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congratulations fiacre! and welcome to Randall. (a blister?? ouch!!)
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all these babies! Congrats to you mommies! I can't type well, so please forgive me for not responding to all individually.

I saw the hand surgeon on Fri, as I hoped, he took one look at the bloody mass on my right middle finger and said, Let's get rid of that now. So, he numbed myu hand and cut it out. It was some kind of bloody wart that he has heard happens more in new moms, which would make sense, since it started at the end of my 1st pg and really got bad at the end of this one.

Now, i have the 1st 3 fingers of my right hand wrapped together and can't change diapers, which is good abd bad. I was doing most of them at night and dh isn't as good at it as i am in the dark and half asleep. the wrap comres off torrow, then i have to let it heal and have drs orders to limit the diaper changing then too, just to protect it from infection. will write more when i can type with both hands.

ps- fiacre- i had a little blister too! never heard of it before that. fast pushing, i guess. it was gone in a couple of days.
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Welcome Athan!
Fiacre enjoy your babymoon! Congrats!
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dnr-yikes, that sounds very painful...take care of yourself!

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Happy Due Date to Me!

Congratulations Fiacre . Best wishes to all of you and welcome to Athan Randall. One hour of labour - WOW!

It's my due date today !

No signs of anything happening yet and the clocks went forward today so the baby has an hour less to get things going today :LOL!

Got my DH to check my cervix and he thought it felt like it might be open a bit. I have also had some lower back pain off and on all night but maybe I'm kidding myself.

We are just so ready to meet this baby!

to everyone waiting (which must be all the rest of us) and to all.
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Pinksunfish--It's my due date too!! happy due date to us. I hope you are holding your babe soon!

Congrats Fiacre and Jster!! How great!!

Jster-I just want to say you are such a strong woman! AND you got your homebirth!! Any decision on a middle name yet?

Sending happy momma vibes to everyone!!!

We're donig allright here. We broke down and paid out of pocket to visit the Sears' practice since Dh was worried the ped. we usually use would be a lame-a$$ about our birth. and we needed anohter document for her SS number...so we drove to San Clemente last week and saw Dr. Bob (Bill's son) HE was great and very respectful. She weighed 9 lb, 5 oz so we're guessing she was over 8 lbs at birth....at 2.5 weeks early.

He was really nice and I *loved* the way he phrased the questions...."was there a midwife involved?" :LOL and when we said, no he said, "okay" and moved on. ALso it was nice not to get pressure about vaxing since he doesn't vax his kids either. So I guess it was worth the drive and extra money.
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Indigo, that's really cool that you have Dr. Sears in person close to you. Sounds like a great visit. Our ped appt is next Friday.

PinkSunfish, happy due date. This is really strange, but I dreamt about you last night. even though I have no idea what you look like, we were at the beach together, and i was in the water (it was an ocean) and I kept trying to get you to join me, but you wouldn't. So I kept repeating your siggy line to you, over and over. as if getting in the water would bring you noteriety, as if that had something to do with giving birth. : Today, I can't stop repeating your siggy line!

dnr, I'm glad you got your hand "fixed" and here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

Well, my baby is one week old today. I've been reflecting on the birth today, and working up to writing my birth story.

Dh has to go to work tomorrow. He has been absolutely amazing this week and I am so going to miss him.
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Indigo~ we're going to see Dr. Bob too! I can't wait...he comes highly recommended. He wants to see Darian when he's a week old...of course I have to actually birth the child first! How far away are you-we're about 45 minutes. I'd rather be safe than sorry though.

HAPPY DUE DATES INDIGO AND PINKSUNFISH!! Okay, who else is waiting-just the four of us (Bathrobe Goddess, myself, and you two)?
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Congratulations Fiacre! Maybe it's a New Hampshire thing to have a fast delivery! Yours sounds like mine, and my 3 close girlfriends who have all delivered in 3 hrs or less recently! Is gravity stronger in the northeast?? :
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Cool about Dr Sears! I saw Dr Sears and one of his sonscant remember which one) speak about vaccinations at a la Leache League conference. It was a huge help in my decision not to vaccinate.
But they never mentioned thier personal beliefs on the subject, so I was curious about that. nice to hear Dr Bob doesnt!

