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Thank you, we are thinking more in the country, I garden and do a lot of canning and making jam, I would also like a dairy cow and chickens.
Thank you for the chiro information, I have been worried about finding one.


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Welcome back (soon)! I highly recommend searching on Facebook for the Alternamamas of Memphis group and/or Alternative Families of Memphis. Those are the local groups for crunchy moms and families, and you could quickly find some new friends that way. Hope your journey back home is easy and calm. What part of Memphis will you be living in when you return? Also, if you'd like a more holistic chiropractor, I highly recommend Natural Potential Chiropractic with Drs. Lindsay and Jeff Carr. Lindsay specializes in pregnant women and children in particular, and Jeff is also an amazing chiropractor. They are very naturally minded - no vax, healthy eating, etc.