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March Mamas: The 15th-31st!!!!! - Page 12

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Hey Mamas!

Welcome to the world, babies and happy babymoons mamas!

Peaceful birthing vibes, Pinksunfish!

For the few of you still waiting, I know it is hard, but you will get to hold those babies SO soon, this waiting will be worth it

I have been so busy, but I could not leave these ladies! I think I have truly found what chaos is. Dh went back to work 1 week after Jack was born. I also started my third online class the 25th. This Friday we are going to start moving to a bigger house (we live on base and the military will let us move to a four bedroom house). I am really happy with what I am accomplishing, but when the rain falls it POURS, YKWIM? I still have to get my birth story in writing!

In the midst of all this, I am very happy that Jack fits just right here. He is such a laid-back, easy-going little guy. My kids adore him and I have not seen any regression; in fact, dd is starting to potty like a big girl, WOO-HOO!! 3 in diapers is no fun :LOL!!

Man, i am reading as I write and I am realizing I am nuts :LOL
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Racheepoo, keep in mind every labor is unique. Your baby will let your body know when it is ready! Glad the head is down, it's just a matter of time before the process gets going. It still could all happen for you tonight, but hang in there all the same.

Looking forward to hearing more baby announcements!
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Yeah! Rachel congrats on the head down baby! Yeah!
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Congrats Jster and Fiacre and your precious new babies!!

Tracy~ wow 11 lbs! My new one weighed 11+ lbs as well at birth! Isn't it amazing... and mine was not overdue except maybe a few days... Hope you have plenty of stage 2/ 3-6 month clothes... my babe is outgrowing all the newborn stuff and fits in 3-6 month clothes at 3 weeks now... same w/ diapers.

Sounds like both Eden and Pinksunfish will be having those babies any day now!!
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Originally posted by bebe luna
Tracy~ wow 11 lbs! My new one weighed 11+ lbs as well at birth! Isn't it amazing... and mine was not overdue except maybe a few days... Hope you have plenty of stage 2/ 3-6 month clothes... my babe is outgrowing all the newborn stuff and fits in 3-6 month clothes at 3 weeks now... same w/ diapers.
Ha ha! Funny you should post this! I had to come on and tell you all...bebe luna, you continue to rule alone...Emerson was NOT almost 11 lbs!

I kept saying I didn't believe it, he just didn't look that big to me. Everyone else kept saying Well it's not like you have another newborn around to compare him to. And I kept thinking about that picture of Taurin...Okay, and I told you guys how I had guessed about 7-8lbs before we weighed him?

We went to the ped yesterday and of course they weighed E...well we had to come home and play with the scale. When dh first weighed him on Friday I was so skeptical that my FIL suggested dh weigh a 5 lb bag of flour. Yep, the scale registered 5 lb.

Well here's what we discovered last night. AFTER 5 lbs. the scale starts becoming inaccurate! By 10lbs it's around 2 lbs OVER! Who would have guessed that?? So here is our final best guess of what he weighed--8lbs 10oz. Still respectable, no doubt, but no Taurin!

So, sorry I accepted extra congratulations in regard to big baby. The good news is that I'm not crazy...I was right to be skeptical!

Well I was going to write an update, but my sweet, only-slightly-bigger-than-average baby is calling me! :LOL
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Well, Bebeluna -- looks like you are the reigning big baby mama! AND THE REIGNING HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE GOES TO... TAURIN!

Pinksunfish & Eden we are keeping you in our thoughts! Hurry on back to us and tell us about your little sweet babies... unless you want to rival Taurin!

Tracy, FYI -- we all knew you weren't crazy!

Ok, so go check out the new thread I posted here under March 2004.
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Still here...no signs of anything...11 days OD...
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Rachel, you're making it through! Here, have some cheer today. You'll be holding your babe soon, he/she just needs a little more cooking time. Can you take the time to do something nice just for yourself today?
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Hang in there Rachel! I'm thinking of you over here too!
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I've been absent, have you missed me???

