping, but people also said there was no way I'd make it to my edd, so just goes to show you.

Off for a snack and to sit on the bball. to all of us still waiting!
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Pinksunfish, you'll be suprised how much energy you have after the baby is born once that stomach is gone!!! you won't be so cumbersome and that will make a big difference!
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Thanks Kirstie, I hadn't really thought about that. The belly seems such a part of me now that it will be strange when it's gone.

Although, I'll be able to bend and lie on my back and sit comfortably and walk without waddling, hooray hooray !
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I had such bad heartburn with my other two, that as soon as they were born, one of the first things i noticed was that the heartburn disappeared. Just like that!
It's funny, with that belly gone, i always felt so skinny and wonderful and then i see pictures of myself within that first week postpartum and i still looked pregnant. And i think, ugh! I certainly felt better than i looked. But, after that first week, i started to look much, much better.
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It would be wonderful to be rid of the heartburn. It comes and goes but this last week it has been horrible. I never had heartburn before I got pregnant so fingers crossed that it goes away after the baby is here.
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I'm the same way. So i believe that your heartburn will go away rightaway, Pinksunfish.
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I'm in LABOR!!!!!!!!!
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WooHoo Willowsmama. Lots of happy birthing to you. Best wishes for a good labour and a healthy baby.

So exciting!
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Helen, hooray! Happy baby day!!!!

My heartburn disappeared instantly with my first too. I am so looking forward to ditching it. Heartburn has been my constant companion for about 5 months now....
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Yeah! Helen! sending happy healthy vibes your way. . .

I so feel for you guys with heartburn! I've not had it with any of my 3 pgs. Just this blasted pubic bone pain! I have a feeling it's going to take a while for it to go away. I just hope not too long.

But oh, to lie on my stomach, and on my back w/o getting a head rush. . . it will be pure heaven! Soon, mamas, very soon.

The weather here has gone from just cold, to almost blizzard-like! Dh is an hour away at work. So it figures I'll probably go into labor any time now.

well, it's time for the kiddos, and this big mama, to take naps.
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Good going, Willowsmama! Hope all goes well.
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Happy labor vibes, Helen!

Jish I'm glad that you claimed your labor back. And, I'm sorry that your birth was taken away from you in the first place. Sending you lots of love and wishing you a joyous babymoon.

Tracy, sending you lots of love. All those ctx with no baby to show for it is just rough. Maybe you'll wake up one night to something squirming between your legs to discover that you gave birth. Let's say that happens, ok? "Ask not for dreams equal to your power, but power equal to your dreams." Uh, someone said that sometime somewhere.
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Thanks, Claire!
I hope you are getting lots of new-baby-neck nuzzling and newborn-feet-kissing in...
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for those who have had their babies

quick question since i'm typing with one hand. Do any of you still feel like you have to pee all the time? after ds2 I got my bladder capacity back right away. At 5 days postpartum I still feel like i have to pee constantly. Most often its in smaller amounts like during pregnancy. Anyone in the same boat or have any suggestions about this (other than kegles.)

More to say later when i have 2 hands.
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