And I am still here too! Wouldnt leave you mamas still waiting!
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Wow! Congrats to the new mommies!

I am still pg here. Yesterday our stroller came in the mail! I LOVE IT!!!!! We ordered it from babies r us online (the closest store is 1 1/2 hrs away and it was free to ship) were I had registered for some stuff online. OMG! I can't belive how much it fits every little criteria I had for a stroller. I have two slings I plan to use but dh wanted a stoller...and I have to admit I did use dd's all the time when she was young.

Well I am off to rest...I am so tired today...
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Mamaroni: I am immensely flattered that you dreamt of me! Thank you so much for your subconcious efforts to get me into labour . Oh, and I love swimming in the ocean by the way so it's most odd that I refused your suggestions!

I haven't had any dreams about giving birth but I did have a classic anxiety dream about the baby. I dreamt that I had just found the baby alonestrapped in a high-chair and it was a week old. I was frantic wondering about who had been looking after him/her (I didn't dream the gender), if I could still breastfeed after a week of not being there, who had been changing the nappies etc. Very strange and quite sad because I am really so excited about meeting our wee one.

We should have a roll call as to who is left!

to everyone waiting and
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Waters are going!!

Well, after all my moaning the baby seems to have taken the hint. Having irregular weak contractions but my waters are going. Will pop to the hospital after I have a shower and get monitored.

May check in after I get back if things don't pick up before then!

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I am now the insomniac! I have been awake since 3am, got in the bath about 4:20am and am now posting a reply at 5:23am! Is this a good sign of impending labor? I sure hope so! Here is to being 4 days over Oh and my husband bought me a 6 pack of my favorite beer two nights ago, put it in the fridge and calls it my prize. Silly guy but it is really sweet!

Pinksunfish: I hope it is your day!
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Pinksunfish! Sounds like it's it for you! Sending you peaceful birth vibes!

Mamaroni, I think you get to be resident psychic for a while!

Eden -- :LOL Your prize is great!
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alright, pinksunfish! I can't wait to hear an update!

Eden, I agree with Spark. . . I had a half a beer this weekend and it really tasted yummy!

to the mamas in waiting
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Mamaroni: you are definately the resident psychic. All your watery thoughts did the trick!

I went to the hospital to be monitored at about 8am (British Summer Time) and all is well with me and the baby so I was sent home as expected.

We have done lots of walking and I had a wee sleep at lunchtime. The contractions are still pretty mild but getting stronger and about 7 minutes apart or so. I am getting a lot of downward pressure from the head so with any luck that will help dilation. Hopefully things will continue to progress. If not, then I go back to the hospital for reassesment tomorrow morning. They will let me go 48 hours after my water breaking before inducing me.

I will probably not come on with anymore updates until the baby is born now. I'm off to use the birth ball whislt watching some telly.

Thanks for all you good wishes, we are very excited here !

to those still waiting and much
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Congratulations Fiacre! Welcome Athan! I'm glad your midwife kept you from going to the hospital. My baby was full term exactly, and she was very dry. I left it alone most of the time, but when the feet and hands and neck cracked i would squirt breastmilk on them. I rubbed olive oil on her twice, but it (the dryness) did clear up and at one week her skin looks so beautiful!

Goodluck Pinksunfish, i hope you are holding your baby or at least in labor!
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Yay! pinksunfish and impending baby.

Must go back and read the rest of the thread but wanted to reply before Julia woke up.

Can't wait to hear the news@!!!!
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Go Pinksunfish Go!

I went in for a routine appt. today...saw a new doc b/c mine was doing a c-section: anyway...she was really sweet, I'm still closed up tighter than Fort Knox, not effaced or anything...but-

HE'S HEAD DOWN!!! Glory hallelujah.

I explained to her that I wanted a bradley birth, and she could not have been more supportive...so I go in Wed for a NST and then every 4 days until he comes.

Thanks for all your good wishes!

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