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Moving- Midwives in Portland area?

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So... I have a delicate situation. I might be moving to Oregon in a month or 2 for DH's job. I have a great homebirth midwife here and an OB who works closely with her. I'll be getting a cerclage at the end of the month of August and need really close care so I can make it to term for the first time and get my homebirth. I had both of my children very early. Anyway... I am just wondering if there are any recommendations for a good similar team in the Portland area? I don't want another hospital birth if I can make it to term and I'd rather not UC if I don't have to. Thanks.

ETA: I am on medicaid so I'll have to reapply down there of course. But that probably makes a difference.
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Not to be the bearer of bad news... But...

I assume that when you get to Oregon you will be on Oregon Health Plan (Oregon's Medicaid). Depending on what part of the state you will be moving to, and unless it has changed in the last few months, it is my understanding that homebirth services are not covered under OHP unless you apply in your last trimester, or unless you move to an area that only issues open cards (these areas are scarce, most areas you will be assigned to a practice or made to choose from a list). I'm pretty sure that you can choose a nurse midwife under OHP in many parts of the state, but they only do hospital births.

Of course, contact OHP when you get here, and see what your options are. You might be moving to an open card area, or you might be seeking care in your third trimester. If you're close to being third trimester, PLEASE WAIT to apply for OHP until you have passed that mark (I believe once you're past 29 weeks, it's considered third trimester, in which case you would be issued an open card). But depending on where you move, and how far along you are, you might end up having to see a medical team until you get to term, and then pay a midwife out of pocket for the homebirth.

Not to scare the bejesus out of you. Oregon just makes you jump through some hoops if you're on Medicaid and want to pursue an out of hospital option. Good luck tho!
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Call Ellie Legare with Balanced Birth Midwifery. I haven't heard of any teams specifically, but she is an amazing midwife and would know your options. She teaches at the midwifery school. She does take OHP, too.
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I used Balanced Birth Midwifery(Ellie Legare&Heather Hack) for my homebirth and they were wonderful. They do take OHP(medicaid) but like Italiamom stated you do have to wait until 28 weeks to apply to get an open card which covers homebirth. Since you need the cerclage and have a history of preterm babies I'm not sure if you would be comfortable going without insurance until that time. I would give Ellie a call like the previous poster suggested, I'm sure she would know some great options for you even if she could not provide your care. Good luck with everything!

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Thanks. I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out.
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I'm going to 3rd Balanced Birth Midwifery. They rock!
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I loved Vivante Midwifery, and I know they take OHP open cards.

In my experience with any insurance company, I have always paid a deductible for myself and the baby for each calendar year.
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I had two of my babies with Andaluz and loved it. They can help you through the red tape of getting an open card.
I think Alma midwifery takes OHP also and I have several friends that had their babies with them and loved it.
Also know several people who went with Natural Childbirth and Family Clinic. They have naturopath midwives. I had my ultrasounds with them, but am a bit weirded out with men attending my birth (other then my husband) and one of their midwives is a man.
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I'm having my first baby at Andaluz Waterbirth Center. I have been more than pleased! Definitely check them out!

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Another vote here for Andaluz! We had a beautiful waterbirth at their birth center. The midwives there also attend homebirths.
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Adaluz with Adelle is what I've always heard. If it's not too far, I've also heard great things about Pamela Hines. Good luck!
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Getting a homebirth or birth center birth with OHP won't be a problem. Apply in your 28th week of pregnancy and get the open card. Yes, Andaluz is very helpful in helping you get though all the paperwork and obstacles. Andaluz is awesome. I vote for Ellie Legare and Heather Heather Hack too. They were my midwives in '06 and I had a very positive birth experience.

Good luck to you!
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I also recommend Ellie, but her partner & her are splitting. You can find her at Right at Home Midwifery.
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Yes, Ellie and Heather are splitting but I recommend either of them. Heather is rosehip midwifery and a wonderful midwife as well
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Cathryn Schaffer at A Gentle Beginning. I had my DD with their practice in Portland. She is an ND and a CNM and is fabulous. She has been working in the area for many many years and I know they do OHP.
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