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My daughter at 4 teeth by 9 months, but DS is almost that age and has NONE! Last time we were at the ped, she checked his gums and said they were soft and didn't think he'd have any soon. Which is ok as far as nursing, but man, I wish he has some teeth for chewing is food, because everything he eats is still chunky when it gets to the other end.
I TAKE IT ALL BACK. This morning he woke up with 2 teeth!!
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My second child got his first tooth at 10 months. He really didn't have any symptoms until about 2 days before the tooth came out. My first child had her first tooth in at 6 months and for about a month prior to that she was a mess. This third child is 4.5 months and has been having teething symptoms for 2 months with nothing to show yet!

Teething is one of those things that you just can't predict when it will happen. According to my mom, I didn't have my first tooth until like 14 months!
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My son is 22 months and only has 6 teeth at this point. 2 top, 2 bottom, and 2 one year molars (luckily on the same side). That's it. And it doesn't look like he's getting anymore anytime soon.

Basically there is nothing you can do except stop worrying about teeth. My son definitely has a unique smile, but he can literally eat everything (including things like pretzels since he's got those two molars...) and it does not impede him at all. I give him whole sandwiches and he devours them. I give him all kinds of meat that I wouldn't think he could chew, but he does. It's amazing. Kids adapt. Don't worry.

We haven't taken him to the dentist yet (probably pretty soon), but if they do x-rays and decide that he just doesn't have any more baby teeth....well....there's not much we can do about that either. Although, I do hope he does have all his teeth. Keep your fingers crossed.
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