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roaches please help!

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I have roaches in my house and I try to ignore them (sort of an out of sight out of mind thing), but I feel like with a child in the house I need to do something... Anyone have luck with anything but poisenous chemicals?
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They are not non toxic, but I had greaagt luck with the Raid Max roach baits with egg stoppers. There are little traps, with additional little plastic pieces that you tuck under the stove and fridge, They sterilize the roaches, so those that dont get killed byt he baits are infertile and all are gone within weeks!! They dont spray, so you are not putting anything noxious into the air,a dn you hide them in your kitchen, away from baby.
I used them once up in Connecticut and have kept a constant supply here in Florida!! I always know if I have waited to long to change the traps, bc I will see a roach!! I put diwn new ones, and they are gone!!
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Some people say Boric Acid powder works well my friends put a barrier around the outside of her home adn some in a plate in the kitchen under the sink ,stove ,fridge, bathroom ,and said they are seeing less of them each week .....you may have to ask a Pharmacy to order it for you I have seen it at the local nursury also ...good luck
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