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A Joann's employee told me a couple of days ago that at some point they should be getting PUL prints in and maybe more colors. She mentioned "camo" as one of the varieties. I'm not sure when these can be expected - just thought I'd pass along the info!
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Oooh! Prints would be AWESOME! I'm still pumped they have colors!
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The JA's closest to me doesn't have any PUL - looked at me like I was a loon when I asked for it. So excited to find out the one close to my parents has some, though!!
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I would love it if they carried some prints. The colors they have are okay, but too blah for me--I love bright colors. I hope they get some really cute girly prints, since most of my pul stash is boyish/gender neutral and I need to make more girly stuff for baby girl who should be arriving really soon.
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ITA, I just hope they at least get some better colors than the somewhat boring pastels. I emailed their website to ask if there was any more info on any possibly upcoming colors/prints about a week ago and haven't heard anything back.
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oooh, I would love for them to get some REAL colors. The only one they have now that I like is the light turqoise. I've bought plenty of the white, tho, for training pants.
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