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yes yes yes!

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I started early labor yesterday, and as most of you know DH is currently away with the Army. After arguing back and forth, and with the help of my midwife (seriously, it was her final push that got him home) my hubby was approved leave for 8 days and will be on a plane shortly to come home for the birth!!!

I am so uncomfortable laboring without him, that it has been very slow, and very uncomfortable...however, the midwife really believes I will relax and dilate more when DH is here and I can physically see him. (Probably true!) However, since he is on leave, we will definitely be having a baby over the weekend....so wish me luck!!!!

Oh, and send me some good vibes because baby is posterior right now...and she has both hands near her face and she is playing with her cord constantly we could hear it all on the doppler lol!
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YAY!! That is great news!!! Hope the labour goes well and she gets into position soon!
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Great news! Praying that your DH arrives safely and everything goes well. I can't believe "August" babies are actually starting to arrive! Enjoy every second of your family time.
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Good luck!! Our childbirth class instructor said getting all hands and knees and doing pelvic thrusts up help open up the pelvis for baby to turn around if she's posterior!
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Hurray! Hope you find some relief in seeing your DH, it would be so hard to be without him during labor. But he will be home soon and you will be holding you new little baby!
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Glad to hear the good news, how exciting that your DH will be there! Sending you easy labor vibes
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Wishing you much joy and peace and a wonderful birth/babymoon!
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Hooray!! And good luck!! I am so happy that your husband is going to be with you. I haven't posted but have been thinking about you and your situation. My husband is no longer in the Army, so I don't have to worry about deployment, but I always think about you wonderful ladies who do. Congratulations in advance, I hope all goes as well as you hope.
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That's GREAT!!

I am in the same boat sort of. My Dh is at BOLC until Sept. and can come home during the weekends near my birth. So I am hoping I go into labor on a Saturday morning!!
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Yay! I too have been thinking of you. This morning, I just dropped my DH off at the airport (going to work) and I am full-term. He'll be home in 2 weeks. I was feeling sad and then I remembered you and how much your family is sacrificing for us. So, thank you and Good Luck Momma!
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That's fantastic! I couldn't imagine doing it without my husband. I'm so happy for you. I hope everything goes quick and easy once he gets home. And that baby turns-my last was posterior and this one is too. The best recommendation I've read is to be on your hands and knees as much as possible, or leaning over a beanbag or something. Good luck!
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That's great!!! I'm so happy for you that your DH gets to come home, and that you're baby has decided to make an appearance!!!

Happy labor and birth to you, momma. Hoping that little one turns for you.
And let the August births begin!!!
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That is so exciting!!! I am so happy for you that your DH will be home!!! I couldn't do it without my husband so I can't begin to imagine how you were feeling.

Many gentle labor vibes to you
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Such great news!! I was hoping things would work out this way when you mentioned the possibility of him getting home for the birth. sending you easy labor vibes, and sending a little note to your babe to turn for mama!!

Enjoy your weekend and Congratulations!!
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Wonderful news! I'm so glad this is working out just right for you!
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Hooray! That's so wonderful!!!
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WONDERFUL! I am so happy for you & your family. Sending lots of peaceful easy labor vibes!!! Can't wait to hear how it all goes. Talk to your baby about turning. My midwife and I have been talking alot lately about just asking your body and your baby for what you need them to do.
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Great news!!!!
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wonderful news!
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hooray! make sure to get some sleep, that seems to be drilled into my head from my childbirth classes. so glad to hear DH is on the way, here's hoping baby is waiting as well.
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