The week after Kellen was born, my oldest was on spring break and dh took the week off, so we were so busy. Then, last monday, the day my dh was going back to work, I woke up with a killer headache, muscle aches and a fever of 104. Can you believe that at only 10 days post-partum I got mastitis. I've had it many times and knew exactly what it was so I called the doctor and got a script for antibiotics that afternoon. I felt like crap and ran a temperature for about three days, even on the antibiotics. I managed to get rid of the plugged duct after about four days and felt much better.

Adding the third to the family has been easier than expected, but I have a dh who is very helpful around the house. We are in the process of moving the boys into the other bedroom which means painting and shifting a ton of toys and things. We are also getting bunk beds so I had to take their headboards and box springs out to store in the garage. It has been chaos, but we have had some wonderful friends bring us some meals and that has been nice. I'm looking forward to getting the house back in shape and getting everything put away. We have baskets of stuff lining the hallway just waiting for me to sort through it.:

I hope that those of you still pregnant are hanging in there. I never thought I'd say this, but I sort of miss it. I think it's because this is likely my last and I know I won't be pregnant again. It's sort of bittersweet. I want Kellen to stay two weeks old for about a year, but my dh doesn't understand why. Packing up the maternity stuff made me cry. After Kellen was born I immediately thought "This can't be our last, we have to have another" but I don't know if my dh will be convinced. Catholic school tuition for four children could send us to the poor house.

I'm glad everyone is checking in on those who haven't had their babes yet. When I was pg with #2 I was on epregnancy.com. My due date was Sept 29th, but I went a week late. By the time my due date came around everyone was gone (they didn't have boards besided pregnancy boards at the time so everyone had moved on) and I was all alone. It was depressing to not have anyone to share my birth story with.

I know that Spark started another thread on this due date board, but we really should move to the LWAB board now. The pregnancy boards are for those who are pregnant, and I would be a bad moderator if I didn't try to keep the boards organized. Besides, in a few months it will be a March 2005 board and we'd be booted off anyway. If someone would like to start a thread on the LWAB we can continue there, as a pregnancy/new baby thread for March mamas (and those who were supposed to be march mamas:LOL ). We can continue on here until everyone delivers, but then, we really should move on to LWAB if we haven't already. Besides, I moderate the LWAB board so I'm there anyway.

Good luck to those who have yet to deliver, and believe it or not, there are brief moments when I'm envious of you for still having labor and those first precious days of life ahead of you. It's such a beautiful thing that you can't get back. Enjoy!
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I am still here and checking in on you guys too. Hang in there Rachel and all those still pregnant. Your time will come and we will be happy with you.

What Jish and the others have said about new babies is totally true. You still have that wonderful moment ahead of you, when you meet and hold that little one for the first time and see those small eyes looking back at you. My baby is a week old and I am totally enamoured of her and already I dread the time when she is no longer a newborn and miss it dreadfully, even whilst in the midst of it. Oh, we must all be crazy.....

Lots of gentle birthing vibes being spread about the air for you.

Pinksunfish, can't wait to hear your news!
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Hey all you gals with babes in your arms --- CHANGE YOUR SIGNATURES!!!:LOL
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someone mentioned early on that they would probably have an april fools baby. who was it? i thought it was Racheepoo.
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Hey guys thanks for the cheer! I had a nst and u/s today to check for fluid levels :rollseyes: everything is PERFECT. But I have to keep going back in every 3 days for a nst to make sure so the doctor isn't afraid I'll sue him :LOL

Jish, if I'm the only one left I don't mind moving to LWAB right now...it makes no difference at all to me. I'm just glad you guys are here! Sorry about your mastitis... glad you are getting better.

