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Do twins develop faster?

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I can't believe how fast my little guys are growing and developing! The boys just hit 7 months last week (born at 40 weeks). People kept commenting on how alert and happy they are, and how unusual it was that one of them was crawling already. Then my determined one decides to pull up to standing. Now, his mellower brother is doing downward facing dog and trying to stand, too. My mother thinks at least one of them will be walking by the time they're 8 months old.

My question is, did you find that your twins developed faster than singletons? I wonder if that extra-rich uterine environment stimulates development. Being kicked in the head for 9 months would encourage me to learn to control my body as soon as possible.
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Ours hit physical milestones the same as their older siblings (i.e. they all walked right before their 1st bday), but I do think that the twins talk way more completely than did my others. They seem to have more refined communication abilities then my olders did. Maybe it is all the constant chatting with one another, maybe they just were made that way. Who knows?
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That's what I've heard too. Some twins have precocious language and social skills. But your physically early learners? I think that's just your little guys doing their thing.

Sounds like they're doing really well!
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