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Housewarming Recipes???

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We have finally finished renovating our first home and are planning a house warming party this Saturday... but I have no idea what to make!

The party is an optional pot-luck, so I'm expecting a good turn out of food from friends. But what should I make?

My family is vegetarian and I would like to make something that is nutritious, inexpensive, filling and easy to make a lot of.

I plan to do veggies, dip, chips, salsa, guac, cheese platter but what about protein or desert?

I would love some recommendations from my mothering mamas!

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Honey baked lentils or curried garbanzos are popular here (and we're not veg).

For dessert, i'd go simple. Something like a crumble or cobbler you can make a big pan of with fresh summer fruits, and some fresh whipped cream.
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Make your own bean tacos with the fixings? That might be a bit annoying in terms of timing it to be hot, etc., but just a thought.

Veggie Chili? Egg salad sandwiches (depends how casual it will be) or deviled eggs. Veggie burgers on the grill. Sorry, I'm coming up short with veg ideas here.

Dessert - I tend to go super simple with dessert. slices of watermelon, probably. If you're feeling ambitious - key lime pie. It's actually very simple to make, but takes up space in the ice box (needs to chill @ least 8 hours).
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Lentil salad? It's delicious, cheap and easy.

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