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I'm overdue, tired and crabby. 3 cm dilated, 50% effaced, no consistent contrax. I took blue/black cohosh today and am contemplating the castor oil (ugh!). Last night I packed my cooch full of evening primrose oil capsules just to wake up in a greasy mess. Somehow that seemed more appealing than sex! LOL!

I was due last saturday.
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Originally posted by Rebecca
Last night I packed my cooch full of evening primrose oil capsules just to wake up in a greasy mess. Somehow that seemed more appealing than sex! LOL!
Rebecca, this made me laugh out loud. I was considering doing the same--my mw suggested putting it in a diaphram to avoid the mess. Sex is not appealing to me either. Maybe in a few more days, though!
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Originally posted by mamaroni
Rebecca, this made me laugh out loud. I was considering doing the same--my mw suggested putting it in a diaphram to avoid the mess. Sex is not appealing to me either. Maybe in a few more days, though!
OOh, maybe I'll do that tonight. I think I still have an old diaphram kicking around here. It's probably way too small though! LOL! I got it in college.

Even the snowstorm we're having didn't help move this babe out. My parents are spending the night just in case, with the snow and all, it'd take a while to get here, but alas, I don't forsee any babe tonite.
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Sending birth vibes to all that need them! You women are really doing the hard part... waiting.

Here are the latest pictures of my little one. I am so enjoying her! No post-partum depression this time AND a baby that sleeps more than 20 minutes at a time. I feel very blessed! http://homepage.mac.com/jakces/iblog...543/index.html

EPO -- I didn't have a diaphram, but I used "Instead" to hold the oil back tilll morning. They sell "Instead" at Target and a lot of other places. http://www.softcup.com/ (I also really liked them for periods, but I haven't had one of those since Feb 2001!)

Jish -- I can't relate to the small bladder problem. I'm peeing like pre-pregnancy. Maybe Birth and Beyond could help?

labor vibes
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My dd was born 3/10. She was 7lbs 12oz. A long, hard labor (over 24 hours) but no epidural! I couldn't believe I did it!
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Hi everyone. I came to post my birth story and just dumped my tea all over my keyboard.

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Re: for those who have had their babies

Originally posted by Jish
quick question since i'm typing with one hand. Do any of you still feel like you have to pee all the time? after ds2 I got my bladder capacity back right away. At 5 days postpartum I still feel like i have to pee constantly. Most often its in smaller amounts like during pregnancy. Anyone in the same boat or have any suggestions about this (other than kegles.)

More to say later when i have 2 hands.
yes, but its improved since then........ nak
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Shershine: CONGRATULATIONS . very best wishes to you and your family and welcome to your new daughter. I can't wait to read your birth story, kudos to you for all your hard work .

Spark: beautiful pictures

My Update:

Thanks for all your kind and supportive posts when I wrote about my big baby and worries about possible GD a couple of weeks ago.

I have just got back from the scan and antenatal appointment.

The good news is that I don't have gestational diabetes and that eveything to do with the pregnancy is normal except that the baby has a big fat tummy. Its head is large but within normal limits but the tummy is off the chart. Also, they are happy for me to go into labour naturally (phew!). They are reasonably happy because the baby is deeply engaged and I have a reasonable sized pelvis.

The baby is also LOA at last .

The dissappointing news is that because there is a slightly higher risk of shoulder dystocia I have been risked out of the hospital's birthing centre . So no waterbirth for me - arse : !

However, I have to be pragmatic about it and just try to ensure that I do everything I can to have the kind of birth I want on the Delivery suite. My DH is primed to keep me off the bed and mobile and I am off to research positions for second stage that will help to prevent shoulder problems.

If any of you wise ladies know of the right places for me to look then I am open to any suggestions.

to everyone
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Hands and knees is kind of "the" position for shoulder dystocia. I birthed both my last babies that way, and ds was a really big baby. Good luck w/your birth...you sound like you're on your way to an empowered and informed birth! BTW, I emailed you our birth pix just now.

SHershine! congrats!! You must be so proud. That's a LONG labor! Good job.

Our update. Soleil is doing well and my milk came in yesterday. She sleeps pretty much ALL THE TIME which is nice but I am trying not to get used to it. :LOL I feel pretty okay but still having afterpains at night/evening and they hurt! ANyone else w/this? And geez, I"m tired. Even w/her sleeping all the time, I"M sleeping all the time too!

I know there's lots I haven't responded to. happy birthing mamas. and happy baby moon to others!
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Indigolillybear: Thank you so much for sharing your photos. They are fantastic, what a gorgeous family you are. The nursing photos and the ones with all your children together are especially lovely.

Thansk for the tip re: hands and knees, the reading I have been doing so far echos that idea. It makes logical sense as well. I am feeling very positive about everything now and have just been telling the baby that we are ready when he/she is.

