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Originally posted by BathrobeGoddess
Just back from a midwives appointment:

3cm dialated, ripe as can be, still at -2 station

Having said that...I really feel crummy today! I am tired and my joints hurt! Yesterday my hands and feet swelled up and I had to pry my rings off...it really hurt but I'm glad I didn't have to get them cut off. Plus I haven't had any problems with swelling before yesterday.

Anyway...labor/birthing vibes to all!
Eden I'm sending labor vibes your way my dear! I've been keeping you in my thoughts these last weeks
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Not that I am into horoscopes at all but it definately seems as though there are lots of firey babes-in-waiting. My DH is Aries and I am a Leo so if we have an Aries baby as well it will be lots of fun here !

I'm only joking, DH and I have always got on like a house on fire (maybe there's something in it afterall).

to us all
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hi everyone- don'thave a lot of time, but Mamaroni, I wanted to respond to your Qs about yeast infections. I was the one who had one a while back. It was awful. My mw had me use pure aloe both inside and outside. make sure the aloe you get doesn't have any alcohol in it or any color added. It should be pure aloe. And the idea to douche with acidophilus is a good one. I just used plain old yogurt for mine. PLAIN being the key word, now sweeteners in there! Good luck.

Helen- yay!! can't wait to hear more.

pinksunfish- here's to a great birth! Sorry about the bc.

who was talking about shoulder dystocia? Hands and knees hands and knees. Read Ina May Gaskin stuff. Good luck.

My baby smells soooo good. And I'm getting plenty of the milky smiles (not really smiles yet, right?) and sighs.
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Saw my mw today; maybe 50% effaced and 0 dilation. But she could feel his head for the first time so at least he's heading in the right direction. Hoping now for an equinox baby since a St. Patty's baby seems unlikely at this point.

DD and DH just pulled in, gotto go!
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Congratulations everyone on your new babies! Sorry, I haven't been on in so long that I have lost track of all the new little ones, but I have been thinking about everyone.
Still no baby here, I'm just chilling out trying to be patient. Have been dealing with major Dh issues, he is intolerable. I finally told him I didn't want him at the birth and hflew off the handle. Whatever, he can throw all the tantrums he wants, I simply can't have someone there at the birth who tells be on a daily basis how worthless, pathetic, stupid and lazy I am. Ugh, rant over now.
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Oh, artemesia. . .I simply cannot imagine what you are going through. Hang in there, and focus on the baby growing inside you.

I searched some old threads, and found the suggestion of filling the fingers of a pair of latex gloves with yogurt (plain), freezing it, and using those as inserts. So, they are freezing as we speak! I'll give it a try.
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Hey thanks for thinking of me Terri!!! Congrats on your pg, too!
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Hi! Congrats to everyone who have had babies the last several days!

Pinksunfish, hands and knees for shoulder dystocia. I DO have insulin depended GD and although my baby was only 7lb 15 oz. instinctively hands and knees was the most comfortable position.

I'm having a hard time with bf. The little one just won't open his mouth wide enough. My poor nipples are incredibly raw and in a lot of pain. I almost dread nursing him. We are working really really hard every time he nurses to get his mouth in the right position.

I am peeing every five minutes too. Someone was asking about this?

Good luck mamas in waiting! Your turn is coming soon!!
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YES, YES!!!!! I'm the other pee-er! I'm glad to know I'm not alone. It seems to get just a bit better everyday, so I think perhaps my uterus is pressing on it a bit as it shrinks.

One handed typing again, I'll check back when i have two hands.
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Thanks to everyone for the hands and knees tips, all the reading I have been doing concurs.

I have revised my birth plan and made it pretty clear that I am aware of the (potential) issues and what I plan to do about it. I am hoping that it sounds informed and not too bolshy .

Artemesia , I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such a dreadful time with your husband. of course you should only have positive people who can support you at the birth. I sincerely hope that things turn a corner for you soon.
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Happy Thursday all!

Congrats to shershine and willowsmama and your new babies!! Can't wait to hear the stories!

Mamaroni, good luck getting rid of the infection! Kinda makes me wonder if I should let mw check me if I make it to Friday's appt., but then there probably wouldn't be much time to do anything anyway.

