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What To Do W/ Jalapenos?

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I have a jalapeno pepper plant that is, shall we say, a tad over productive. What on earth do I do with all these peppers?
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Make jelly/jam!

Usually its jelly, but i've made jam before and it was really good - super spicy, but good. I havent made it in years, but i still have people asking me about it.
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You can make jelly/jam out of jalapenos?
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Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Or you could stuff them with cheese, wrap them in bacon and make retro appetizers!
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They freeze well! We use them in everything from chutney's to salsa, to omelets.
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pickle them with veggies.
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Pickled jalapenos are my favorite! I use them all year long, minced into dishes to give them a little (or a lot) of heat, and a great tangy flavor.

Have a bbq and serve stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos! Slice them in half and take out the membrane and seeds. Smear with creamcheese, wrap with half a slice of bacon and skewer with a toothpick. Great on the grill or in the oven.

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I freeze them whole.
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Great ideas so far! I would just slice them and eat them on pretty much everything. I can't think of anything that doesn't taste better with jalapenos on top.
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We *LOVE* picled jalapenos around here Super easy too:

Make an X or a cross on the very bottom of the jalapeno (so the pickling juice can soak up inside). Wash them (obviously. Slice some onions & carrots and peel some garlic. Stuff jars (I do pints - wash and put in a 200* oven for 15 minutes so their hot/sterile) full of jalapenos along w/ some onion & carrot slices and a couple pieces of garlic.

For the 'pickling juice': 1 part water to 1 part white vinigar and some salt (I usually do about 1/2 cup for every quart of water). Boil. Pour over jars, put lids on. Then water bath them for 20 minutes or so. Tada!
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Originally Posted by chely7425 View Post
You can make jelly/jam out of jalapenos?
Absolutely. It makes a great quick appetizer w a brick of cream cheese and some crackers.

One year i made jam instead of jelly - roasted all the peppers until the skins were black then tossed them whole into the FP, chopped them, added sugar and went from there. Jam was far more intense than jelly, but both are yummy.
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i second or third the suggestion to scrape out the innards, fill with cream cheese, wrap in bacon and bake. they are awesome that way.

if you make jelly, a yummy app is to take a slice of brie, put it on melba toast, top with pepper jelly and broil for just a minute til the brie softens. yum!
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Jalapeno poppers. Wrapped in bacon.
Invite me over.
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I freeze enough to get me through winter batches of chili, and the rest I jelly. I CRAVE pepper jelly, soooo good!
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You can roast them on the grill and then clean them off ..slice and freeze.

You can boil in water and put in food processor or blender with tomatoes, cumin, garlic, cilantro, kosher salt n pepper for salsa or I call it mexican curry over rice.

Yes the poppers with bacon and cream cheese are delicious , we fried ours.
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