The baby looked really grumpy on the scan () and very squished in there. He/she is walloping me a fair amount still so I've told him/her the way to freedom is down and out .

to everyone.
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Just back from a midwives appointment:

3cm dialated, ripe as can be, still at -2 station

Having said that...I really feel crummy today! I am tired and my joints hurt! Yesterday my hands and feet swelled up and I had to pry my rings off...it really hurt but I'm glad I didn't have to get them cut off. Plus I haven't had any problems with swelling before yesterday.

Anyway...labor/birthing vibes to all!
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Gavin James was born @ 2:55 p.m. 3-16-04!

Birth story later.
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Willowsmama: CONGRATULATIONS . Thats fantastic news and welcome to Gavin James. I look forward to reading your birth story later on. All the best to you and your family .

Bathrobe Goddess: I hadn't had any swelling problems either (and still don't for the most part) but had to start taking my rings off a couple of weeks ago and have kept them off for a week. I think it could just that end of pregnancy retaining water thing although my knuckle joints are pretty stiff, so it's those damn loose ligaments too (I know that loose ligaments are a good thing especially for me .
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Shershine and Willowsmama, congratulations!!

today i feel emotionally fragile...like i could cry at any sec. i think that is supposed to be good because it means my hormones are setting up my body for the birth. or am i just unstable?

happy birthing to the Moms in labor?!
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I was going to post and say "you are just unstable Kirstie" but then thought better of it since you are feeling fragile today . I am sure that your hormones are getting ready for the birth now.

I got the first spot I have had all pregnancy yesterday and was hoping the same thing :LOL.

Isn't it funny how this stage parallels how we were when TTC? Wondering if every new thing is A SIGN !! :LOL

Being a woman is tough work!
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just kidding, pinksunfish! you actually made me:LOL
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to Shershine and to Willowsmama

Helen-I'll be interested to find out why you guys went with "Gavin" instead of "Giles".

Kirstie--Girl I feel you on the emotionally fragile topic. I have to have a good cry just about every day now. For me it's just that I have to release some of the tension of waiting somehow. Oh, and I would say unstable might be a pretty accurate label for me right now. :LOL Do not fret...it won't be much longer before you'll be feeling fragile for a whole OTHER reason...pp hormones! Bring 'em on!
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Yay shershine!

Yay willowsmama, can't wait to hear how it went!

PinkSunfish-sorry you were risked out for dystocia...but yay that your babe is LOA! That's awesome.

kirstie-sending you . I understand about feeling fragile...and I don't think being super emotional right now means you are 'unstable' LOL, it's just a normal part of pregnancy-at least it has been for me. Hang in there!

Bathrobegoddess-looks like your body is getting ready! I refused to be checked at my last d/a...didn't want to be bummed out again.

We're going to the beach today to walk and walk and walk. Hopefully the resistance will get something going. I think I'm just meant to have an Aries child, so nothing will happen until after Sat. People who have been bugging me right and left about when are going out of town this weekend, :LOL, so hopefully something will happen while they're gone. It would serve them right! Work is stressing me out, they keep emailing me because they can't find things, etc...so I've blocked them all. I'm supposed to be enjoying this time off as much as possible, right? (That's how I'm justifying it to myself!)

Happy birthing vibes to all who want them , which is probably everyone right about now.

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Many congrats to shershine and willowsmama. . .

helen, I'll be intereseted to hear your story (were you induced or did you go into labor after all?)

pumpkinseeds, I hope you find time to come back too!

pinksunfish, sorry about risking out of the bc, but it sure sounds like you're informed and I'm sure you'll have a great experience.

kirstie, me too! It's amazing to me how differently I can feel from one day to the next. some good, some bad.

tracy, you're still hanging on with us mamas-in-waiting, huh?

Well, I had an appointment with my mw this morning. I had a trace of glucose in my urine, probably not a big deal. At the last minute, I decided to have her check me. I found out that I have a yeast infection! yuck. I had no idea. . .no symptoms. I remeber someone here had one a while back. . .does anyone remember the remedies? I sure don't want the baby to get it during delivery. I've been taking a garlic supplement AND acidophilus for months now. I guess I need to insert some garlic vaginally, and the mw suggested douching with acidophilus. I've never douched before. any thoughts?

Oh, and I'm 70% effaced, but only dilated to 1. I'm trying not to think about that part! the baby is very low, but not fully engaged.

My mw also reminded me that my original due date was march 20. It was the ultrasound that moved it up to the 15th. So, I guess maybe an Aries for me, too?
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i think it's better to be effaced than to be dialated, mamaroni. at least for me. seems that was my hardest part with the my last two. oh, to have a mushy cervix!

i had read (this is about inductions which i know you are not planning), that it's not to bad to be effaced greatly and dialated little, but if you are the opposite (dialated more, but effaced little) than do not induce!! this was in a sheila kirsksinger (i'm bad with names) book, or was it birthing and beyond. it was one of those books.

so i think that's great you are almost fully effased, because the dialation of 9 more cm will come along fine!
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