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Cora Jade is here!

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She arrived on her due date, July 11th. She is wonderful and nursing is going so great!

Pics and info

Birth Story
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She is beautiful, Mama! Congratulations and take care of yourself!
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Congratulations! She's beautiful
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Wow, it seems like your birth was quite challenging at a certain point. I was happy to read your honest thoughts and comments - yeah HB is not always butterflies and pussycats!

Congratulations on a safe birth, so glad to hear you trusted and appreciated the way you were treated by your MW and the hospital team.

Enjoy your little nursing baby and it's good to know you have some good help during your recovery.
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What an absolutely beautiful name for you precious baby girl! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your powerfull birth story! I am so happy for you, and yours!
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Oh, wow. She's beautiful, and the picture with your older daughter is precious. I'm sorry your homebirth didn't work out, but thank goodness for other options when things go awry! It sounds like you're both doing great.
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Congrats mama and welcome baby Cora!!!
I'm also sorry to hear about the homebirth not going as planned, but glad to hear that the transfer wasn't terribly dramatic either. Enjoy your new addition!!! She's a cutie!
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Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

Thanks for sharing your story, I'm glad you got to bond with her right away and that nursing is going so well!
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Congrats and thank you so much for sharing the story!!
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Congratulations mama! What work you did to bring your little girl out! Welcome baby Cora
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congratulations! here's to a quick recovery and a lovely babymoon!
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She is so sweet! Congratulations........glad she is here safe and sound, all the best with your recovery.
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Congrats!!! What a beautiful baby!!
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congrats! love the name cora
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Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!
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What a beautiful baby and beautiful big sister! Soooo cute!!

I'm glad everything worked out!
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Oh my goodness, what beautiful children you have! Congratulations on your new addition, Cora!
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