Tracy, you're amazingly patient!! How are you doing, and are you under any pressures to induce? I know in FL if labor hasn't become active by 42 weeks I can't legally have a mw homebirth, so I would be nervous about that, but kudos to you for all your strength! Are you hoping for a nice big healthy baby?? (DD was 7lbs 11oz, not super big or super small, but I kind of like the idea of a big, healthy baby).

Artemesia, major hugs!! You deserve so much better! It's great that you are asserting yourself, and it will be so much easier to have these plans settled before the birth itself. What is your birthplace/birth team like? I hope that you will get a lot of support and guarding from them as well.

AHHHHH....I am sighing with relief. My almost ex-hiusband is gone, gone, gone from town (at least I hope so, always a chance he'll turn around and drive back...but not too likely). He showed up a day late and quite a few dollars short, and couldn't accept that we wouldn't let him take Peri for overnights or in his own car (but we were more than willing to provide him with another car) so he decided to leave after seeing her for, oh, maybe 7 hours total in two afternoons. What a lame dad. And he didn't bring any sort of present for her or the new baby. Funny, one of the first things she said to him was that she wanted him to send more mail (he's sent one thing since we moved 6+weeks ago) and if he'd brought a special doll or toy it would be the love of her life. Thankfully she's really well adjusted. And he had barely anything to say about the new child, other than that he really hates the name Suwannee (I guess he had a nickname Swan-y as a child from his parents). But, well, I don't care much what he thinks, he lost that opportunity.

Though h is now gone (knock on wood!) my mom proved to be quite a terror through his whole visit...she is nearly backstabbing in her manipulative tactics and her criticisms. I'm so, so fortunate to have my sister living a quick walk away, who is full of love and support and keeps berating my mom that her only job now is to make me happy. It feels so wonderful to get love and hugs and support. And it makes me more wishful that Peri will get a sister, but I know baby will show him or herself soon!

AND...after h left I got some contractions! Finally! So today's plan is lots of shopping, perhaps some time at a good walkaround park (Heritage village, also plenty of old buildings with rickety stairs to climb). Although I kind of think it would be nice to have an Aries, I wouldn't mind getting the show on the road. And my sister would love to take some time off in addition to her spring break next week, so we'll see!

Happy birthing, bonding, bearing to you all!!
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hi mamas! i have been MIA this past week or so as I ended up back in the hospital w/ a mild case of pacreatitis. Last Friday I awoke in so much pain DH had to call me an ambulance. We have no idea why my pancreas swelled up or anything so it was kind of scary. (my MW seems to think it's a gallstone stuck in the common bile duct, but the U/S's,xrays and CT scan showed nothing). the dr's all tell me gallstones are very common after pregnancy. has anyone ever heard of that?

anyways i am really behind reading posts so I wanted to say congrats to all the new mamas! hope everyone is doing well and those still waiting, it won't be long now!!!!
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Shershine and Willowsmama, hooray! Congratulations. Hope you are enjoying your warm bundles immensely and recovering smoothly.

Rainbowmoon, holy smokes, as if your body just couldn't do with some rest and getting back to normal! I have never heard of gallstones after pregnancy before. I am so sorry that had to happen to you. . Get better soon, ok!!!!

Jster, exciting, exciting!!! It does look like your show is on the road and you will find out all about your new baby soon.

Artemesia, heaps of coming your way. You have the right to get the birthing you want, with the people you need there. Yes, you do! I hate that you have to go through this stress and hardship at this special, amazing time.

Tracy, I agree with the others. Your body has already done so much work that that babe is just going to fall out any moment now. More serious labor vibes to you.

As for me, nothing happening at all. Except, though I didn't think it was possible, an even more intimate acquaintance with the toilet at night. I am getting next to no sleep because of it. Ughh....
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hi all.
congratulations to all the new babies and their families and all the best to the little ones on the way- they are coming soon!!
i have had such moments of mommy bliss- baby lee is doing great- had some pain/scabs/etc. w/ nursing in the beg.- seems my latch was off even after having nursed my dd for a year and a half- but this has settled down- lee is a fast nurser, i have more milk this time and she is a better sleeper- bravo!!
my big complication is that eve contracted oral herpes so i have to keep her away from the baby- this is really hard- i am a germphobe at the best of times- now, i am anxious a lot about lee's health and it is really affecting eve emotionally- i have to remind myself that it is not her fault- i sort of feel like running away until eve has healed so that lee is not at risk...
anyway, i feel excited that all the march babies are being born! my birth story is not terribly interesting so forgive me for not telling it- the planned c-section is much easier than unplanned- was fast and my recovery has been good- felt awful for three days and now two weeks later feel great- albeit tired and a touch fragile-
if anyone knows anything about this oral herpes business, would love to hear...
keep up the good mommying, all!!!
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trying to catch up, I'm still here and pregnant. midwife check today, I am almost exactly like you, mamaroni! 1 cm, about 70% effaced, and the head is there, but not really low yet. AND, my original date was 3-20, as well So, nothing really major happening, I am just so ready! It is sooooo hot here (northern california heat wave), and I finally broke down yesterday and got a pair of maternity shorts. I'm feelign so much better, and I finally believe everyone who says that you're hotter when you're pregnant. I never knew I would whine so much about 85 degree weather!

