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Leilah St. Clair

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Leilah St. Clair Marshall was born at home Friday evening at 9:49pm after 5 hours of intense labor. She weighed in at 8 pounds 14 ounces and was a whooping 22 inches long. She is a joyful bundle of milk drunk love and I'm looking forward tob sharing her birth story.
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Congrats mama, and welcome Leilah! Happy babymoon to you...
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Congratulations!! Enjoy your sweet girl!!!
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Congratulations! Beautiful name and a beautiful girl. Enjoy your new baby!
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Congrats mama and welcome baby Leilah!!!
I'll be looking forward to reading your story!
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Congrats amberdcm and welcome Leilah!
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Congratulations amber and welcome baby Leilah!
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I love how you describe her as a "joyful bundle of milk drunk love"

Congratulations you lucky woman, and enjoy your baby. Love her name, btw.
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WOW, good for you! And what a Beautiful Name!! I love it. Congrats!!

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