(on another note, just wanted to share with you all. My dad died on April 8, 1996. He and I were very close. When I got pregnant, I wanted a girl SOOOO badly; we found out it was a boy and I just got this "feeling" that Dad was kind of watching out for me in some way. We did the very bad 3 d ultrasound, I know, I know...but I didn't know it was bad then...and this baby is the spitting image of my Dad! As I get closer to April 8, I almost feel like this baby is meant to remind me and bring me closer to his memory somehow. It wouldn't surprise me at all if his birthday was close to or on that date. Okay...I'm done LOL)
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well those that watch over us, let us know in mysterious ways!!
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Thread Starter 
I had my baby last night at 10:45pm! He is perfect and wonderful! His name is Ori James. His birth didn't go as I had hoped...I had a 30hr posterior labor ,made it 26hrs without any medications but wgenI reached transition Ihad an epadural because I was so tired I could no longer stay on top of the contractions. I am really, really glad I had it because he also got stuck behind my pubic bone at the shoulders and I had a large bleed. I am proud I lasted 26 hours! and I'm also glad I didn't feel the pain of having my belly pushed on.
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COngratulations BG!! Welcome Ori, BTW I love the name. Really original but too much so! ANd WOW on the 26 hours!! What a woman.

Hang in there Racheepoo. And that is neat about your dad. I guess no matter what this extra time has given you the gift of thinking more about your father too....I'm sure he *is* looking out for you.

Everyone that needs labor vibes....sening lots of wonderful ones!!

I miss being pregnant too....ANd since I went so early, I feel like I didn't complete this pregnancy, does anyone KWIM? I missed the part at the very end where you get so excited every night wondering if this will be it, miss everyone asking "haven't you had that baby yet??" ....just miss being really ready. ANd I actually was mostly enjoying this preg. so I wanted to relish every minute. I am grateful everything went as it did but still, there is part of me that thinks, "hey, I"m not even due yet!!" :LOL Also I think I feel a little ripped off on the last two weeks for getting stuff done, etc.

ANYWAY, not to have a pity party for that since I know there are still mamas anxiously waiting, the feeling just sort of take me by surprise and I wondered if anyone else ever felt like that after going early? I've never gone early so it's new to me!

Well, lots of love and peace, gentle mamas!
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YAY BathrobeGoddess little ORI! 26 hrs with no meds...you're my hero!

kirstie-you're right about the april fools baby...my dh is terrified of it! He tells me any other day is fine (gee thanks hon) but I would be THRILLED at this point...any day is a good day! :LOL

ilbear-sorry you're feeling ripped off about missing being pregnant...I do wish with all my heart that I could trade places with you right now! No, seriously...I understand what you mean. It has been nice being able to get everything finished without worrying about whether the babe would need something and I'd have to stop. (I'm thinking about the huge landscaping project we just started...)

Off to bed
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congrats Eden!! welcome Ori!

to rachel!!

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birth story

I actually got this all written the other day and got some error that terminated my internet connection and POOF, it was gone! At least my labor was short, so my story will be too. Hopefully I can get it all down before ds wakes up again; it's my first day home alone!!

Oh and Rachel, hang in there - I can so relate, though now five days post partum, the waiting seems like it was eons ago. And all of you who miss being pg - I do not understand!!! It was so nice yesterday in the shower to see my cooch again without looking in the mirror!!

OK - the birth story:

Thursday woke up with bloody show, but no action all day. Had our tests done and everyone felt like it was okay to keep on waiting. Friday a.m., more bloody show, no action. Mw suggested starging cohoshes which I did around 2p.m. Dh and I went for two walks, which gave me a couple contrax on hills, but that's about it. Fridya was also my book club meeting and I told dh that if there was nothing exciting happening by 5:30, I was making me dish and going. He agreed, tho insisted on coming along so I wouldn't drive and he mostly wanted me in his sights.:LOL So, off to book group, ate good indian food, talked and laughted alot with the other women. I had about a half dozen ctx there over two hours, but very manageable. Came home early so we could rest, thinking we'd wake up in the middle of the night to go to the birth center. In bed by 8:30, but I had a few ctx, one really long, strong one that just got my mind going. From there, even tho the ctx were not close together, my mind was racing - my mom was in the next room (not planned, and was keeping from getting into the birth zone), dd was asleep down the hall, plus I stressed about the drive to the bc (45 mins). So about 9:30, woke up dh, told him I just wanted to be there, even if we got there and went back to bed until things got rocking.
Off we go, while back at the house, my mom and mil who apparently had this secret pact, were on the phone, mil came over so they could both be here waiting, trying to out-grandmother each other with dd. . . . .ugh. :
Had ctx on the way about 10 mins apart, but very breathable, not big deal.
Got to the bc about 10:30 and settled in; got checked and was about 2.5 cms. No biggy. Everyone went to bed by 10:50, but now my ctx were about 8 mins apart, still very manageable, but making me need the bathroom between each one. Dh snoozed and I hung out in the bathroom. Mw#2 arrived and though planning to sleep herself, was listening intently to my breathing. My last breathable ctx was at 11:15, I remember looking at my watch thinking, I'd see my son around 3 or 4 a.m. I called my dh to the bathroom b/c I already had another hard ctx that required some vocalization.
I spent about 30 mins in the bathroom with hard ctx, mw#1 came back (she lives on the other side of the house), and I made my way back to the bedroom/birthroom. I tried to get comfortable, but it was impossible. Mws were exchanging glances about how fast the ctx were. I begged to get into the pool, which mw had said earlier was off limits until 5cms. They didn't even check me and said OK! This made it somewhat easier to ride out the ctx, but they were fast and furious. I tried when I could, to think "OPEN" and concentrate. Dh was just hanging on to me, telling me I was doing well and occassionally reminded me that each ctx brought us closer to meeting our bean. By 12:35 I was ready to push; the vocalization which by then had become recitations of "I'm not sure I can keep this up", made me think transition was near. I recalled that just when you think 'I've had it', you're usually ready to transition, so this gave me some hope though it seemed impossible since so short a time had elapsed and my waters hadn't even broken. So, I told mw there was pressure and the vocalizations turned to gutteral grunty noises. I made one practice push to test things out (apparently this broke my waters) and then three strong pushes later, ds was born. When his head was delivered, mw#1 felt down and though he was breech; she's cursing 'breech' and saying 'I knew it!', but mw#2 was like "I can see his face!". . . . ds had been riding so askew in there that he had a head like ET, really long. Mw#1 felt the back side of his head and it was so smooth and round and long that she mistook it for his butt. He will never live down 'butthead'. Anyway, mw#1 said I am lucky to have a pelvis like a barn (I took it as a compliment) b/c that's how I pushed a basically OP baby out in three strong pushes.

We had a little drama afterwards where I bled for while and had some questionable placental fragments (I have a history of previa and severe hemmorhage), so they were not taking chances. Problem was that my body still thought it was in labor so my pains never stopped. I was a mess for about two hours, convulsing some and bleeding some, trying to stay alert and feeling really bad for dh and ds. Mws called the hospital, got some more suggestions to try before a transport the the hosp would be necessary, which thankfully, did the trick. By 4 a.m. were all settling into bed for some much needed rest.

We came home Sat evening, less than 24 hours after arriving. We kicked out the moms Sunday (though mil showed up unannounced sun p.m. with two carloads of relatives. . . . . Mw came on Monday to check us all out. We are fine!

Ds went to the dr. yesterday and she agrees, he is perfect, even if a touch overcooked. He is nursing pretty well, my milk is in and today is my first day at home alone. A neighbor is bringing us dinner (you'd think with two moms in the house for a coupld of days we'd have a clean house and two weeks of meals, but I had a messy house, no food but a happy dd, . . . . ).

That's our deal. It's nice to be in this chapter and I look foward to our further conversatiosn on the lwab board.

and to the mamas still waiting. I know it's hard, but it won't be long now, honest!!

Little dude is waking up, so must go!
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