CONGRATS to shershine and willowsmama!

Jish, thanks for sharing your birth story. I'm so sorry they were so rotten to you, but I'm glad you're making peace with it. Enjoy your little one!

Jennifer, I bet you were waiting until after he was gone...I hope things progress quickly for you now!!

artemesia...hugs, hugs, hugs.
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I'm so happy to hear all the new March babies are healthy and mamas are enjoying their babymoon.

OK ladies, just got back from the MW I am now 4 cm dialated on the outside 3 inside, 75% effaced and baby is at 0 station and my bag of waters is "right there" and bulging.......SO WHAT ON EARTH COULD HE/SHE BE WAITING FOR?

I am only 1 day "over due" but am SO ready just like the rest of you. I'm just bummed b/c my mom has come out here for 2 weeks - leaves on Tuesday she came out early thinking that b/c I went early with DS I would probably go as early or earlier with this one and she would have 2 weeks to spend with DS and the new baby....and now here we are 4 days from her having to leave and no baby yet.

Well I'm done pouting I just need to be HAPPY that my body is doing so much work b-4 I get into active labor Wishing peaceful patience to all of us still in the wait!!
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Kelli, not to bum you out, but with my first, at my 39 week appointment I was 4 cm dilated, 100% effaced with baby right there, and a bulging bag, and I didn't go into labor for five more days. It sucks to be so close, but yet so far.

Here I actually have two hands to type and I have to work on getting dinner ready.:LOL We are doing well. Kellen is a great sleeper, he just really likes to make his long stretch in the afternoon and early evening. Oh, well. Also, the engorgement is so much worse this time that with ds2. Yuck! Plus, when my milk came in, it came in with a plugged duct so the top half of my right boob is hard as a rock and there isn't a darned thing I can do about it but wait it out. I have defective boobs, I swear. I get plugged ducts all the time, but rather than being able to feel them to get rid of them, they just clog an entire section of my breast and take their own sweet time going away. I'm hoping I don't end up with mastitis. This happened with ds2 also and I think it took about a week to clear up, so hopefully I only have a few more days of this.

The oven's beeping, dinner calls me.
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here's a couple quick pics of Taurin @ 10 days old (spit up on his shirt and all )

Happy Birthing!! Not much longer and no more "March Mamas" will be pregnant!!
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bebeluna-Taurin is a doll! What chubby little cheeks

Jish-sounds like you and Kellen are doing great!

coloradomom- hang in there!

heythereheather-it's even hotter in So Cal! I just stay indoors...

artemesia- to you; you should definitely be surrounded by support right now, not by people who are going to bring you down.

Jster- to you and Peri.

hi to all the mommies in waiting...looks like we are all ready for this to be over!!! I was hoping for a St. Paddy's day babe but missed that one, so...LOL

hi to everyone else enjoying their babies Dh is threatening me with divorce if I don't stop spending so much time on the boards (just joking) so I'm trying not to camp out here as much. Sorry for not acknowledging each and every one of you.
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What a sweet big boy Taurin is!

I'm glad pretty much everyone seems to be doing well (artemesia & jster ), if antsy.

Thanks for everyone who's sent me encouragement. Tomorrow I will be 42 weeks. I am so thankful that we are UC'ing. After doing tons of research we don't see any reason to panic or be worried. The baby seems to be doing just fine. I am status quo, physically, in other words no more or less sick, but fine otherwise. Mentally I am a bit insane most days. Even if I was tempted to seek out induction, I am not a good candidate for it, as the baby's head is not engaged. So, here we are. Just waiting. I never ever would have guessed that this would be so hard.

Well, time to go cross the 18th off my calendar...
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