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Congratulations, Bathrobegoddess!! Sounds like you handled your long labor rather well. And welcome Ori!

Fiacre, sorry about your rough afterending to a wonderful birth. Butthead might be hard to live down, but it makes for a fun story.

Keep on, Racheepoo!
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Congratulations Eden and Ori! What a great name, I love it too.

Fiacre, great birth story. Thanks for sharing it with us. I haven't had a moment to write mine yet, but maybe this week.

Rachel, I am thinking of you today. You are so close.

Ok, I'm going to go change my signature while I remember. I keep meaning to and then something happens.

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Yeah,BG! Welcome little Ori!

So, I sold my first thing ever online today! I feel proud! I sold Cicely's newborn diaper covers that she outgrew! I can't believe she's already out of them!

Sending you Rachel.
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Fiacre, thank you for the birth story! That's awesome. And you are the queen of the od club, so I'm not complaining until I get to 43 wks! LOL

DId some major exercise today trying to get stuff jumpstarted. So far, I'm just very sore and it's hard to walk :LOL, but no contrax. I will see the doc again manana for a nst.

Oh well...April is a diamond birthstone, right? Thanks for all the , everyone! He'll come when he's ready....(mantra at this point)

odc day 12
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Fiacre -- I'm sorry I got sidetracked and didn't tell you how much I enjoyed reading your birth story. Sounds very empowering. YAY! Hope you're enjoying your babymoon!
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Baby sunfish is here

Just to let you know that we had our daughter Zahra Heather on Tuesday.

Labour didn't go quite as I planned and she was born by emergency C-Section. However due to the wonderful care we received it was a very positive experience.

I'll write my birth story when I have more time and have learned how to type one handed (this is being typed by DH).

She did turn out to be a big baby weighing in at 9lbs 1oz. We think she is the most beautiful baby in the world ever !

I haven't had time to read all the posts since I have been away but congratualtions to all the new mums and babies.

:bf This is me 24/7 just now
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Congratulations Pinksunfish! and welcome Zahra!! Being a mom for the first time is such a magical time. I remember with my first i was so amazed about howmuch i loved this creature. There is nothing so pure as a mothers love for her children.
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Yeah, PinkSunfish! congratulations on your daughter! I hope your belly recovers quickly from your surgery. Enjoy your girl!
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congrats to all the new mamas and babes! keep them birth stories coming!
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Conratulations mamas! Welcome to the world, babes!

Hang in there, Rachel. Think of it this way, your baby loves where he/she is at! You are baking a beautiful baby!
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Pink sun fish, congratulations on your wonderful new baby girl. Enjoy, enjoy! You will look back on this time with such fondness. Hope you are taking it easy and feel hale and hearty very soon.

I have some pics to share of Julia. I am not allowed to post them publicy though. But if you email me I will send you the link. I love to see the babies and can't resist sharing my lovely one too.
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pink sunfish! congrats on your little girl!
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YAY pinksunfish! Can't wait to hear your story.

I am PRAYING that this baby comes out this wkend, because my regular doctor is out of town and the on-call doctor is very, very pro-natural birth (he's even attended home births) which I didn't find out until about a month ago. They also happen to be brothers! So this wkend would be so great for having my birth plan respected, I think. Cross your fingers for me! (I've been spending tons of time on hands and knees and dh and I have been fooling around WAAYYY too much trying to get things kickstarted!)

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Bathrobe Goddess and PinkSunfish

Well, we are almost complete, but remember our motto...

We are all here with you, Rachel! Hang on, Girl!

I can finally share some pictures. No birth story yet, but one thing at a time!

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cute pictures of Emerson! (and big brother)

Sending you thoughts of labor, Racheepoo. Hope you get your baby by monday.
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I'm still here for ya, too Rachel!

tracy--great pictures! looks like he has lots of hair. . .I love that!
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YAY Pinksunfish! Welcome little (big) Zahra!

Sending you healing vibes,Pinksunfish.

Tracy, wow! A baby that cute and sweet sure seems worth the wait! I love his hair and his full cheeks! Nice, gestating!
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Rachel, I'mkeeping you in my thoughts!
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Thanks for the congrats.

Sorry I haven't been on much. I've been recovering, babymooning but mostly feeding my new daughter.

Rachel I really hope it happens for you soon. Lots of and
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YAY psf. Glad you are enjoying.

Just wanted Rachel and all to know that I am still checking in too.

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